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    Mr. Vaudeville

    I know right?

    I’m looking forward to this more than The Force Awakens, which… Just about had my approval. Just. Lifelong Star Wars meganerd here.

    Rogue One is so close to release now! Looks fantastic.

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    Mr. Vaudeville

    Hi guys.

    Born in ’89, I’m a professional musician and singer from England. My name is Kurt, but I often go by Mr. Vaudeville as a username/online handle. As well as singing and playing guitar, bass, mandolin, saxophone, drums, and some basic piano, my hobbies and interests include; reading, writing, fantasy & science fiction, photography, fitness, and martial arts. Anything creative is good.

    I’ve been aware of heromachine for many years, and messed around with it a bit as a teenager. I recently decided to give it another go and felt inspired enough to join the current forums at long last. I’m still getting to grips with things at the moment.

    I think some of you guys are absolutely brilliant artists/designers, and I love that there are people from all walks of life and parts of the world here.

    Hope to see you around!

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    Mr. Vaudeville

    Excellent. I can’t wait to see it!

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    Mr. Vaudeville

    Great disigns, dude. I really like Grizzly, and I love the concept for Sagittarius.

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    Mr. Vaudeville

    Cool! I like Solara and I like the effort you put in their bio. Pretty good hero team – now I would like to see a team of villains.

    Thank you! Coming up with the bios is as much fun for me as designing the images themselves.

    I started working on some members of the ‘Mutant Syndicate’ last night. They’ll be the first team of villains I’ll post, I think. 🙂

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    Mr. Vaudeville

    That’s so awesome! I would never have thought to try and create that effect. Superb.

    I’m still getting to grips with the forums, formatting, and some of the design tutorials, but I’m definitely up for joining in with contests, etc. as soon as I’m up to speed. 🙂


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    Mr. Vaudeville

    Nice! Great composition.

    I’d like to see your take on a spaghetti western.

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    Mr. Vaudeville

    A couple of collages of the primary members of the International Freedom League.


    Organisation Profile

    Group Name: The International Freedom League (IFL)
    Activities: Crimefighting; International emergency response.
    The Jetman – Leader
    The Magician
    IFLHQ – Washington, D.C.
    Järvinen Enterprises – Helsinki, Finland.
    Notable Equipment: Aside from their own gadgets/gear and a communications device linking them to the Operators at IFLHQ, each member of the IFL is granted access to Järvinen Enterprises’ private fleet of civilian and paramilitary vehicles – including, armoured cars, off-road vehicles, helicopters, and a private jet.
    Membership Requirements: Invite only.
    Allies: United States Sentinels, Society of European Superheroes, Indo-Asian Superhuman Assembly, Terran Defence Corps., Apex Squad, Iron Patrol, Astroforce.
    Enemies: The Shadowguard, Lunar Brood, The Mutant Syndicate, Church of the Fractured Dawn, Tau Magi, Order of Divine Assassins, Lawless Earth Network.


    Founded by Jerome Järvinen, a.k.a. The Jetman, as the first international emergency response superhero organisation. Funded through Jerome’s engineering corporation, Järvinen Enterprises, the IFL is run as a sister organisation the the Terran Defence Corps.

    While the Corps. deals exclusively with global threats, the IFL was formed to respond to national and international crime, with The Jetman personally inviting a primary team of heroes from all over the world, choosing each for their unique skills and abilities. Though the League is active and enjoying success, they are always looking to invite new members who display the right qualities.

    The IFL Headquarters is located in Washington, D.C., with a secondary base at the Järvinen enterprises building in Europe. The main HQ employs a team of Operators and security staff, and maintains a small fleet of land and air transport vehicles.

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    Mr. Vaudeville

    Notes: And finally, the last primary member of the IFL, Solara. I really enjoyed creating this costume, and it’s very much what I imagined for the character.



