HM3: More items

A number of new items are now available for your use in HeroMachine 3:

The eyes are courtesy of Me, Myself, and I. They feature the two "hollow eyes" at the bottom and the two eyeballs at the top, one human and one cat-eye. The idea here is that you can turn on "Multiples", add the hollow eyes, add the eyeball of your choice appropriately colored, then by masking the ball to the eye and moving it about, you can create a face that's looking in different directions. A nifty idea!

The missile launcher is courtesy of dblade, and can be found in ShoulderRight/Left-Tech. Those tech items are a bear to draw, and he did a great job on it.

The boot is from me and is for Doomed Pixel's Caption Contest 87 prize, "Biker boots". It's in FootRight-MaleStandard, eventually to be ported to the left side.

Many thanks to MMI and dblade for taking the time to draw these items! I've also got a couple from Scorpidius that I need to get into the app; hopefully those and more will be coming up in the next day or two.

As usual, you may have to clear your browser's cache for these items to show.

16 Responses to HM3: More items

  1. Me, Myself & I says:

    That boot already has a home planned on some of my character’s feet. Great addition Jeff.

    The shoulder missile launcher will be a nice option for those members who make a lot of Mechs.

  2. dblade says:

    Great job, everyone! The boot is awesome. I was hoping for some more footwear.

    I can’t wait to try out MMI’s eyes.

  3. Hammerknight says:

    Great additions. Love the boot.

  4. Panner says:

    A little bit of everything today, eh? These items will all come in handy, thank you to everyone involved!

  5. Zaheelee says:

    Hey, Jeff, I don’t know if you are going to see this, but when I try to use the “standard female load” on the opening screen in HM3, it gives me the male fantasy warrior instead. I just thought you might want to know 🙂 Have a nice day and happy coding!

  6. Ogami Itto says:

    How about some Native American style boots like these:

  7. ams says:

    Great stuff! You can get alot of “looks” with the eyes and the boots are a welcome edition.

  8. Tool says:

    Like the new items. The boot especially, very cool.

  9. Thomshow says:

    The Eyes have it!

    That is a great addition, ok so the boot looks good, but what with the eyes being the windows of the soul and all that, the ability to manipulate the eyes can really change the emphasis of a character in very subtle ways.

    A simple and elegant solution. Nice one MMI

  10. Jake says:

    I love what the eyes can potentially open up. Great job on all of these items.

    This might just be me, but a set of optional spurs would be pretty spiffy on those boots…

  11. Thylonicus says:

    Wow, thanks for the eyes! What I was doing before was using two sets of “hollow” eyes laid on top of each other, with the white of the top set invisible, then using the circles from Insignia-> Standard, tweaked to how I wanted them and placed between the eye-sets.

    Thank you again for this!

  12. P.F. Bruns says:

    As usual, you are awesome, Jeff! Thanks!

  13. Hammerknight says:

    @Ogami Itto, there is a pair that is close to that already in HM3.

  14. NEON_N64 says:

    Ok, I know I’m a little late to the party but…

    Great work guys !!! 🙂

    Thanks !

    I specially like the cat eye, I had been waiting for one of those for a while.

  15. C. Baize says:

    That boot is definitely going on one of my iconic characters.

  16. Jason22274 says:

    I love how masking the pupil to the eye allows you to keep the pupil just to the whites of the two new blank eyes so they can appear to look off into the distance. can this feature be added to some of the existing blanks as well? Just a thought.