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    Brother to Jaegos, the demon slayer.Daessius.png



    Great group of characters.


    Thank you Hammerknight.


    Look out Kratos we have a new God of War. Also this is a small glance of His realm, although my stair case didn’t go according to plan :( Galegasus.pngZaurex.png



    Both are amazing! The god seems godlike and that is hard to pull off. Fantastic job!


    Hey thanks Vampyrist it took me hours cause i kept changing colors and what not.



    Great stuff, Capt. Welcome to Hero Machine. Love the looks of all your characters and that god-realm; AMAZING!


    Thanks Bassplayer your stuff is amazing as well!



    Thanks, you’re too kind. My stuff is pretty hit or miss. You probably didn’t see my earlier efforts when I first discovered HM, lol. My highlighting and shading needs a lot of improvement but right out the box you’re nailing it! Keep it up!


    Hey we all start somewhere haha and my shading is bad too, and highlighting. That’s why I tend to stay away from it. I’m not to good with poses either, which really sucks.


    Here is Ronacles, a master of the sword. Ronacles.png


    Whoa back up ugly!!!


    (These are old characters that I was looking over who all belong to the same universe.)

    Raeobii is a sarcastic, outspoken tom-boy with a mean shot.

    Commander Vharr and Captain Talien were once war partners who sided differently. Being forced to face each other, Captain Talien met his end at the hands of his former leader.


    Another two of my older characters.


    And another swordsman. A partner to Ronacles. (Scroll up)

Viewing 15 posts - 31 through 45 (of 63 total)

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