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    I love it! Amazingly creative! Every little detail has so much thought put into it, the boots, the eyepiece, the screens, the touching by fingers on said screens.
    Stellar work!



    @CantDraw: Thanks very much!

    : What can I say? I like details. Thanks!


    I Like Her. I Love The Boots. Might Have To Use Them Sometime.
    Ire-Glad I Could Be Some Inspiration. Smile

    Don’t Know Why My Phone Is Choosing To Capitalize Every Word.Confused



    Thanks HG!
    Re: The boots- be my guest Smile


    Magnus Maximus

    I just have to ask: how did you make the left bracer on the Barbarian? What did you use?



    @Magnus: Okay, here we are:

    I used two glove items from GloveLeft-Standard and masked them; the zip from Tops-FemaleBustiers made much thinner and the stone age knife ties from ItemRight-BladesTwo for the closures; for the embossed emblem I just got an insignia and made colours one and two transparent, leaving the outline and masked it. Depending on the angle you’re showing it at, the visibility of the closures should change.

    Hope that helped.


    Magnus Maximus

    Cool. Thanks. I’ll have to try it out sometime.



    Okay, I need ideas for a colour scheme for some armour again… If anyone has any ideas… Laugh



    Alexander of Limbo

    You’ve got a blue visor, so i’d stick to a blue/cold colour scheme.



    I’d say main colour white, with yellow (or gold if you want to go snazzy) and blue detailing (keeping with the electric theme)



    Red and Gold ..just throwin’ it out dar.Smile



    Not to worry, I’m working on those suggestions, but exams have been keeping me busy.

    But anyway, yesterday was a pretty good day.
    I finished my last science exam, so now I’ve only got maths left and I don’t have to take science again. At last!
    Also, I managed to tell my parents and sister that I’m asexual (in the sexual orientation sense, not the sponge sense, obviously. Otherwise I’d be worried.) and that I identify as gender-neutral-ish (still figuring that one out). So now I’m feeling a lot better about myself. Hooray! Laugh

    So to celebrate both things, here’s the asexual flag in a conical flask! (Because conical flask = science, even though it was a physics exam, and I did my chemistry exam several weeks ago. But a flag in an atom or an x-rayed flag would have looked a bit silly.):


    And now back to your regularly scheduled… things. Whatever you want, really.



    Hey congratulations! In some ways I think your path is a bit more difficult than others because of the lack of mainstream discussion concerning that particular part of the gender/orientation spectrum. I hope you find nothing but support and success. Congratulations on owning your identity :D



    Thanks Di! I’ve been looking at a lot of online stuff recently that relates to this, which has really helped me become a lot more sure of my identity, rather thinking I’m a bit weird for not feeling attracted to anyone. So it’s all well and good, and my family seem quite happy that I’ve figured it all out.


    Mad Jack

    Congrats on your coming out! I think in hindsight it often proves to be less bad than expected. Hope it’s that way for you too. But please do me a favour and give a shit about the mainstream! If anyone gives you trouble just think of two Gloria Gaynor Songs (I am what I am! I will survive!) and quote my father with his reaction to my coming out: “So what?”

    FYI: I’m the complete opposite to you. I’m pansexual – even if I say to other people I was bisexual to spare me long explanations. To each his own but to me the most, I guess.

Viewing 15 posts - 181 through 195 (of 436 total)

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