HeroMachine 3 Replacement Items 2 VOTE!

In lieu of our usual Poll Position metaphysical question today, it's time to vote on what items you'd like to see in HeroMachine 3 to take the place of various unclaimed contest prizes! You can vote once, for up to 10 items. As of noon next Tuesday, the top 10 vote getters overall will be slotted in as replacement prizes. These are all from the suggestion thread a few days ago.

You should be able to click the image next to each choice for a sample of what the submitter was talking about. On a few, I lumped together several suggestions into one choice if they were similar enough. Others I left off because they were either already done by dblade (Converse shoes) or have already been claimed as a prize by someone else (3/4 view head).

There are a lot of these, so I'm putting the poll after the jump so the front page doesn't get too long. If you want to make your case for a particular item in the comments, go for it!

51 Responses to HeroMachine 3 Replacement Items 2 VOTE!

  1. Question: Would the Space Marine armor and Scifi powered armor be split into pieces?

  2. Yes, they’d pretty much have to be.

  3. Another question:

    About the “High tech armor inspired by Iron Man”. Are we talking an entire head-to-toe suit of Iron Man-esque armor that will be broken into parts? Or is this just going to be the boots?

  4. Again, they’d pretty much have to be broken into parts.

  5. Awesome! Thanks Jeff for putting up the poll.

  6. We really do need a lot more modern and sci-fi stuff. Thanks for this, Jeff. I realize you don’t have a lot of time for all the updates, but thanks for at least doing the vote.

  7. @Jeff: How many times are we allowed to vote on each particular item?

  8. Wrist-mounted blasters! I have to appreciate the campaign that Danny Beaty has mounted recently to have them added.

  9. I’ve also started using “Wrist-mounted blasters!” as a curse word.

  10. Danny: There’s only one check-box for each item, and you can only submit your votes once, so you can only vote for each item once. You can’t spend all ten votes on one thing, you have to choose one per vote. If that makes sense.

  11. Regarding the vote for Noob mask, will this include his hood (both together and seperate) or just the face mask? I was asking for the hood only but the mask would be a nice addition with it.

    Mr. Q

  12. Think you added enough items LOL

  13. Tool, I ain’t the one who added so many items, it was you all!

  14. Mr. Q., there are already a number of hoods. But if you think this one is sufficiently different that it needs to be included, I can do that as a separate item. I didn’t see anything particularly unique about it so if it were left up to me, I’d have done just the mask.

  15. honestly anything sci-fi and modern

  16. Avatar TerminusVitae

    what about the female conversions for the alternate bodies? are those planned anytime soon?

  17. Avatar Sean From Edwards

    Female versions will be included too?

  18. Wrist-mounted blasters! Anything 2.6% and higher is currently in the top ten and Wrist-mounted Blasters is only at 2.48%!!!!

  19. I can’t believe that there hasn’t been a single Pick in HM. That really surprises me. We ought to get a couple of those at least.

  20. Jeff 4:

    No, what I mean is will it be an entire suit or just the boots?

  21. @TerminusVitae: A female alternative category would be cool: but I’m thinking along the lines of humanoid versions of a Black Widow, a Queen Bee, a Praying Mantis, etc., and/or a Fairy/Nymph/Dryad character, -and/or anything entirely different from the male alternatives.

  22. C’mon people, vote for both sets of wrist-mounted blasters!
    The female characters will look (and fight) better in the new pants and wrist mounted blasters! Wrist-mounted blasters have long been a part of comic books, they just have to be added to HM3! Get out the vote!

  23. Yes, female versions of whatever, eventually. EVENTUALLY. When the conversion gets done. If the conversion on a given set is already done, then I’ll do male and female versions at the same time.

    This is one reason I’m so slow on the conversions, because once they’re done, every time I add anything I have to do it twice.

    The Iron Man inspired types of armors would be the whole sets, not just the boots.

  24. Hmm, it seems to be letting me vote multiple times.

  25. I knew there was a reason I stopped a three day bender… I mean… thanks for putting this up for the vox populi.

    A lot of these items are possible with Items already available. Some masking and tweaking… I think I’ll take a go at some of the axes. I’ll post in the Custom Item Archive if I come up with something worthy.

  26. Too.Many.Great.Items…Must.Make.Vote.Count!


  27. What, pointing fingers and thumbs up, but no middle finger? πŸ™‚

  28. Avatar spidercow2010

    Yes yes, but when will there be a FEMALE version of the wrist-mounted blasters?

