Anime Talk: The 12 Days Of Anime – Day 9 … Spoilers

On The 9th Day Of Anime Japan Gave to Me:

Stick up Datery?

This is another one I couldn't find a clip for to show you all, though I will link you to the first episode and the scene in question is the very first scene of episode 1. ... Anyway This is from the anime Amagi Brilliant Park and to be honest with you I have only just started watching this show myself because of some elses 12 days of anime review and like him felt this scene needed to be shared because frankly I think it is really funny! The Anime opens up with transfer student Sento asking out Kanie to an amusement park the following Sunday. But this is no ordinary date request because it is being performed at gun point giving poor Kanie no choice but to say yes!

Now I will honestly say that besides for this scene and a few other with Sento and her gun I am finding the anime to be enjoyable but nothing  special. That being said I will continue to watch the show and hope for even more gun toting hilarity to follow

( Here is the full 1st episode of Amagi Brilliant Park, just watch the first scene or the whole episode  ............... )

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