SOD.030 – Pixie gnomes

I keep calling this guy a gnome, but he's way too small for that if he's using a button as a shield and a needle as a sword. So he's like, um, a pixie gnome. Or something.


I did a screencast of this one as well, with the added "bonus" that I got my microphone and recorded audio with it, explaining what I'm doing as I go. I lost track of time a bit and didn't actually finish it completely in the ten minute limit, but I get fairly close.

Plus, this way people in the next room who can't see the screen can find me irritating as well. So that's nice.

Let me know if the audio's too low or high or inane or whatnot. There's a weird sound periodically that sounds like I'm going "TKK!" with my mouth, but it's actually the keyboard clacking when I toggle between various digital tools (zoom, the hand to move the screen, undo, etc.).