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    Owen Derrick, a pyrokinetic student of the Institute. He is a bully whose quick temper and uncontrollable rage made him a terror to his fellow students.


    He would eventually turn evil and fight his fellow students as Hothead.



    The Jaeger family has been around for centuries. They are a family of hunters, of trained killers who once they are given a target, never relent. They were knights errant, hitmen, and assassins. The fathers and mothers trained their children in the art of death and it came naturally to the children, killing being in their blood. During WWI, a Jaeger stalked the trenches, killing enemies of whomever paid him the most, in that case Kaiser Wilhelm. During WWII, that Jaeger’s children killed men.

    The difference was that this time the Jaeger’s fought on opposing sides. Erik saw what the Nazis were doing to his home and he was disgusted. He joined the resistance and became their top operative. He operated efficiently and quickly, his deadly precision earning him the code name Blitz, the lightning. He did not operate for money, he felt that it was right to hunt and kill these monsters.

    Karl did not share his brother’s moral qualms and he worked for the Nazis, for they paid well. He was a merciless killer, his aim never erring and his ability to find his targets made him rise in the ranks. He was Hitler’s best assassin, being sent after the most effective resistance members, including his brother.

    Erik and Karl fought many times, both of their skills matching and ending in a stalemate. Their encounters always resulted in death, but it never seemed to strike the two brothers. Their struggle ended when Erik found a mystical sword that could control electricity.

    The final showdown was here. Karl fired everything he had at his brother, but the sword blocked every bullet. Erik launched lightning to stop Karl, but he would not stop. “A Jaeger is death itself. As long as Death exists, we Jaegers will exist. We will never stop, we will never relent until our target is dead. Don’t think just because you are my brother, it will save you. I am a Jaeger and you are my target. You will die because a Jaeger always gets its mark.” Karl shouted this as he advanced step by step. Blitzen threw bolt after bolt at his brother, but he kept on walking. Eventually, Karl was only feet away. He was burned and limping, but he still raised his arm, gun in hand.

    Erik did the only thing he could do to stop his brother. He was right, a Jaeger’s touch brought death. Only Erik wasn’t going to be the one to die. When Karl was within three feet, he felt the cold blade pierce his chest. The blade then heated up as energy leaped onto it and into Karl. Karl shook and then slumped to the ground, the luger clanging against the ground. Erik had changed. He was once a Jaeger, but his work fighting the Nazis, fighting evil, had changed him. He realized that fighting evil was his destiny, not killing for money. The last death he would ever cause would be his brother’s and with his death, the Jaeger line would end. He would become someone different, a force for saving lives and not ending them.

    He made himself a suit and became Blitz, the powered hero and not Blitz, the resistance hitman. He joined up with Allied heroes like Eternity, Lionheart, and Falconer and fought powered Ubermensch. When the war ended, Erik left Germany. Germany reminded him of his crimes, of all the death he had caused and he needed a new start. America offered him that chance, along with a place where he could do good. Erik Jaeger, a killer was dead and Erik Reinhardt, a hero was born.


    Naturally, I suspect that the Jaeger family was involved with the Jaeger mercenaries hired by the English during the American Revolutionary War. Or is that just too obvious?


    Mad Jack

    @Vampyrist said:
    […] earning him the code name Blitzen, the lightning. […]

    Great back-story as always and the same applies of course to your great characters.

    That said, I hope you don’t mind if I point out a little mistake with the name. The German word for Lightning is spelled “Blitz” (plural Blitze). “Blitzen” (written with a lowercase b) is the verb (doing word) of “Blitz” and the difference is the same as between “flashing” and “flash” (Blitz is the German word for both Flash and Lightning). “blitzen” is also used in the sense of sparkling, glimmering, flickering and so on. For example: “blitzendes Juwel” means “sparkling jewel/gem”. And now just for fun and to confuse you completely – in the daily use “blitzen” is mainly used as a dictum (winged word) in “jemanden (somebody) blitzen” which means “to catch sb. speeding”. So, to cut a long story short, just drop the “en” and there’s no danger of confusion with one of Santa’s reindeers…

    Hope I don’t appear as overly didactic (knowing that I make a lot if mistakes myself when writing in english) and I also know that it may seem like I’m very nitpicky or even petty regarding those details lately, but I definitely don’t do it to belittle people – I really just want to help. So please believe me when I tell you and all the other members of this board to feel free and ask for help regarding German words, expressions, locations, history (at least in parts), background-informations, and whatnot. I’ll help you gladly.



    Thanks and it has been fixed, though the reindeer name may be purposeful, hint hint. Also, Myro, why not.

    Erik thought he had ended the Jaeger line, but he hadn’t. Karl had a son, Heinrich, during the war, a time when the two brothers weren’t talking too much. His father died and then the war ended. His mother had also died and young Heinrich was left a ward of the state of East Germany. All that he had of his fathers was his journal and his blood. From the former, he learned of his destiny and of his uncle. He hated Erik for what he had done to his father and he knew that by becoming a Jaeger, he could enact his vengeance. He trained himself and by age fifteen, he had already killed someone, a young boy who had insulted him. He had become faster, stronger and deadlier.

    His actions caught the attention of the Stasi, who wanted to use his boyish looks and deadliness as an assassin. They trained him further in espionage, and a new Jaeger was born. He soon became the Stasi’s and then the KGB’s top assassin.

    While this happened, Erik had made himself a new life in America with a wife and son. He still fought evil as Blitz. When he heard about the new Jaeger, he travelled to Germany to stop his nephew. Unfortunately, years of heroics had worn down his killer instinct and Jaeger had the upper hand. If not for the West German and American agents, Erik would have died. He survived, but his wounds made him retire from heroics. He passed on his sword to his son who became the new Blitz. Jaeger was stopped, but he continued to try and his cousin continued to stop him.



    love the Jaeger-Nazi thing!



    I really like the Jaeger story-line absolutely fantastic I could definitely see myself reading a comic or book about them.



    Thanks and here is the present incarnation of the Reinhardt line.

    Anna and Johan Reinhardt are both students of the Institute. Johan is a year ahead of his sister. Johan is a mutant. He can charge up his body with electromagnetic energy allowing for powerful thunderpunches. He can also create a shield around his body that protects him from damage. Lastly, he can throw energy for concussive Thunderclaps. He fights crime as Donner.


    Anna is not a mutant, but she is the current wielder of the sword and the current Blitz. Together, they are Donner and Blitz, Thunder and Lightning, or as their classmates call them, the Reindeer siblings.



    Kind of loving these recent characters, Vamp. :)



    Thanks and sorry for the lack of updates. Senior year has really been killing my free time between schoolwork, extracurriculars, and college stuff.

    Here is Jaime Regan, a student who is immune to powers. She fights crime as Amazon, her fighting abilities along with her immunity to powers making her a potent hero. She is also Jesse’s girlfriend. She now works at the school as a combat instructor.




    Lookin’ Good!



    Super cool stuff!



    I like the use of the white in these designs. It makes them look almost like emergency personnel or first responders, sort of like a visual cue for people when the superheroes arrive!

    Amazon is awesome! I love the idea of somebody immune to superhuman abilities. Does that include physical abilities like super strength or super speed? Is it like some kind of nullifying aura that negates abilities within a certain radius of her person?



    I have a character named Zero Girl who has the same power. Think about this…If two people with the ability to nullify super powers ever met, would their abilities cancel each other out and allow other powers to work on them?

    This is the kind of nonsense I think about.



    It’s like the unstoppable Juggernaut crashing on the immovable Blob… Wink

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