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    @UbiquitousPixel- The way I did it was create the character and save, then move the character over by 5, put a white background rectangle over the character at around 70% opacity and save again as a seperate file, then load the original save with the keep current items box checked. Rinse and repeat until desired effect is achieved and heromachine is so laggy it takes a full minute to move an item up a single layer. Also, it got sent to my spam folder for some reason, I only just saw it was there. I’ll give it a read when I get a chance, it’s just gone 11pm here and I’ve got work tomorrow.

    ill give it a go! But usually when I load another character, it overlaps the current, no matter where I move the first one. I wish there was a way to select certain layers and combine them to make them all one layer or object. But thanks for the info! Also looking forward to your response email 🙂

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    Afterimage effect is awesome. I’ve been working on something trying to do the same thing and couldn’t get it haha. Amazing work as always!


    Also…you get my email?

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    The wonderful Mustache is…well…WONDERFUL! I enjoy him greatly. Nice work

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    Ah I love bob haha. And the Jawa! They were always my favorite

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    Here’s my Tick Tock!

    I made him short because for some reason that’s how I envisioned him, like a little bomb. He may be little, but he makes a big impact!

    He’s equipped with a suit that can withstand massive damage and explosions. The suit itself can adsorb energy as well as suck in massive amounts of air and pressure to only release back as an explosion. Tick Tock is a walking bomb on his own!

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    Thanks dude! Much appreciated :)!

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    Here’s my contest entry for the week! His name is Ascendancy!

    I based him off of Idris Elba because I’ve always wanted him to be a badass main superhero. He, like Henry Cavill, looks like a superhero to me. So I made him one myself!

    He was a lot of fun to make, I took AM’s pose he created/posted and went from there!

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    Dude, that shading is incredible

    Thanks JR!

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    Howard Sanford was a very talented hitman and man for hire. He was nicknamed The Devil’s Saint amongst most due to his quick and merciful kills. However, his run in with Ryker and conflicting interests caused the death of Howard by Ryker’s hands. Grief stricken, the villainous, wealthy king pin Madame Sanford hired the same sorcerous she used to entrap Ryker into a chicken mask. She hired the sorcerous to bring Howard back from the dead. Of course the sorcerous had to add a catch with such dark magic. Howard’s soul was resurrected back into his body, his dying body. He is not dead, but his body is, resulting in his pale skin and haunting look. He no longer bleeds or feels pain in the slightest, rather, doesn’t much feel anything at all. However, he doesn’t heal either. This is where the catch comes in deeper. While he can no longer die, in order to heal, he must kill. His soul was linked with a specific revolver which when used to kill someone, heals Howard.

    With the constant need to kill people and a vengeful heart, Howard no longer was merciful, but cruel and violent.  He become known as “The Deadman” as he consistently heard from his victims and enemies, “How are you here! You’re dead!” or “He’s a dead man walking”.

    If you like the pose, There’s a text file on the customs page!

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    Cluck and his human form are awesome. Both faces are great!

    Thanks so much 🙂 !

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    I’m going to try out Microsoft word, as I have a Mac and not sure on how to get a text file/notepad program.

    Here’s a remade version of the hitman pose I attempted. File attached!

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    I remade a pose I like, is there anyway I can add the text for it with a spoiler drop down box so it doesn’t take up the entire page to scroll through?

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    Awesome pic! That face is perfectly put together. Cheers!

    Oh man, thank you Ams! To be honest, I learned to better my human faces and coloring from studying how you do yours!

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    Raymond Ryker, one of the best, most lethal, and highly feared hitmen there is. With much respect comes also much hate…and boy does certain criminal empires hate him enough to use a sorceress to entrap Ray into a chicken mask to humiliate him.

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    I made a scene, for lack of better words, of Cluck! I couldn’t finish it due to it being ridiculous slow placing so many layers, so hopefully I’ll be able to advance it another day!

    I plan on making comics or a graphic novel on Cluck in the future, I have some fun ideas to make it a more raunchy comedic type story. If I could make a movie with him, it would be cross between John Wick, Happy!, and Deadpool typish humor and action. Definitely a hard R rating. I was asked who could play him in a movie and I think the only one I’d have in mind is Christopher Meloni. Hey, I can fantasize right?

    I need to think of main villains or villain for him to fight.

    Cluck is the combination of hitman Raymond Ryker’s soul entrapped into a chicken mascot mask and a host body for the mask/Ryker to take over. He’s just as embarrassed about it as you think, but he’s on a mission to figure what the Cluck happened to him. As a final insult to a great hitman’s ego placed inside the mask, he is also unable to drop the F-bomb, which is always involuntarily replaced with ‘Cluck” when attempting to say it!

    More to come!

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