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SOD.031 – Elf lady

Another one that turned into an illustration rather than just a sketch.


No reference on this one, although I did steal the sword hilts from HM3 parts.

RP: Godzilla it ain’t


(From "Weird Comics" number 7.)

SOD.030 – Pixie gnomes

I keep calling this guy a gnome, but he's way too small for that if he's using a button as a shield and a needle as a sword. So he's like, um, a pixie gnome. Or something.


I did a screencast of this one as well, with the added "bonus" that I got my microphone and recorded audio with it, explaining what I'm doing as I go. I lost track of time a bit and didn't actually finish it completely in the ten minute limit, but I get fairly close.

Plus, this way people in the next room who can't see the screen can find me irritating as well. So that's nice.

Let me know if the audio's too low or high or inane or whatnot. There's a weird sound periodically that sounds like I'm going "TKK!" with my mouth, but it's actually the keyboard clacking when I toggle between various digital tools (zoom, the hand to move the screen, undo, etc.).

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Caption Contest 53 Prize – Alpha and Omega

Steve and I have completed his prize for winning "Caption Contest 53", his brother-sister twin duo of Alpha and Omega:

Thanks to Steve for his patience and willingness to work with me on this.

RP: On not actually being helpful


(From "Weird Comics" number 7.)

Hammerknight’s Comic Talk

Many thanks to Hammerknight for once again providing interesting commentary, this week on comics. Enjoy! As always, click on an image for a larger version.


SOD.029 – Group shot


These are all freehand, no reference. I started with the guy at the upper left. I kind of liked him and was on a roll, so I drew the next guy, with the metal cap. I liked him too, which is fairly unusual (two in a row, woot!) so, feeling greatly daring, I went for the female. After some tweaking, she was also good, so it was clearly time for a gorilla/chimp super-scientist to join the team.

What team? No clue. Maybe they're strangers who just happened to show up for their picture in the same outfit. Em-barr-assing!

RP: More prom flashbacks


(From "Weird Comics" number 7.)

Poll Position: It’s all Greek to me …

Sorry for posting this a couple of days late, but this week your dilemma is:


Now, you're not going to actually BECOME the person in question, you're just going to have powers BASED ON them. So keep that in mind as we join the discussion after the jump.

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SOD.028 – Come hither


I took this from a reference photo, then super-fied it.