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    thank youSmile

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    storyline: when ryan was alone ,had no quest to complete, ryan was in misery for those that had no interest in ryan’s request of marriage. In a tavern, ryan was drunk till he passed out until he saw a wonderful woman that was a warrior. strong, athletic, attractive, nice bottom, and bright eyes. she was walking down the tavern like a brave warrior. she selling a giants foot to a inn keeper. but she was alone as well. she kept sharpening her sword like she had a grudge on something. ryan thought to him self “how can i ever marry a girl like her, i’m too wimpy for her. she’s a very attractive warrior. but i’m just a stupid lonely wizard that has no experience from love”. ryan was getting drunk and depressed even more that he collapsed into depression. the attractive warrior was walking towards him in concern and said ” excuse me kind sir are you ok?” . ryan got up with no hope. “no and i don’t even want to see this existing world as it tears apart”. “what do you mean”?. ” i’ve been looking for somebody to spend time with me. someone to grow up with me as go on adventures, slaying monster, collecting bounty, and look at the wonderful view of this fantasy world as man are coming up with new technology to kill each other. all im trying to say is women all ways deny my request because im a very poor wizard that needs a companion. as the attractive warrior sitting down next to ryan ” it’s ok, but you shouldn’t kill your self because pathetic girls won’t marry ya. your a wizard and im a warrior, wizards are smart enough to use their minds to cast spells or magical stuff, i don’t know. but if it makes you happy then i would spend time with you. will slay creatures together, fight bosses and gods, will even see the beauty’s of fantasy landscapes. but please don’t kill your self”. ryan stopped crying and was confused. ” why do you want to marry me, your a warrior and im a wizard”. “for one, it really doesn’t matter as long as we are respectful to each other. two, i’m in the same pain your in. im well tough warrior but i can’t be a better warrior with out a companion. three, since all that killing i did, i missed all that beautiful fantasy view when i was a lad. four, you’re too attractive to waist your life getting killed like this so i’m going to be your companion”. as they enjoyed each other they have finally became companions.

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    nice character’s dude keep it upSmile

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    storyline: as soon as the hero has finally gain the sword of blight, the blight was already in the worm hole to travel to earth to destroy everything. lord farkas has gone missing after the dungeon collapsed on top of him. it wasn’t over yet the hero has transported to earth to put the blight’s reign to an end. as the dark elves were looking for lord farkas, they only found his crown and they thought he was dead. jar jar, vanvier, and the high elf soldiers came to volunteer to face the blight but they don’t realize how powerful the blight really is. can the hero save earth and let the void gain peace again? can the high elves protect the void without illusion’s happening. can jar jar stop saying *ribbit* the whole time find out on this part of chapter 2 on tales of the hero.

    hero: we must hurry before he…. whoa (looks at all this destruction across the land of syrodon)
    vanvier: but how?
    jar jar: *ribbit*
    everybody: (walks around the blights destruction shocked)
    high elf soldier: general vanvier take a look at this
    vanvier: (walks to the edge of the cliff to see a destroyed village)
    vanvier: that monster has to be stopped or we all die
    jar jar: but their is one question. where did he head off to now?
    blight: (breathing void frost and fire 900 miles across land)
    guardian soldier: QUICK TAKE COVER!!!!!! (ducks behind a huge rock)
    other guardian soldiers: (being frozen and disintegrated by fire)
    blight: fresh meat
    guardian soldier: (shivering in fear)
    hero: (throws the sword at the blights head)
    blight: GAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!! (crying in pain)
    hero: blight i have come to end your madness!
    blight: you shall know your….. wait is that the sword of blight?
    blight: how did you pass through the ancient guardians?!
    blight: no matter as i kill a pathetic mortal like you then nobody will stop me from eating this world
    blight: (vaporizes the ground except the hero missing)
    hero: (slashes the blight in the neck)
    blight: (vaporizes almost the whole town)
    blight: stay STILL!!! (vaporizes everything)
    vanvier: ATTACK!!!
    high elves: (fighting the beast using swords, arrows, daggers, cannons, and their greatest allie a treant )
    blight: (vaporizes everybody that fought him)
    blight: (freezes everybody that fought him)
    blight: RAAWWWWWWWWWWWRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    jar jar: (cast shield)
    blight: (vaporized shield until jar jar was defeated)
    jar jar: (been blasted off through a house and he was knocked out)
    blight: (breathing fire and frost to destroy everybody)
    hero: (slashes through his body, head , and neck causing scars)
    blight: (breaths fire and frost to make a huge explosion)
    hero: (blown away from the huge explosion crashing into 2 houses)
    blight: (grabs the hero and eats him)
    jar jar: *ribbit* no oh no (crying)
    vanvier: i thought he was the one to rescue us all
    blight: you have no hero now SUFF…
    blight: what the….
    blight: i feel a substance in my heart. i feel like im going to… (explodes into tiny peaces)
    vanvier: huh?
    jar jar: *ribbit* he did it
    everybody: (cheers for the hero like there’s no tomorrow)
    everybody: (thanks him for saving the world)
    void master: hero a word with you (telling him to come here)
    void master: you have done the world a great favor but i must have the sword of blight back
    sword of blight: (disappears from the hero)
    void master: you have even done me a great favor but if you ever come back to the void ever again then i would destroy the world myself
    void master: (disappears out of his illusion of his body)
    jar jar: lets have a drink in a tavern. you,me, vanvier, and the soldiers
    everybody: (walking to the tavern)