    Alias: Solara
    Legal Name: Laura Brighton
    Gender: Female
    Age: 24
    Ethnicity: English
    Occupation: Dance instructor; Lab-rat; Superhero
    Height: 5′ 10″
    Body Type: Athletic, lean
    Hair Colour: Blonde
    Hair Type: Long, wavy
    Eye Colour: Blue
    Skin Colour: White/Light Tan
    Species: Mutant

    Powers and Abilities

    Powers: Bioluminescence, light manipulation, flight.
    Details/Limitations: Able to store light energy, convert it, and emit it from her body as light and/or heat energy – This can take the form of attacks such as powerful beams of heat and light from the hands or large ‘explosions’ of light from the whole body, or more subtle effects like raising the temperature of her skin or causing it to glow softly. The more solar energy she has stored, the more power she can use. She can also convert this energy into a previously unknown force that enables her to fly for sustained periods. Once drained, she becomes physically weak until recharged by a light source, limiting the use of her powers at night.
    Abilities/Skills: Dance, gymnastics, acrobatics, first aid, Boxing, Taekwondo.
    Costume: Lightweight, bulletproof, heat and impact resistant body armour, gauntlets, and boots; fireproof/waterproof ‘winged’ bodysuit; mask; utility belt.
    Gadgets/Tech: Utility belt contains basic crime-fighting tools – cable ties, caltrops, bandages, etc. – and a couple of handheld emergency flares for use as an emergency power source if caught without power in darkness.
    Physical Weaknesses: Enters a weakened state if deprived of light for an extended period of time or completely drained of power. Using extremely powerful abilities can therefore leave her vulnerable. Light deprivation can result in death after a few weeks, e.g. If imprisoned in a completely dark room.
    Mental/Emotional Weaknesses: Vulnerable to psychic attack.

    Personality and Relationships

    Primary Traits: Warm, approachable, mature, indomitable, reliable.
    Likes: The arts, especially dancing, Yoga, nature, sports, photography.
    Dislikes: Any crime involving children, corporate crime, fast food.
    Habits/Quirks: Described by friends as a ‘health nut’ and a ‘hippy’. Practical and independent, but with a deep maternal instinct for life and nature. A natural dancer and fitness enthusiast from a young age, she has a gift for teaching, which she enjoys. Generally approachable, friendly, and keen to help, with a charismatic personality and iron willpower that makes her a fierce enemy for those on the receiving end of her anger. Known to occasionally rant about world affairs, usually triggered when watching the news.
    Fears: Claustrophobia, asphyxiation.
    Family: Martin and Pearl Brighton (Parents).
    Romantic Interests:
    Allies: Paragon, The Jetman, Mantis, The Magician, Overmind
    Affiliations: International Freedom League, Society of European Superheroes, Astroforce, Terran Defence Corps.
    Rivals/Nemesis: Memnon, Vendetta, The Hardman
    Enemies: The Shadowguard, the Mutant Syndicate, Tau Magi, Church of the Fractured Dawn.


    Coming soon

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    Mr. Vaudeville

    I actually do very little shading and posing. I still think I’m bad at both of them. It can be good to enhance the image but it’s not all that important to me. I just like to make costumes. But thanks. I’m glad you like my little weirdos.  

    Fair points, and you’re welcome. An image only needs that little bit of shading or a slightly altered pose to really stand out, and I think it contributes to the ‘clean’ look everyone bangs on about. Your use of colours and colour schemes is just my cup of tea, too.

    Keep ’em coming.

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    Mr. Vaudeville

    Notes: the Logo/symbol on the belt buckle should be an O surrounding an M. Not sure how well that came across. It didn’t look as good with the M behind the O, in my opinion.



    Alias: Overmind
    Legal Name: Noah Lawson
    Gender: Male
    Age: 26
    Ethnicity: African-American
    Occupation: Neuroscientist; Lab Technician; Antihero
    Height: 6′ 2″
    Body Type: Scrawny, thin
    Hair Colour: Black
    Hair Type: Short, thick
    Eye Colour: Blue
    Skin Colour: Light Brown
    Species: Superhuman

