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    Going on roughly a character a week so far. Another elemental witch for you: Theodora Kindle, the Witch of Fire, based on the Wicked Witch of the West from the Wizard of Oz.
     photo TheodoraKindle_zpsa73dffb0.png
    Name: Flame Girl (II)
    Alias: Theodora Kindle
    Team Affiliations: The Coven of Lasair, The Hit Squad
    Enemies: Tempora, Linda Norgood, Fifth Hour, Society Of Foes
    Race: Human
    Birthplace: Belfast, Ireland
    Powers/Abilities: Pyrokinesis, Skilled Hand-to-hand fighter, Utility belt, Fireproof skin.
    Bio: Like all members of the Coven of Lasair (also known as the Coven of the Flame outside of Ireland), Theodora Kindle was born with an alloy of Knavium and sulfur in her blood. Effects of the alloy include the ability to ignite combustible substances and pale green, fireproof skin. They are the most brutal and physically destructive coven involved in the ongoing Wiccan war. As there are not always incendiary chemicals close at hand, many Lasair witches wear a utility belt equipped with a variety of explosive and flammable materials to use against their enemies. The Coven of Lasair is chiefly in conflict with Linda Norgood and the Coven of Tonnta (a group of water witches), but Theodora was singled out from her coven to hunt down the deserter time witch, Tempora. During her trip to New York to assassinate Tempora, Theodora was approached by a supposed representative of a government security agency and chosen to join a meta-human team called The Hit Squad under the codename Flame Girl. The Hit Squad’s first target: the members of Fifth Hour (Fever, Rush, and Shadow).



    French fries and cheese on toast, it’s been a month since I put anything up here! I guess I just hadn’t been feeling that inspired by Heromachine lately.
    In other news, I have shot up to fifty-eight pages in my Introspectre novel and am becoming addicted to Zenescope’s Grimm Fairy Tales comics. It has all the drawbacks you’d expect from a fledgeling comic book universe (missing words, announcements of series that never get made, storylines that suddenly stop when so much remains to be said), but the concepts that work out make for engaging entertainment.
    Back to Heromachine….
    My latest New Universe submission is a re-work of Tetra, my Four O’Clock Clockwork character. She’s posed pretty much the same, but I shaded her, replaced her skull trophy with a helmet, changed her color scheme a little, and added a four-bladed battle ax (so watch out, Batman!).
     photo Tetra_zps75e90ee7.png
    Name: Tetra
    Alias: Tetra Ka’Li
    Team Affiliations: Clockwork, Soul Survivors
    Race: Ka’Lian
    Birthplace: The Vedanga Dimension
    Powers/Abilities: Four arms, Super-strength, High-density skin, Superior jumping ability, Skilled & ruthless fighter.
    Bio: The Vedanga Dimension is no place for the average human. It is a land of savage mythical beasts and even more savage beauty. It is a place where demons and gods shed each other’s blood for sport, and what we call magic or fantasy can turn the most harmless of objects into a deadly weapon. It is also where the woman named Tetra Ka’Li grew into a powerful and ruthless warrior-queen whose legend spread even to our world, where our Hindu priests worship her as a goddess of destruction and rebirth. But in the last few days, Tetra has had to single-handedly (so to speak) defend her realm against unprescedented numbers of attacks by skeleton demons, whose very presence on her land has reduced its fields to rot and ruin, and cost the lives of hundreds of her people, who wither and die at the demons’ touch only to rise again and join the growing army of Pestilence.
    Tetra recently received word from the Earth realm that the Horseman’s dark influence has reached our planet, that he had been summoned by a being of greater power than himself to wreak havoc upon the Earth. With the help of Dhanusha, the ruler of a nearby Vedangan kingdom, Tetra is able to reach Earth and ally with the Clockwork team against Pestilence and his growing army of darkness.


    Blue Blazer

    Looks great! Good color combo.



    Thanks, Blue!

    I thought the new color scheme looked more Indian/Hindu-inspired.



    I can see the Indian themes. The axe looks awesome.



    Edit: Oops, sorry, somehow my post for another thread ended up here.



    Thanks, Stulte!

    Also thanks to Can’tDraw for the sparkle effect.
    I considered doing more (like on the axe blades), but I got lazy. I also concocted an excuse that a blade tarnished by centuries of beheadings would not shine (forgetting that I was also too lazy to put blood effects on the blades, and that demonic skeletons don’t bleed). :P



    It does look like something that’s been used countless times. Great work as always!



    Excellent colours and shading!



    Thanks, Trekkie!