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    story line: as everybody witness the egg hatching after battling each other. the void master lets the egg hatch and the blight will destroy the earth realm. vanvier was out of lord farkas’s dark spell also his soldier’s escaped his dark spell too. after unleashing the world ender (another name for blight), the hero thought to his self “there’s got to be someway to beat this blight,but how”
    the void master showed him a sword to defeat the blight. It was called the sword of blight. this sword had alot of power to beat the blight, but for those who will use the sword of blight for foolish reasons, the sword of blight will not accept the sword wielder and they shall be turned into stone forever. but those who use the sword for significant reasons to the blight sword. they will wield the sword of the might power and slash any foe. for the sword wielder that has too much power they loose their strength and power and will decay into dust. their soul will be the guardian of the blight sword. but the hero must get pass the ancient creatures of the void that use to exist. good luck young brave hero.

    void master: use this void Pegasus to travel to the dungeon of ferdain
    void master: it will be too late if you traveled on foot
    void master: (rushing the hero to the void Pegasus)
    void Pegasus: (flies off into the clouds)
    hero: I WILL!!! (going to the mist of the clouds)

    hero: i don’t see the dungeon any where
    void Pegasus: trust me hero im showing you the way (flying)
    hero: you can talk?
    void Pegasus: yes but i am showing you the way just trust me (flying)
    hero: ok

    void Pegasus: we are now almost to the dungeon hero
    hero: (gazing at the skies of the void)
    unknown voice: SCREACH!!!!!!! (echoing)
    hero: what was that?
    void Pegasus: oh no those are the void griffins
    void griffins: (flying through the hero and the void pegasus rapidly)
    void pegasus: (struggling in flying)
    hero: AHHHH!! (almost falling off the void pegasus but has strong grip to hold on while battling void griffins)
    hero: (slices the void griffins arm)
    void griffin: (crashes into another void griffin)
    hero: HUAAAGHHHH!!!!!( jumps on the void griffin and stabs him in the head)
    hero: (after the griffin dying then he jumped back on his pegasus)
    hero: i see the dungeon
    void pegasus: (shaking the griffins off his track)
    hero: (throw’s the sword at the griffins eye)
    void griffin: SCREACH!!!!!!(crying in pain)
    hero: (jumps back to the griffin and stabs it in the brain and jumps on to another to make it crash)
    the void griffin: (twirls and twirls until the hero jumped off)
    the void griffin: (crashes in to the dungeon)
    hero: (landed on the pegasus)
    void pegasus: (landed safely)
    hero: (jumps of the pegasus and continue’s his journey)
    void pegasus: this is far as i can take you. you must travel in your own destiny.
    void pegasus: fair well hero (flies off into the the clouds)
    hero: (turns back to the dungeon and continue’s his journey)