    Powers and Abilities

    Powers: Psychic abilities, superhuman intelligence/mentality, superhuman senses.
    Details/Limitations: Psychic abilities include, but aren’t limited to; powerful psionic blasts; telekinesis effective at 500ft; telepathy – including mind reading, mind control, empathy, and memory manipulation – effective at a range of several miles; levitation; psychometry; dowsing; and mild, spontaneous precognition. All five primary senses are sharpened to animal-like levels. IQ raised off the charts. Additionally, he is resistant to almost all forms of psychic attack, mind control, and telekinesis.
    Abilities/Skills: Neuroscience, physics, biology, chemistry, engineering, mathematics, omni-linguism.
    Costume: Shock-absorbing, bulletproof/stab-proof body armour, helmet, and gauntlets; form-fitting, fire/cold resistant bodysuit; fireproof cape and boots.
    Weapons: Superior Intellect. Belt holds two detachable, saucer shaped discs that can be telekinetically thrown around and manipulated at high velocity.
    Gadgets/Tech: Custom helmet that amplifies psychic power and further protects against psychic attack.
    Physical Weaknesses: Not particularly strong, weak in hand-to-hand combat, decreased muscle mass side effect of neural serum.
    Mental/Emotional Weaknesses: Can become overwhelmed and lose control quickly when trying to use too much power against incredibly strong enemies.

    Personality and Relationships

    Primary Traits: Withdrawn, distant, noble, pragmatic, intellectual.
    Likes: Science, technology, discovery, the cosmos, nature.
    Dislikes: Scientific ignorance or stagnation, narrow-mindedness, avocado.
    Habits/Quirks: Since gaining his powers, he has become increasingly withdrawn from society and ‘human concerns’, preferring to devote his intellect to bigger scientific and theoretical issues. Doesn’t smile often, although his appreciation for intellectual humour is intact. His movements and body language tend to be slow and graceful, and he often uses his powers of telekinesis to manipulate everyday objects instead of using his hands, and uses telepathy to communicate – something which many people find unnerving. He does put in some effort to be polite and respectful to friends and colleagues, but often seems distracted and emotionless unintentionally.
    Fears: Things that the ordinary human mind could not comprehend.
    Family: Jackie Lawson (Mother), Patricia Greenfield (Grandmother), Carl and Geoffrey Lawson (Brothers).
    Romantic Interests:
    Allies: Paragon, The Jetman, Mantis, The Magician, Solara
    Affiliations: International Freedom League, United States Sentinels, Apex Squad, Terran Defence Corps.
    Rivals/Nemesis: Dr. Crane
    Enemies: The Shadowguard, the Mutant Syndicate, Tau Magi, Church of the Fractured Dawn.


    Coming soon


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    Mr. Vaudeville

    Your style is so awesome. I like the clean look, and the lack of a backgrounds in general appeals to me. I’ll have to hit up the shading and posing tutorials. If I can make characters that look as goods yours, I’ll be a happy man.

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    Mr. Vaudeville

    Notes: I know there are a few things wrong with the image (layering fails, mostly), but I can live with them for now. I found it quite a challenge to describe and categorise his gear, but I think the concept is lots of fun.


    Alias: The Magician
    Legal Name: James Locke
    Gender: Male
    Age: 30
    Ethnicity: American
    Occupation: Sound/Lighting technician; Gambler; Vigilante; Anti-hero.
    Height: 5′ 11′
    Body Type: Toned, slim
    Hair Colour: Dark brown
    Hair Type: Short, straight
    Eye Colour: Dark brown
    Skin Colour: White/Light tan
    Species: Human

    Powers and Abilities

    Powers: ‘Magic’ (Via technological tricks and gadgets)
    Details/Limitations: Uses technology and gadgets to achieve a variety of seemingly magical attacks, abilities, and effects; limited to what he can carry on his person.
    Abilities/Skills: Stage magic, pyrotechnics, sound/light engineering, Boxing, Karate, Muay Thai.
    Costume: Bulletproof, stab resistant shirt; combat trousers with armour inserts; utility belts; steel-toed boots; fireproof trench coat, mask, and hat; Neckerchief ‘for colour’ .
    Weapons: A custom double-barrelled, sawn-off shotgun, modified to fire non-lethal rounds, beanbags, smoke bomb shells, and flash-bang shells; a deck of thin, lightweight ‘throwing knives’ designed to resemble playing cards.
    Gadgets/Tech: Wrist mounted fireball launchers/flamethrowers; utility belts contain smoke bombs, flash-bang grenades, handheld holographic projector (for casting ‘illusions’), chemical powders for causing sleep or hallucinations.
    Physical Weaknesses: Only slightly above average human strength, speed, and stamina.
    Mental/Emotional Weaknesses: Has a habit of gambling and taking chances. Vulnerable to psychic attack.

