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    Come One Come All


    Let’s start off with a sneaking mission. Quick, smooth, and EASY!!!


    AWWW she’s such a doll.



    This one a still a mystery to me. Vortonic.png


    Who needs a hair cut?The-Vaeloktaur.png


    Herr D

    Good posing on Slither. Is he jumping through lasers? You might see if you like making the beams partly transparent. Alpha % in Color. Slide or type.


    Chainsaw massacre…2050 lol


    An old war vet. (Btw, Herr D thank you and yes he’s climbing around them. He’s an old character so I had deleted him off HM awhile back so seeing him now I kind of wish I did more lol.)


    No need for Holy Water. Jaegos will slice through a demon like butter.


    A technical genius who designed a suit with gadgets capable of shrinking others to the size of an ant… including himself.



    An aggressive villain here who can channel laser powered projectiles through his claws.



    Time is just a tickin’



    Ionta was once a spec-ops captain until he was cursed and possessed by not just one demon but two. However, after constant torture and agony, Ionta cast the demons from his body and held them by their necks, one in each hand.
    Ionta: “I am your lord now. Not Beelzebub.”
    Demon 1: “Indeed, we are bound to you for life.”
    Demon 2: “Yes! You can’t rid us, so what do you request?”
    Ionta: “Swords. You will be my swords.”
    Demon 1: “Ahh, Curved or straight?”
    Demon 2: “No, no. Jagged?”
    Ionta: “Hooked!”



    Look out Michael. Look out Gabriel.


    Float like a butterfly… sting like a freakin’ WASP


Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 63 total)

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