    hero: (walking through the dungeon)
    hero: this dungeon is not so bad (walking)
    void wolf and ancient warriors: (prepares to attack)
    hero: what is that?
    ancient guardian: you dare come to this dungeon, you foolish warrior be gone or suffer the wrath of the ancient guardians
    hero: i must stop the blight
    ancient guardian: then suffer
    ancient guardian: (tries to kill the hero but the hero dodge’s and slashes him)
    multitude of guardains: (coming out of tombs and walls trying to attack the hero)
    hero: (slicing every guardian he can see)
    adept ancient guardian: (smashes through the wall)
    wall chunks: (falling everywhere)
    hero: (hiding behind the columns)
    ancient adept guardian: (searching for the hero stomping through the floors making foot prints)
    hero: (exhausted from running and fighting)
    adept ancient guardian: MUARRRRRR!!!!!!!!(smashing the columns and found the hero)
    hero: AHHHH!!!! (running in fear)
    adept ancient guardian: ( trying to stomp on the hero many times)
    hero: (dodges adept guardians strong attack)
    adept ancient guardian: (breaks his sword by breaking another column)
    hero: (grabs the broken blade and carries it to the ropes to tie it)
    adept ancient guardian: (searching for the hero to destroy)
    hero: hey!! (has blade tied on to a rope to stab the adept guardian)
    adept ancient guardian: (turns around and run’s toward the hero)
    hero: (releases the blade and stabbed the adept guardian)
    adept ancient guardian: (falls over the guardians and dies after combat)
    hero: not so much as guardians though ( continues his journey)

    hero: their it is the sword of blight
    hero: (walking around the sword of blight)
    lord farkas: ahh. you finally led me to the sword of blight
    hero: what are you doing here?!
    lord farkas: i have been following you here. but the question is why am i here
    lord farkas: you see hero that this blade will destroy anything including the blight
    lord farkas: but i won’t let you destroy the blight
    hero: but hes going to destroy our realm
    lord farkas: exactly what i was hoping for but i won’t let some human get in the way of my mission
    lord farkas: so i have came to kill you
    hero: well out of my way!! im getting to the sword of blight!
    lord farkas: not until you get past me first
    ferdain: (rising from the dead)
    ferdain: you mortals dare walk through this dungeon and my guardians warned you all, then you two will face me or run away so i can spare your lives
    hero: i have came here so far and i will never turn back!!!
    ferdain: then you have deserved your death wish
    all 3 fighting at the same time—
    hero: (slashing lord farkas)
    ferdain: (crushes hero and hit him to the wall with his blunt weapon)
    hero: (knocked out)
    lord farkas: (uses dark fire spell to corrupt and damage ferdain but he is immune)
    ferdain: (crushes lord farkas and smashes him until he passed out)
    hero: (wakes back up out of his dizziness and focuses on combat)
    hero: (running towards ferdain and slides under him to get the sword)
    hero: i got (holds the sword up)
    ferdain: put down the sword
    hero: (slashes ferdain in half until he died)
    dungeon: (crumbling to the bottom)
    hero: (runs away)
    lord farkas: what the …(wakes up)
    lord farkas: (sees hero run away)
    lord farkas: what the… come back!!!
    void pegasus: (appears out of the midst of the clouds)
    void pegasus: come on before you be collapsed in the dungeon (landed safely)
    hero: (hurry’s to the pegasus)
    lord farkas: let me get on!!( runs toward the pegasus)
    void pegasus: and were off (leaving lord farkas in the ruins crumbling)
    lord farkas: NOOOO!!!!!!!! (column crushes him)

    hero: (walking with the sword of blight like a true hero)
    void master: you are ready to begin killing the blight sadly i have had that blight for many years but if you want to save your world then go save your typical world

    blight: finally i have been released out of that prison now i will eat the earth realm

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    jar jar: *ribbit* we have entered successfully in the void. sorry hero i lied about seeing the void master
    hero: its ok everybody lies. but whats the real purpose of coming here?
    jar jar: well you see hero. these people called the high elves are dealing with some problems here in the void
    jar jar: some of their own men are being corrupted with dark magic
    jar jar: their really suppose to protect the void from trespassers that get no permission to enter the void
    jar jar: if they keep acting like this the void master would lose trust for them and destroy our world
    hero: do you know where their located?
    jar jar: through the mountains over their but lets hurry. (pointed to the void mountains)

