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    Nice work, welcome to the forums. Please read the forum rules and have fun posting.

    Do you export all of you work as JPG? Because the colours look kind of hazy. You might want to consider switching to PNG, it sharpens the image up a lot.
    But apart from that good work, I especially like Ionta.


    This villain is rated R for violence and gore. He can turn himself into a pool of blood if he wishes to vanish or he can slice his enemies apart and turn their blood cells into orbs and absorb them. BloodRyder.png


    Young and arrogant with need of a new hair stylist.

    And to JR19759, yes I use jpg sorry it looks bad I couldn’t tell the difference.


    Wild cats are not to be played with.



    Very nice cool color choices!


    Thank you Scatman



    Welcome and these guys are great.


    Herr D

    Leonine-Banshee-Klingons?! Excellent combo. Smile


    Oh tweety bird, where art thou?

    (Thanks Vampyrist and yes Herr D that pretty much sums them up haha)


    The Atomic Punk

    Willkommen, Cpt. Foxhound! I agree with Scatman, very dynamic colors.


    Thank ya thank ya Atomic Punk


    Futuristic Centaur = THIS (I guess lol)


    An amphibian who can live and breathe on land just as easily as underwater.Ryaimedes-1.png


    An Olympic swimmer who can infiltrate any under water base. Also…any plumbers hiring?


    Well he wasn’t the LAST samurai.

Viewing 15 posts - 16 through 30 (of 63 total)

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