HM3: Tech boots

I've just posted a new set of items, "Foot-Right-Male-Tech" for HeroMachine 3. I marked them as Male but they're really unisex:

If you don't see the new set on the list, clear your browser cache and it ought to show. Enjoy!

25 Responses to HM3: Tech boots

  1. I think I just had a nerdgasm…. Thank you Jeff… Now I have to clean up the mess! O.o

  2. They look awexome! Thanks very much Jeff.

  3. Thanks, Jeff. All these new additions are a great way to start the New Year.

    Some boots can double as Mech legs! Sweet.

  4. Awexome! I bow before your awexomeness!

    Really, this is a fine addition to HM3. Every asset makes the program more useful and versatile. And the mechheads must be drooling.

  5. Yeah… Awexomeness…

  6. There are some REAL REAL NICE boots here, I see more character remakes in my future!!! Now we just need some matching gloves and hands to those boots!!

  7. Now that’s the shiz I was talking about! LOL Very Cool!

  8. Hey Jeff, HM 3 hasn’t been working for me lately, is this a bug for everyone?

  9. Hey Jeff, i’m having trouble with HM 3 loading, is this a bug?

  10. awexome indeed…
    thank you Jeff

  11. Wow, this is great. I’ve had so many mech ideas I needed feet for. Thanks Jeff. And Happy New Year everyone.

  12. Hairwhip, it should be loading fine. Make sure you’re using and not just without the www.

  13. Yeah you have to use the exact web address to get to the right site, one time I had a bank that had its name in an acronym and I left a letter out and got sent to an explicit site, I made my way to the right site…eventually LOL

  14. Well have a army of robots to rule the world. 🙂

  15. I’ve actually used some of the shin parts as forearm parts. I try to use stuff for what it wasn’t initially used for to mix things up 😀

  16. Oh my lord, these are AWESOME!! Just when I think I was getting stale with ideas, you bring new toys to play with. I see new characters and a couple of revisions on the horizan. Thanks Jeff! Cheers!

  17. Avatar headlessgeneral

    Quite possibly my favorite new additions yet.

  18. The link

    Just comes up like this

    I can’t use the program for some reason, I have flash, and it’s worked fine until now.

  19. Hairwhip, to me that looks like you’ve got a Flash blocker of some sort running. I think browsers come with one built in nowadays, and stuff like Norton or AdBlock will do it too.

  20. i used these already. the guy, now that i’m done, looks like the dude from glassworks, an arcade game on×723/glassworks.png

  21. Very cool stuff!!!!

  22. As Bruce Campbell would say, “Groovy!”