    hero: hey how far are we to the high elves
    jar jar: *ribbit* not far
    hero and jar jar: (stop and saw void elementals roaming around)
    hero: what are they?
    jar jar: their void elementals but be careful they show alot of fear
    jar jar: if you scare them they will be scared enough to kill you
    hero: is there another way to the high elves?
    jar jar: so far no we might is well carry on
    hero and jar jar: (walking through the void elementals)
    hero: their not that bad (walking and staring at the void elementals)
    void elemental: (staring at the hero)
    hero: (sneeze’s)
    void elemental: (frightened and ready to attack)
    jar jar: I TOLD YOU TO BE CAREFUL!
    hero: i’m sorry i sneezed (unsheathes his sword)
    void elemental: (tries to hit the hero but smashes the ground roughly)
    hero: (slices the void elemental but is immune to that attack)
    void elemental: (hits hero making him fly to the bolder)
    hero: (hits the bolder knocked out)
    jar jar: (casts high powered frost spell on void elemental but is immune)
    void elemental: (hits the ground causing earth quake to hit jar jar)
    jar jar: (jar jar dodged earthquake by using magical shield)
    void elemental: (knocks jar jar out of shield)
    jar jar: ( flying to the ground)
    void elemental: (prepares to crush jar jar to death)
    unknown stranger: (strikes void elemental in the weak spot to kill him)
    jar jar: huh? (wakes up from dizziness)
    unknown stranger: need any help?
    jar jar: oh thank you brave soldier for helping us. i was nearly going to be crushed (excited)
    high elf soldier: oh its you jar jar. who is that over their (pointing at the hero)
    hero: (waking and getting up)
    jar jar: this is the person will help you in your corruption problem *ribbit*
    high elf soldier: so you’ll help us with our corruption problem?
    hero: huh? oh yay! ill help
    high elf soldier: good! follow me

    hero, high elf soldier, and jar jar: (walking through the campsite to vanvier)
    high elf soldier: were here, our general is over there (pointing to vanvier)
    high elf soldier: (tending to his own business)
    hero and jar jar: (walking to vanvier )
    vanvier: ah jar jar! welcome back! and who is this young fellow?
    jar jar: this is the hero that will help you with the corruption problem
    vanvier: ah yes! young hero we have suddenly found some of our soldiers killing our own men
    vanvier: they are dressed up as mages and started to learn the void spells which will pretty much disintegrate another person
    hero: where can i find them?
    vanvier: they spawn from different places so im really unsure
    vanvier: the main thing is to protect the core of the void. its a egg to awaken the blight
    vanvier: if the blight is awaken? he will destroy us all. but he will need to be trained first in order to be a good beast
    vanvier: so i might have you to protect the void when the egg hatches
    hero: when will it hatch?
    vanvier: it would probably hatch in a few hours but i will send my soldiers over their just in case
    hero: ok will be over there right away
    unknown dark elf rogue: hmmmm (listening to whats going on in invisibility)
    unknown dark elf rogue: (hop’s away to the dark elf campsite like a ninja)

    lord farkas: there has got to be a way to get that core
    unknown dark elf rogue: master i have discovered that vanvier is sending out troops to protect the core(appearing out of invisibility)
    lord farkas: excellent work Sophia now we can corrupt the soldiers including vanvier
    lord farkas: meet me at the hill and we can begin our plan

    the gound: (rumbling and making a rawring noise)
    jar jar: *ribbit* what is that
    high elf soldier: i don’t know but lets keep moving
    void worm: RAWR!!!!!( bursting out of the ground)
    another void worm: (bursting out of the ground)
    high elf soldier: VOID WORMS!!!
    void worm: (breathing out fire to burn 3 high elf soldiers and eats them)
    high elf soldier: RUN FOR IT!!!
    everybody: (runs to the cave)
    hero: (fall and slips in the cave)
    rocks :( collapsing to barricade the entrance of the cave)
    void worms: (roaring behind the collapsed rocks)
    high elf soldier: ah great! now we are stuck in this cave and we can’t protect the core!
    hero: wait these feeling like carvings
    hero: these are carvings! and its talking about the way to the core(uses torch)
    high elf soldier: yes! there is still hope of protecting the core
    everybody: (running to the only way to the core and stops at the core and unexpectedly see lord farkas with vanvier and the soldiers)
    lord farkas:(laughing silently to his self)
    lord farkas: did you really think we were stupid to not no what a y’all up to
    lord farkas: we’ve heard that you will be protecting the core so we finally corrupt your soldiers and your general
    sophia: (takes the core and hand’s it to lord farkas)
    hero: but you didn’t know that core was an egg which will hatch at any moment now
    the core: ( cracking and lighting up to hatch)
    void master: lord farkas you are a fool for stealing the core now the world will suffer my wrath and i have lost my trust in the high elves. FEEL MY BURNING WRATH!!!!!!
    huge vortex storm: (forming to send all the void creatures to earth to destroy it)

