Anime Talk: 12 Days Of Anime: Days 1-6 ….. SPOILER ALERT

I recently came across this concept on youtube, where Bloggers and Vloggers in the anime community are doing a twelve days of Anime thing and I thought it was rather cool and I want IN!!!! Of course I am coming in late to the party and so I am playing catch up.

The premise here is rather simple, once a day from December 14th through the 25th you are suppose to pick one moment/scene from an anime that you watched sometime this year ( the anime does not have to have been made this year you just have had to have watched it this year ) that impressed, angered, moved, or otherwise made an impression upon you and tell the world about that moment.  Since I am obviously late and we are on the "6th day of Anime" I will post the first 6 together here and then starting tomorrow I will do one a day.

Feel free to talk about your favorite moments in Anime from this year in the comments below .........

One the First day of Anime Japan gave to me:

Misuzu's Death

From the Anime Air Tv Misuzu is the reincarnated spirit of a "winged one" who carries a cursed that forces her to be alone and sicken if she gets close to someone. This poor girl lived her whole life lonely and alone and one summer made it her mission to make friends and live a normal life. She achieved her goal even getting close to her Adopted mother, her birth mothers sister and died from her curse, but she died happy and fulfilled! This scene is full of raw emotion and just makes me cry every time I see it!


On the Second Day Of Anime Japan gave to me:

Chitoge's Lost Ribbon

From the second season of the anime Nisekoi, Chitoge losses her ribbon that Raku gave to her when they were kids. Raku has no idea the significance of the ribbon but to Chitioge it is a priceless treasure from the boy she loves though is unable to express her feelings too. When Chitoge believes the ribbon is destroyed you can see and feel how devastated she is over it when she learns the it is not destroyed and the Raku found it for her the relief is profound. I also like how she is embarrassed about expressing her gratitude there at the end and goes back to Tsumdere ways!


On The Third Day Of Anime Japan gave to me:

Yuu Loses His Memories:

From the Anime Charotte Yuu sucessfully returns from his mission to steal all the powers all the people on the planet that possess any in hope of preventing a terrible future where those with powers all get locked up and experimented on. However the price of his success and the over use of his own power is the loss of his memory. In this scene you get the touching reunion of Yuu and Nao whom Yuu promised to return to before he left. Something about this scene makes me feel but happy and sad for Nao all at the same time and that is why it made this list.


On The Forth Day Of Anime Japan gave to me:

Miyabi's Confession and Rejection

This scene from Absolute Duo is just heart breaking. Tor who is haunted by his past and feels unworthy of love and Miyabi with some sever confidence issues put together like this was only going to end badly and so it did! Epsecially as this leads to Miyabi being manipulated by the enemy later in order to prove she is worthy of being Tors love interest.


On The Fifth Day Of Anime Japan gave to me:

Sheele's Death

This is going to be my first negative response in the 12 days of Anime. The senseless and in my opinion unnecessary death of this character in the Anime Akame ga Kill pissed me off enough that it was the last episode of this anime I watched. Steele was really the only character I really liked in the show and when she was killed It ended my enjoyment of the show.


On the Sixth Day of Anime Japan gave to me:

The Musical Brawl Of Kousei and Kaori:

From the anime Your Lie In April, has Kousei a piano child prodigy who due to a traumatic past is unable to play the piano anymore playing in a competition for the first time in years due too the nagging  insistence from the wild and free spirited Violinist and main love interest Kaori. Here Kousei is able to overcome his issues and deliver a stunning performance thought  only for a short time and his problems continue to plague him over and over again in the series. I am not one for classical music but this anime hooked me and this scene is one of the more powerful one in the series.


Well That's it for now, join me tomorrow for the 7th day of Anime, and again feel free to share any special anime moments you may have had this year in the comments below.




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