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    Jeimuzu – Thanks! And yeah, I thought it gave him a more “a machine with heart” look!

    Lightningsword – Thanks for such the kind words, my friend! Oh thanks, I’ll go look for that! Once again, you are too kind! And I’m sure you have plenty of characters that would put up a nice battle to mine Wink

    Anarchangel – Thanks man!

    in reply to: My Collection of Creative Imagination #28500

    Name: Jon Hart
    Alais: Alloy
    Species: Cyborg

    Powers: Enhanced Strength, Enhanced Speed, The metal alloy used to create his cybrog parts is near invulnerble, Enhanced Sight, Able to shoot high engery beams out of retractable extentders (on his back), Enhanced Jumping Height, Enhanced Intellect, and Can produce high a high electrical current.

    Reduced Bio: Jon Hart was a very high respected man in the Marines and is very well known back at home. He has saved the lives of many of his brothers in arms and as well as stopped many enemy assaults. However, one fateful day, Jon attempted to save a squad trapped behind enemy lines, but failed because the enemy detonated the facility that held captive the lost squad. Jon, being such a high military asset, was collected from the remains of the facility by a secret Government organization called AAT (Advanced America of Tomorrow). They developed a rare metal alloy to fuse with Jon and create a robotic superhuman soldier. The experiment was a success, but Jon was unconscious somewhere deep inside this new version of him, so he was controlled to take out various enemy bases without mercy. AAT soon used Jon to attack Guardian Angel, but Guardian Angel used his kind and inspirational heart to waken Jon within, thus granting Jon control over his new found body. Raged by what an abomination he has become and the fact he was chosen to be revived among the others lost, he destroyed the facility that created him…killing everyone involved in his creation. Now, Jon goes by the name Alloy and is considered rouge, unable to be found…even by Guardian Angel.


    Jon without his Enhanced Helmet

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    Anarchangel – Thanks! I think I need to start posting more good guys though! Poor Guardian Angel is getting put through hell…eh ha ha…get it?

    Atomic Punk – Nicely said, very nicely said. However, I can draw outside of heromachine, so I am my biggest critic Cry And Thanks, he was fun to make! I can post a blank pose if anyone wants to download it so they can make something! Just need to figure out how to do that…

    Lightningsword – Haha thanks!!

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    Time for my next villain for my hero, Guardian Angel…and give me some slack, I created the pose on my own here. I know it needs some improvement.

    Name: Luminis Perditor (Destroyer of Light)
    Species: Demon Hybrid

    Powers: Unknown…but concidered the destroyer of souls, peace, and the heavens. Once released, doom has befallen humanity…it is hell on earth.
    Weakness: Unknown

    Reduced Bio: A creature made from many souls of the damned and defeated angels forced to become corrupted, Luminis Perditor is Hell’s secret weapon when all else fails. There is no control of this beast, his powers are limitless and it has no remorse or conscious. Luminis is pure hate, anger, rage, and darkness…only the light from the most pure can weaken it…only a nephilim has the inner power to send the beast back to damnation. It has only been stopped once before, but comes back even stronger.


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    @Jeimuzu said:

    Sicarius is so epic! Really great pose too.

    Thanks! And yeah, I found the blank canvas of the pose in the forums somewhere! It’s nice to find a pose to start off of!

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    @The Atomic Punk said:

    Sicarius is wicked cool. Excellent!

    Thanks man!

    in reply to: My Collection of Creative Imagination #28355

    WMDBASSPLAYER – Thank you, he is my favorite creation…I could write a whole book on his story! And yeah, Dr. Fate is cool, but lucky for me, his helmet is more like gladiator/knight/roman helmet that varies a lot, not just stuck with the one heromachine gives us…so I think im safe, just like the eyes it gives! And I just made Sicarius (latin for assassin) and just finished him roughly 20min ago! Glad you like him! Much appreciated!