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    cool but all i see is the buttConfusedEmbarassed

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    jar jar: thank you for coming with me because this place is dangerous when im alone
    hero: what do you mean?
    jar jar: well they’re alligators, swamp men, and swamp zombies in this kind of place
    hero: don’t worry sir, i would protect anybody that’s in danger
    jar jar: shhh (sweating)
    hero: what is it (whispering)
    jar jar: its those one guys asking for my amulet (whispering)
    undead soldier: find that one frog that has the amulet and kill him so we can give the amulet to our boss
    undead soldier: but how are we going to find him
    undead soldier: i don’t know you answer me!!
    undead soldier: now come on you bone head! lets search for that stupid frog guy!!!
    jar jar: i think they won’t stop until they find me. we better get inside my house quick (whisper)
    jar jar: thanks for coming, i need my portal to be fix but its going to be a little bit difficult for me to fix it
    hero: what do you want me to do
    jar jar: i want you to *ribbit*
    hero: what?
    jar jar: sorry, its part of my instincts, but i want you to get some moss from the swamp man, some rotten flesh from the swamp zombie, some alligator scales from the alligator, and hint of water too
    hero: ok, im on my way then (walking out)
    jar jar: but wait before you hunt them down its best to fight the alligator first because the swamp man is alot bigger when i first saw him and he’s alot stronger too so be careful
    hero: i fought worst
    jar jar: ok have fun hunting *ribbit*
    hero: ok, i got a alligator scale, zombie flesh , but where is the…
    swamp man: (stomping through the swampy water and trees)
    hero: (peeks from the bush)
    hero: their he is, i just got to set up a trap
    swamp man: (groaning and walking)
    swamp man: (trips on rope , falls and a giant net tangled him)
    hero: wow that was easy
    hero: uh oh (surprised)
    swamp man: (rips through the net like a crazy animal and he’s enraged)
    hero: im not scared of you!!
    swamp man: (grabs the tree and start swinging)
    hero: (dodge’s swamp man’s attacks)
    hero: take this!!! (cutting the swamp man’s legs but swamp man is immune)
    swamp man: RAWRRRR!!!!!!! (kicks him through 4 trees)
    hero: wow jar jar is right, he is alot stronger (thinking)
    swamp man: (trying to stomp on the hero 5 times and almost crush’s him with his fist)
    hero: (hides in a wet,dirty,muddy log)
    swamp man: (picks up log and throw’s it)
    hero: AHHHHHH!!!!!!! (yelling)
    log: (crashes to a tree)
    hero: ow my back (a whole lot sore)
    swamp man: (runs to the hero but accidentally hit the the bolder with his fist)
    swamp man: OWWWW!!!!!! (crying in pain)
    hero: (hops on his leg and climbs to his face)
    hero: (stabs his left eye)
    swamp man: GAHHHHH!!!!!! (crying in pain again)
    giant log: (rolls down from the cliff and hits the swamp man’s head)
    swamp man: (falls down unconsciously)
    hero: (jumps to a tree to avoid falling with the swamp man)
    hero: oh he’s dead!!!! (glad)
    hero: (slides down the tree and cut of the moss from the swamp man)
    hero: hey jar jar! i got the ingredients you wanted!
    hero: jar jar! (walking around worried)
    jar jar: (napping)
    hero: hey jar jar
    jar jar: AHH!! *ribbit*
    hero: its ok its me
    jar jar: oh, you got the ingredients
    hero: yes sir
    jar jar: good all i need to do is yell out the symbols to repair the portal
    hero: ok
    jar jar: oh *ribbit*, how did you defeat the giant
    hero: you know i actually didn’t. a giant log killed him
    jar jar: ok
    jar jar: shhh am concentrating
    hero: ok
    jar jar: he fesh ma du ring ta le caree ling choa me rasa dasam FOO!!!
    portal: (opens with a swirly motion)
    jar jar: come on hero we need to hop in this portal so we can go to the master void and give him the amulte to keep safe
    hero: ok im right behind you
    undead soldier: (peeking through jar jar’s window)
    undead soldier: what do you see (holding the undead soldier)
    undead soldier: i see that on guy that stopped our boss from taking over and that frog guy
    undead soldier: well this will be good (drops the undead soldier)
    undead soldier: AAAAHHHHH!!!! (falls and bust his teeth)
    undead soldier: stop laying around and follow them before that portal close!!!!!