    I entered William Ernst (a.k.a. Power Suit) into the Steampunk contest this week. He did not make the polls because djuby, torog, and others were too awesome for me.
    Had I gotten her done by midnight, my latest Elemental Witch would have become a contender as well. I am attempting to incorporate the “Gale Force” characters I did for last year’s PD Lit contest into an event called “The Wiccan War.” It will serve as a precursor to the origins of Mad Jack and Fifth Hour, tie in with the formation of villain teams such as Hit Squad and the Society of Foes, and lead in to the “Invasion” event that brings Prima, Kor Sekra’a, and Black Marble to Earth.
    But the first “Gale Force” tie-in involves Farrah O’Ren, Elemental Witch of metals and technology, and creator of the TWM and flying monkeys.
     photo FarrahORen_zpsf30bcf35.png
    Name: Farrah O’Ren
    Team Affiliations: The Coven of Iarann
    Enemies: Ginger Krieg, Hans & Greta Holz
    Race: Human
    Birthplace: Dublin, Ireland
    Powers/Abilities: Ferro-Knavium skin, Enhanced strength, Ferro-kinesis, Technomancy.
    Bio: Farrah O’Ren was born in Ireland to Dutch immigrant parents. Like all Iarann witches (and witches of most covens), she was born with an unusual element in her blood. The Knavium bonded with the iron in her blood, transmuting most of her body’s tissues into a highly durable and flexible iron/Knavium alloy and giving her an inherent knowledge of the nature of metals and machinery. But that power would come with a price. Now basically a machine herself, Farrah understood her true nature and despised her appearance and her mechanical inability to feel. She hides her metallic skin as best she can with flesh-toned prosthetics and a relatively conservative style of dress that is reminiscent of steampunk.
    Iaraan Witches are known for their prowess as machinists and military strategists, and like to create their own tools of war. Among Farrah’s creations are the TWM Woodsman mechs and flying monkeys. She has currently incorporated a new version of the flying monkeys’ wings and talons into her body for testing purposes.



    Very cool, I love the dress design with the metallic bits mixed with the fabric.



    Thanks for the feedback, Jeimz. And thanks again to Can’tDraw for his coloring/shading tutorial. It was a big help with the dress, which I made using two FemaleOuterwear pieces and what I call “the Wolfgang Krauser cape” (the one-shoulder cape) from Backplane/Standard. The rest is shading and what feels like luck. :P

    Edit: Hooray for Page Three!



    I finally got motivated to put out another character. This is my first Witch Wars villain and the first member of the Society of Foes (a Legion of Doom-like team of villains based on fairy tale characters and authors who have dealt with witches). I took inspiration from X-2 (Frank Hallows’ pet werewolf-bot, who has been retconned out of my New Universe), Red Riding Hood, and Hansel & Gretel, and expanded Farrah O’Ren’s storyline by creating Greta Holz.
     photo GretaHolz_zpsfe1f14cb.png
    Name: Gretel/Redwulf
    Alias: Greta Holz
    Team Affiliations: Society of Foes, Power Suits
    Enemies: Frank Hallows, The B.R.I.D.E., Farrah O’Ren, The Coven of Iarann, Witches in general, and anyone else with Knavium-derived powers.
    Race: Human/Lycandroid
    Birthplace: Berlin, Germany
    Powers/Abilities: Iarannian heart/power core, Ferro-Knavium skin, Ability to harness energies similar to Iarannian magic, Enhanced strength and reflexes, Can transform into a cybernetic werewolf at will.
    Bio: When she was a child, Greta Holz and her brother, Hans, lost their parents to a member of the Coven of Iarann during a weapons test gone awry. Hans sought vengeance against the Coven, and Greta was a willing participant. Taking steps to ensure her family’s death was avenged, Greta Holz took a job at HallowGen as a member of the X-2 development team, until she was caught in the explosion that paralyzed Frank Hallows, suffering near-fatal heart damage.
    While Greta worked and gathered the necessary intel to build the array of anti-Iarannian weaponry that was her and Hans’ secret project, her brother put his finely honed surgical skills to use, hunting down members of the Coven and using that weaponry to cut out their hearts.
    As much as he hated the Coven for killing his parents, when Hans heard of his sister’s injuries, he was forced to do the unthinkable: replacing her heart with one of his Iarannian “trophies.”
    Greta survived the procedure, but woke up a humanoid machine full of power she didn’t understand and a hunger for Iarannian hearts she couldn’t control. Days and weeks passed without incident, her hunger sated by daily consumption of the hearts of her enemies, not knowing that the more hearts she ate, the more magical energy she absorbed. One day at HallowGen, she unwittingly absorbed the X-2 parts she was working on, incorporating them into her body in much the same way that a Witch of Iarann is able to, and transforming into a rampaging Lycandroid.
    Greta no longer requires her “daily meal,” and has yet to discover a way to remove the X-2 technology from her body. But with her brother’s help, she was eventually able to get her Redwulf transformation under control and resume her quest for vengeance.
    She has also been enlisted in various schemes by enemies of Frank Hallows, including the Power Suits and The B.R.I.D.E. (whom she now considers an enemy), but the path to her–and her brother’s–true objective lies with the Society of Foes, a group devoted to the complete extermination of all the elemental covens.



    That is incredibly cool!



    Thanks again, Stulte!
    Think I should put her in the Hair contest?

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