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    What is your “Signature Character”? Bob Kane has Batman, and Stan Lee has hundreds of them, but what character would you want to be remembered for in the Great Comic Book Hall of Fame? Is it an old one or one you just made? For me it is “Hammerknight”, I have not made a design that I like just yet, but the name has a special meaning for me. I enjoyed playing Finial Fantasy XI with my kids using that name. And I have enjoyed all the friends that I have made here in Hero Machine World. Share with us even if you don’t have the design set in stone yet. So pull up a chair and put up your feet and lets have a good olde front porch talk about it.


    The Atomic Punk

    Well, depending on the genre or game… but, yeah, mine is The Atomic Punk.



    And Harlekin’s awesome portrait which captures how I feel inside:




    I think a lot wich is my signature i think a lot of to wrote down anything wich is joins to the Harlequin theme but i think a little bit it and the answer is give it when i check my topic.

    My signature character is Taisen, the first and only character whose i really give background story and a little plus for her personallity.

    Taisen in 2011


    Taisen in 2012


    Taisen in 2013


    I love every version because i try out every new thing what i invent in a year. My motto is always improvement and i want to show this everytime with Taisen.



    mine is Eoin Macbeth, the modern scottish millionaire descendent of the original Macbeth, who employs most of the superheroes in my world. while he is not super-empowered, he is possibly the most central character in my RavenSword Universe.



    Mine would have to be the character Heru from my comic world “Resurrection of The Gods.” He is the return of the Khemetic/Egyptian Neteru/God-Hero to defeat the dark powers of Setian once and for all. With his powers of the Sun and help from the Companies of Gods the “Ninth Power of Nine” He will bring everything back in to balance with the All Universe of Ra. With the “Armor of Ra and his flame of life “Khet Ankhet” he is unstoppable & also represents the man of perfect will.Heru-2.pngarmor-of-Ra.pngHeru-4-1.png



    “Hero of Heroes!”LengedaryHeru2.jpg



    I have two, one hero and one villain. For my hero, I’ve gotta go with my personal favorite, Penguin Paladin:

    PP typifies everything I like in an HM character, posing, zypping, minimun amount of colors, facial expression, using items in new ways, and interesting story. I mean, you’ve got to be cool with a name like his.

    For my villain, The Pelican, of course:

    Like Kang the Conqueror, he appears in different forms depending on the time period or parallel universe you might be observing. So far, he’s appeared as The Pelican, Black Dragon, Oro (don’t think I had revealed that before), and one other I haven’t created, yet, but already have in mind for my double-take-verse. He is the ultimate bane to almost every hero I’ve introduced to the forum, and I think he’ll be around in one form or another for some time to come.



    Interesting premise. Since my daughter was born I have always tried to surround her with images of strong women, both real and fictional. Like any parent I try to instill positive values in her. When she was younger, she would watch me play video games and later play them with me. I have a preference for fighting games and would always use a female character when my daughter was around. I also used to teach her martial arts. I don’t advocate violence but I always said I want her to be able to beat the crap out of any man if she has to. Having said all of that I would say that my signature character is Amy Atom. Young, smart, a little sassy, totally unaffected by the fact that she is a dwarf. Confident in herself and her abilities; comfortable in her own skin even though she has permanent flaming eyes, which makes having a secret identity almost impossible.amy-solo.pngAMY-ATOM-GET-SOME.png



    Penguin Paladin: And Amy-Atom are Awesome…Get Some! Atomic Punk I like the edge you put in your characters. Very smooth H@RLEK(!)N. HeroMachiners always inspire. Keep up the great work.



    I have two. Lilac/Linea and Swift.



    Both are actually the protagonists of my two novels-in-progress, but I still love depicting them.



    Thanks, Ausar. I really like your Resurrection of the Gods! I also like that cover; is that 100% Hero Machine? I’ve done a few combining HM art with a page editor for layouts and different fonts. Linea, your characters are beautiful! I’ve got to try that style of costume you have for Swift! Can’t Draw, I don’t know which one I like more. hammerknight, I always thought that was a cool name. I would really like to see the character design to go with it. Harlekin! What else can I say? Atomic Punk, were did you get the avatar/sprite? That is too cool!


    The Atomic Punk

    @FRM: Have you posted anything new for Macbeth? I lost the link when I switched laptops.

    @Ausur: Thanks, I would like to see more of Heru’s adventures.

    : I like your avian-inspired characters.

    : I like that Linea’s true form is a cat who transforms into a human.

    @WMDBASSPLAYER: Cool that your daughter influences your writing.

    I designed that mini-me using TekTek’s Dream Avatar (link).

    Sounds like my neighbors’ party is over. Finally, I can get to sleep!



    Thanks for the feedback, Atomic. Ahh, Noisy Neighboritis! I get that every now and then.



    @The Atomic Punk said:

    : Have you posted anything new for Macbeth? I lost the link when I switched laptops.

    what do you mean?


    The Atomic Punk

    @FRM said:what do you mean?

    Might be thinking of another HMer. I recall that someone had a Macbeth character comic book in development on another website. I lost a lot of my bookmarks when I bought a new laptop. Confused

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