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    hero:(after helping the villagers, he is wondering at night to look for a house to rest)
    hero:( seeing a poor old villager crying and his dog with him)
    old villager: (crying in pain)
    hero: are you all right?
    old villager: please leave me alone, just take my money but please don’t hurt me or my dog!! (crying)
    hero: i’m not going to still from you, i’m trying to help you.
    old villager: oh, i heard about you hero, you saved the villagers form an undead bandit raid!!! (excited)
    hero: whats wrong here?
    old villager: well one of the bandits destroyed my home and took the family sword.
    hero: why can’t i just buy a you a new sword?
    old villager: are you crazy?!
    old villager: the family sword has been led for centuries, since my grandfather ended the civil war between the alliance and the republic. i can’t let some bandit take the family sword with their dirty paws all over it.
    old villager: i had an oath with my father to protected the family sword, same as my father made an oath with my grandfather.
    hero: ill find that sword
    old villager: thank you brave hero. the last time i saw them they came from that cave over there.
    hero:( heading straight towards the cave)
    hero:( looking inside the cave)
    bandit: here master we bought you a new sword.
    bandit leader: thank you royal henchman (looks at the sword and holding it)
    bandit leader: this is the most beautiful sword i ever seen.
    goblin slave: (standing there scared until he saw the hero sneaking)
    hero: shhhh (telling goblin slave to be quiet while sneaking)
    goblin slave: ok (whispering)
    bandit: what did you say you goblin slob?!!
    bandit:( slaps the goblin in the face)
    goblin slave:( falls to the floor frighten) nothing sir.
    bandit: it better be nothing, or it will get worse than a slap.
    bandit leader: don’t kill him you fool!!!
    bandit leader: hes the road map to our treasure.
    bandit leader: once we find what were looking for ,you won’t be much use to me anymore goblin slave!
    goblin slave: (crying)
    bandit: what are we looking for again boss? (scratching his head)
    bandit leader: look! im not going to remind you again! but we are looking for the dang on treasure!! so don’t ask again or ill kill you!!!
    bandit: (gulps) ok boss.
    bandit: we found somebody trying to sneak behind us (holding the hero)
    hero: (waving and smiling)
    both the hero and the goblin slave: (chained up)
    bandit leader: so this means you’ll be my next slave you little rat!
    hero: and your being such a Hippocratic rat that is stealing gold from strangers.
    goblin slave: (laughing silently)
    bandit leader: you think this is funny you goblin slave, what about this!!! (holding the sword up against the goblin slaves neck)
    hero: (thinking) that’s the old man’s family sword? it looks cool.
    bandit: wait boss!! we found the entrance to the dungeon.
    bandit leader: thank GOD!!!! i thought we never find it.
    bandit leader: ok as soon as we find our treasure will kill you both.
    hero and goblin slave: (sweating scared)
    hero: we have to come up with a plan (whispering)
    goblin slave: ok (whispering)
    hero: i got it!! (whispering)
    goblin slave: what is it (whispering)
    hero: as soon as the bandits take a rest, the bandit leader is going to be distracted with his map that you just came up with and the other bandits will just stand around looking for extra stuff to take, but one bandit will guard the other bandits. we’ll ask to take a bathroom brake and wham!!!! we surprise them with a sneak attack (whispering).