  29. I’ve kinda been hoping that we’d get a Nathan Drake-style shirt at some point. Thanks for also putting up some sci-fi prospects as well. I have a feeling the designs will be getting a lot more interesting.

  30. Thanks for offering the chance of a Predator helmet, as well as the Hal Jordan mask!

  31. If the Predator helmet doesn’t make it, I might take a shot at it.

  32. Well why don’t we just add them all to make sure no ones idea get left out πŸ˜€

  33. Kirby Krackle, thank you very much. It’s a necessity for those of us who want to use the King for inspiration.

  34. This is not a request but a question. I could swear there was a hip quiver somewhere in HM3 but now I can’t find it. Can someone please: 1) confirm that one exists and 2) tell me where it is?

  35. Can’t believe how many axes are here. Well, go-go Chicken Sabers! Oh, and Broadswords!

  36. Wow, the votes are sure divided… I guess ’cause there were so many AWESOME SUGGESTIONS! Hah. You guys rock.

    Thanks, Jeff, for doing this. Looks like we’re going to get some awesome new stuff out of it. 8D

  37. @34 Paul I don’t think there is one (I wish there was :D)

    @ Jeff and if you do the Iron-manesgue armor. Think add-on (Tony Stark updates more than people change underwear)

  38. @spidercow: Thank you!

  39. @Schuyler(30): I started working on a Predator-inspired mask. I will be creating the little spikes as a separate art asset you can add to the helmet if desired.

    Check it out here in the dblade’s Whiz Bang Item Dispenser…


    That’s right. I be pimpin the forumsesss.

  40. @39 dblade, thats really cool!

  41. Thanks, TOOL.

    I made a second version with adjustments to the nose piece…


  42. @Myro:Thanks!

  43. it would be cool if you can make items that have more than 50 votes :/

  44. Avatar TerminusVitae

    I’d also like to try my hand at making items, but I don’t have the programs necessary. I found a freeware vector editor called Inkscape, but the template files provided in the post way back when are not compatible. Jeff, do you think you could provide some Inkscape compatible files? I think that opening the item submissions to those in the community that would otherwise not have the means would take significant pressure off of you to create ALL of the new items yourself, by essentially crowdsourcing item creation. Not that we want you to stop making items, of course, (we all love your art) but the time between uploads could be dramatically decreased if there were more hands doing more drawing. Many hands, light work, as the saying goes. Sound’s win-win, am I right?

  45. @TerminusVitae(44): Hey there. I converted Jeff’s files into a variety of formats for potential use with Inkscape. I am unfamiliar with the program but I read some of the documentation regarding compatible formats. If you follow this link…


    …you will find an ai (Adobe Illustrator), pdf, and svg file that Inkscape may be able to open.

    Please try these out and tell me if they work.

  46. I’m not so sure about this, but is hard to get the simple items (Shutter Shades, Groucho Marx glasses, Predator Mask, etc.) easy to make and put into HM. If they are they wont need any voting right?

  47. Avatar jamesinchains

    So many cool things to choose from XD Chose the Sci Fi Armour 1 in the end

  48. What were your other 9 votes? πŸ™‚

  49. Sweet poll. I liked the shutter shades.

  50. Avatar TerminusVitae

    @dblade(45): Thank you very much! The .svg’s worked excellently with Inkscape, with the small but negligible issue of a missing hand on the male and some strange segmentation on the coloring objects. The ai’s and the pdf’s worked just as well after a small built-in-to-Inkscape conversion process, but the issues were still there. Just to satisfy my curiosity, were the issues I experienced normal? Perhaps a result of the conversion process? I’m still learning the in’s and out’s of Inkscape myself, so it’s probably even possible that they were intentional and I just mistook them for something else (lol); but like I said, I’m curious. What do you think?

  51. @TerminusVitae(49): Glad to hear the .svg is working for you. I believe nothing is wrong with the conversion. That’s the way the male figure came originally, so everything is working fine. The template is mainly a guide to place your custom items on top of to make sure you are placing and sizing them correctly for the default body. Assuming Inkscape uses layers, I would keep the template body on a locked layer at the lowest level.

    If you need any advice please feel free to ask. Although I use Illustrator instead of Inkscape the basic tools are probably similar enough for me to help out.

    Good luck!