    Anarchangel – I know, he is a handsome devil… Haha…I’ll lock myself out

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    Here’s a simple villain for Guardian Angel face on occasion:

    Name: Sicarius
    Species: Demon
    Powers: Quick reflexes, stamina, control of fire, stealth, teleportation, voice mimicry, advanced knowledge in hand to hand combat, superior self defense skills, and minor other demon like advantages.
    Weakness: Holy water, Banishment, Spells, Holy fire, greater demons/angels, special blade, and other common demon like weaknesses
    Reduced Bio: Once a man who died back in the dark ages, he was brought back to earth from hell to find the poor souls who have a bounty on their heads. He finds his targets to drag them to hell, or at least kills them to damn their soul to hell under the orders of Lucifer. Sicarius also is hired by people by the use of a certain spell, but the price is paid greatly. However, time to time, Sicarius finds his way out of hell to find Guardian Angel, to end his life for the constant interference of his assassin like deeds.


    in reply to: My Collection of Creative Imagination #28333

    Guardian Angel in a more battle orientated matter!

    in reply to: My Collection of Creative Imagination #28228

    This is Guardian Angel before I modified him. This, as well, is my first heromachine creation after a long break from it!

    in reply to: My Collection of Creative Imagination #28227

    Thanks everyone! The compliments are very appreciated and welcoming!

    Anarchangel – Thanks very much

    The Atomic Punk – Haha, what can we say…Angels are elegant Wink . But yes, I tried giving the purple costume that newish look, like the matieral on the new suit in the “Man of Steel” movie has superman in, also a bit in “The Amazing Spider-Man”, and I think even maybe in the older Spider-man movies!

    Vampyrist – Thanks! Yeah, the angelic armor gives the final “hero look” to me.

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    But now, here is my first one, none other than my very own Guardian Angel.

    Name: Damon Knight
    Hero Name: Guardian Angel
    Species: Nephilim

    Powers: Immortal, Flight, Superhuman Strength, Immune to all disease and sickness, Enhanced Speed and Cardio, Cellular Regeneration, invulnerable to most things (Wings unbreakable), Ability to heal others (at a price of weakening himself greatly), Phasing, “Angel Presence”, Sense of corruption or darkness, control over light/fire, Speak/Understand any language, Angel Enhanced Sight, Able to exorcise most demons, See through most material, enhanced hearing, and most other Angel Powers.

    Weaknesses: Loses or weakens power if loss of faith in himself, people, and the world; Holy and Hell fire, a special compound found only in heaven, severely weakened to a point of near paralysis by Seals from the blood of a pure hearted human, Death’s Scythe, Higher powered demons and angels, some forms of magic, and “Hell on Earth” severely weakness him.

    Reduced Bio: Damon Knight was born into a small family of 2 brothers and a sister, not knowing anything of his true being. His Mother, Deanna, and his Father, Gabriel also have no idea of their beloved son being an offspring of a “Son of God’ and a “Daughter of Man”. However, Damon slowly begins to show signs of being anything but human as he grows through puberty. Little do the Knights know, Damon was conceived for a greater purpose, a destiny that is far beyond the comprehension of mere mortals. Little does Damon know, but he is key to saving the world from ending…whether it is against the wishes of heaven and hell. As, Damon grows into his true Nephilim ways, he learns his destiny and decides to don the angel armor to become a beacon of faith, hope, and justice…to become a hero…to become the world’s Guardian Angel.

    Damon Knight’s First Costume before the Angel Armor

    Actual Guardian Angel

    Damon Knight

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    Same with me, but it never pops up.

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    I did shrink the size significantly, however, it still will not work. I don’t know how else to get my pictures, I screen shot them because exporting them through heromachine always brings me to an “Untitled” page. It may be because of Chrome, but sadly all my files of characters are through Chrome. So frustrating Yell

    in reply to: My Collection of Creative Imagination #28209

    Thanks everyone!! However, I am running into my first problem…I can’t upload my images. Says error or (may be exhausting memory).

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