    bandit leader: dang it!! we been going to the wrong direction.
    hero: i need to go to the restroom.
    goblin slave: me too.
    bandit leader: (sighing) fine, hey you!! take the guys to use the restroom!
    bandit: yes boss.
    bandit, hero, and goblin slave: (60 feet away from the crew)
    hero:( kicks bandits face)
    bandit:(unconscious on the ground)
    hero: (use the dagger to cut him loose)
    goblin slave: (same thing as the hero)
    bandit leader: ok, its been 10 minutes, where are they?!
    bandit: ill check it out (unsheathing his dagger to find the slaves)
    hero: i know their searching for us, you have to go.
    goblin slave: what are you going to do?
    hero: going to take care of some business.
    goblin slave: im coming with you (serious mood)
    hero: no its too risky for you
    goblin slave: it mite be risky, but i want payback what they done to me.
    hero: well if so. ad-least grab a sword from the bandits.
    goblin slave: ok
    bandit: boss!! look at this!!
    bandit leader: what is…. OH MY GOD!!! (surprised)
    bandit leader: LETS FIND THEM!!!!!!! (angry)
    hero: (jumps on bandit and kills him)
    goblin slave: (kills other bandit)
    bandit leader: well, looks like i have to kill you both!!!
    bandit leader: (running towards both of them in rage)
    bandit leader: (crashing in to glass wall on part of the cave)
    bandit leader: (falls in to gold) AAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!
    goblin slave: (looks at the gold with a joyful emotion)
    hero: whats wrong?
    goblin slave: (crying tears of joy) its nothing, thank you hero.
    hero: ohhh, the family sword.
    goblin slave: my family will remember you for generations.
    hero: ( fallls in and grabs the family sword)
    hero: but what is your name?
    goblin slave: nepture
    hero: well see ya nepture (waving good bye)
    nepture: bye (waving good bye back)

    hero: (returns with the family sword)
    old villager: (watching the hero coming from the woods)
    old villager: thank you for retrieving the family sword, now i will remember for ages!!!!! (excited)
    hero: your welcome.
    hero: (walking away in the wilderness)

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    sorry people due to less chapters i made, im not making a Halloween special because i don’t have any ideas for a halloween special and it requires alot of characters you haven’t met before. so the beginning of halloween has been canceled. but if i remember, a halloween special will come out next year also i will make a thanksgiving special and a christmas special of tales of the hero. thank you for listening to this brief announcement.

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    Galactical Drake
    HP: 3000

    resistance: fire, earth, water, ice, and darkness

    weakness: lightness

    attacks: galatical drake breath(damage: 10%), stars of light(damage: 20%), and galatical swirl (damage:40% and absorbs:20%)

    special attack: asteroids of the deep ( summons 5 astroids to destroy player (damage: 60%)


    The Nebula Drake

    HP: 6000

    resistance: fire, earth, water, ice, and lightness

    weakness: darkness

    attacks: nebula drake breath (damage: 40%), the purification(absorbs 40% of HP), and wings of the nebula (damage: 50%)

    special attack: the nebula belt ( absorbs player’s attacks and explodes of the nebula belt (damage: 80% )

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    greetings everybody, the past week i was unable to get chapters done because of the google chrome updated messed up the export, the original internet wouldn’t export my pictures, i had to deal with school alot, and my computer kept messing up everytime i export. but now im using another computer which i think its temporary to use since its used for work, but creating characters , chapters for the story,and making pvp is alot of work to me. their are getting to be more chapters im going to create since i wasted alot of time progressing through school. i think to solve it is to make 1 chapter per week so i can make my story tell alot faster. if you are reading my storys or chapters hang on for more chapters to appear.

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    dude, nice job on the the final fight. thats actually my favorite picture. keep up the good work. Smile

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    nice charcters dude!!!!! YellSmile

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    I’m making a pvp soon. I’ll tale you all the instruction’s later after i’m done making classes. It mite appear bottom of the classes so everybody, be interested to try out this pvp game. I know your like saying WHAT!, IMPOSSIBLE,OR THIS IS UNUSUAL, but it’s possible, and more fun for heromachine. If you don’t like fantasy, then i will product a more scifi or modern type to keep everybody interested in pvp match’s. Actually i’ll let you know the instruction’s now for impatient readers that are reading this.

    PVP instructions:
    1. use quote in order to control your character and type in what actions or special moves your going to use. The stats, actions, and special moves for your character to use posted under the character’s picture. Also be fair using these stats, actions, and special moves. if your not being fair, then i would have to disqualify you and the match.

    2. use my classes that i created. If your going to create your classes or character, make sure it has fair stats, actions, and special moves.

    3. don’t be a jerk in pvp. if you do then i will probably disqualify you and report you.

    disobey these instructions and i will disqualify you. the disqualification means you will be sent away from pvp for a day. I might give you a second chance, but if your still disobeying the instructions, i will have no choice but to report you.

    Also i almost forgot to tell you all that you will have ranks.
    you have to type in your rank in order for your character or class to be completed.
    For example: ice crusher (rank 5).
    Obviously, you can only reach to rank 10.

    so whatever class i create and it require’s a specific rank, you have to make your rank to sufficent in order to get that character or class.

    that is all the information i will give you when pvp is out.

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