    Personality and Relationships

    Primary Traits: Jaded, cynical, cunning, risk-taker, maverick.
    Likes: Magic, music, theatre, casinos, poker, technology, science-fiction.
    Dislikes: Loansharks, mobsters, sports, mushrooms, the government.
    Habits/Quirks: Addicted to gambling, almost always owing lots of money to lots of different people. Often to the first to make a joke or quip with a dry and cynical sense of humour, although he tends to see the worst in humanity and trusts almost nobody, preferring to work as a lone wolf. When on patrol and ‘in character’, he enjoys dramatics and refers to his tricks and attacks as actual magic. He thinks it’s hilarious that some of the criminals he encounters believe he has actual superpowers. Sometimes displays psychopathic tendencies when dealing with criminals – a true vigilante, with no problem using violence to fight violence, and willing to break the law without a second thought to apprehend serious criminals.
    Fears: Needles, mild vertigo.
    Family: Mother in Atlantic City (may or may not actually exist, but he refers to her a lot in jokes and quips).
    Romantic Interests: Lady Luck.
    Allies: Paragon, The Jetman, Mantis, Overmind, Solara
    Affiliations: International Freedom League, United States Sentinels.
    Rivals/Nemesis: Lady Luck, Memnon, The Don
    Enemies: The Shadowguard, the Mutant Syndicate, Tau Magi, Church of the Fractured Dawn, certain members of the Lawless Earth Network.


    Born somewhere on the east coast of the United States to young and unstable parents, James led an unremarkable life until he went to college. While studying sound and lighting technology – and with his parents breaking apart – he developed addictions to gambling, fast women, drinking, and recreational drugs. After graduating, he moved to Las Vegas, NV, where he could use his qualifications and further his love of gambling, abandoning his roots.

    Throughout his 20’s, he worked as a technician behind the scenes at many of Vegas’ smaller and less prestigious venues, befriending those stage magicians, comedians, singers, and other performers that frequented the same casinos. While he broke the addictions to drink and drugs, the gambling problem only worsened, resulting to him eventually owing money to a few criminal gangs, including the Mutant Syndicate. Able to claw his way back from the brink, he did enjoy some successes – enough to purchase a decent apartment and live reasonably – but he was never truly stable and always ended up back in debt before long.

    Late one evening, after a half-decent magic show at mediocre club, James was packing away the sound gear alone backstage, as usual. It was the end of the night, and very few people were still around, when he saw and heard a mugging in progress in the alleyway outside the stage door. He improvised with some stage lights and pyrotechnics to frighten and confuse the attackers, physically beating one of them and causing the rest to flee, saving a couple of young friends from being beaten and robbed. Inspired by his own ‘good deed’ and excited by the thrill of punching a criminal in the face, he came up with the ‘Magician’ persona and decided to become a vigilante.

    Spending a large chunk of casino winnings on martial arts lessons and developing his vigilante costume, while stealing a few gadgets from some of the better performers, he turned out to be an excellent crime fighter, if a bit more violent than most. Las Vegas police started to find a lot of criminals beaten, bruised, burned, and handcuffed by the time they arrived at the scene, and reports started to emerge of the ‘Mysterious Magician’ or the ‘Masked Magician’ in the press. In less than a year, he gained the attention of the superhero community at large – who disapproved of his violent methods but were impressed by his results – and joined the United States Sentinels. He was invited to join the IFF another year later, where he is kept on a tight leash.

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    Mr. Vaudeville

    Thundercats, of course! Silver Hawks, Starcom, Dino Riders, Galaxy Rangers…so many nice shows back then. I’m glad to hear that you like the toyline idea. Mantis also turned out pretty well, I like that ninja-superhero mix.

    And that’s without even starting on the great comic book Superhero shows.

    Thanks, dude.

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    Mr. Vaudeville

    Welcome to the forums! You’ve got some really nice stuff here.

    Thank you so much!


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