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    Jokes aside you did a really good job with both forms.



    Thanks again Mav, and welcome everyone to Page Seven! Also thanks to JR for his posing video, which was a big help in designing this character.

    You may remember that I called Theodora Kindle the second Flame Girl, but here’s the original Flame Girl, as inspired by last year’s Public Domain Heroes contest:
     photo FlameGirlI_zpsea9292bc.png
    Name: Flame Girl (I)
    Alias: Kendra Ellis, Cinder
    Team Affiliations: Burn Unit, Clockwork (Reserve Member)
    Race: Human
    Birthplace: Hesperia, CA
    Powers/Abilities: Expert motocross rider, Pyrokinesis, Flight
    Bio: Kendra Ellis was a daredevil and failing motorcross celebrity who sold her soul to a demon for pyrokinetic abilities so that she could make her performances more thrilling to the audience and revive her career. As lust and greed burned away at her soul, Kendra’s powers grew. But the less soul she had, the less she enjoyed performing and the more aware she became of the price she had paid, and so sought out an Iroquois shaman to get her in touch with Heaven in hopes that she could alter her contract with the demon and hang on to what little soul she had left.
    Note: Kendra’s favorite motorcycle stunt (an homage to the Public Domain Flame Girl) is the Ring Of Fire.



    Have I really not done a character in THREE WEEKS?!?!?!?!!!
    i guess not…. What with all the Christmas and New Year’s stuff going on, working my way up to a hundred pages in my Introspections novel (now called Pestilence for the indefinite future), putting mashups on SoundCloud, and just feeling the effects of Heromachine-lack-of-focus-itis, who can blame me?
    Quick note: I entered Himmler into the Party contest (because he’s a member of the Nazi PARTY, get it?)
    Tonight’s character is another supporting player that I mentioned in a past character bio, this time from the bio of Linda Norgood, my Elemental Witch of Water. It’s Locasta, former ruler of Atlantis and Linda’s mother. Locasta’s twin sister is coming soon.
     photo Locasta_zps4240283b.png
    Name: Locasta
    Race: Atlantean
    Birthplace: Atlantis
    Abilities: Trilingual (English/Irish/Atlantean), High lung capacity, High tolerance of pressure changes, Skilled diplomat, swimmer, and warrior, Former Atlantean royalty.
    Bio: Locasta was once the ruler of the lost underwater city of Atlantis, until the day she met and fell in love with a human naval officer named Timothy Norgood, who had an almost Atlantean tolerance for the treacherous nature of the open sea. In stature and character, he was her equal, and they remained equals and partners in life until the day he died in service to his country.
    By that time, she had already given birth to their daughter, Linda. Her depression compounded by grief over her husband’s death, Locasta deemed herself unfit to rule and abdicated the throne to her sister (morally not the best choice for interim queen, but the only choice available to her under Atlantean law). Locasta made a new home on the Irish mainland and raised her daughter in peace, eventually discovering Linda’s Tonntan abilities and training her how to understand and respect the water she controlled.
    Fearing she would lose the throne to not one but two generations (even though only half Atlantean, Linda could also legally take the throne in the event of her mother’s and aunt’s deaths), Locasta’s twin sister Jocasta hired a young Lasair assassin to kill Locasta and Linda on the day Linda came to legal age.
    Linda bore witness to her mother’s murder and used her powers to escape, living to plot her revenge against Theodora Kindle.



    So…it’s been two months this time. Mostly because I couldn’t get a concept I liked that matched what was in my head. I wanted a look that was somewhere between the evil queen from Snow White and the sea witch from The Little Mermaid, but without it just being a photoshop of the queen’s body on a set of tentacles. I wanted something regal and evil, but also a technologically advanced warrior-queen type. So I ultimately went with the following design for Locasta’s evil twin, Jocasta:
     photo Jocasta_zps6fpwdook.png
    Name: Jocasta
    Race: Atlantean/Hybrid
    Birthplace: Atlantis
    Powers/Abilities: Bilingual (Sonar/Atlantean), High lung capacity, High tolerance of pressure changes, Advanced technical aptitude, Skilled swimmer and warrior, Acting Atlantean royal, Can transform into giant squid using a metamorphic gauntlet, Suffers from squd-like physical deformities (tentacled left hand, night vision in left eye, scaly nodules on her face).
    Bio: Jocasta is the twin sister of former Atlantean queen Locasta Norgood, and became queen when Locasta abdicated her throne for civilian life on the surface. Unlike her sister, Jocasta was more interested in war than diplomacy, and so approved the Gauntlet program (headed by Atlantis’ top paleobiologist, Dr. Icthya Moso) as a potential weapon and recon tool against the surface world. But complications with the Gauntlet technology led to hybridized mutations in most of the test subjects, whose families began to incite revolution among the rest of the Atlantean people. Fearing she would lose her throne to her sister (or her half-blood niece–shudder), Jocasta hired a surface world assassin to eliminate them.
    No one would dare voice their suspicions as to Jocasta’s involvement in the assassination, and all talk of revolution quickly subsided thereafter.
    Work on improvement of the Gauntlet technology continued, and despite their physical deformities and inevitable mental deterioration, Jocasta still saw some strategic value in having a secret army of paleomarine hybrids at her disposal. She personally saw to the construction and maintenance of a “disposal facility” (and the subsequent elimination of all untrustworthy personnel) where mutated test subjects were held in cryogenic stasis, unbeknownst to Dr. Moso.
    Jocasta also illegally acquired her own Gauntlet, which bound her DNA to that of a giant squid. The Gauntlet, as it turned out, was an early model prone to malfunction, and almost immediately inflicted Jocasta with the physical deformities mentioned and depicted above. Unable to hide the consequences of her illegal activity (or her increasing insanity), Jocasta decided to pull the trigger on her secret army and raze Atlantis to the ground.
    The Forgotten City remained standing, but Jocasta and her hybrid followers escaped into the deep, where she encountered a powerful Beast with promises of curing her mutation.
    Note: If you recall any details of my old thread, this character bio not only ties into the ongoing Wiccan war (as it relates to the feud between Linda Norgood and Theodora Kindle), but it also provides more backstory on Icthya’s mission to hunt down the escaped hybrids and briefly hints at the hybrids’ impending involvement in the Plague event.
    Perhaps I’ll get back to the Elemental Witches next. I’ve had a re-work of Lady Luck sitting on the burner for awhile now.



    Your works are amazing!


    Ciao from Italy

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