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    I think what you did with the shading is fine. It’s very smooth and natural.




    Thank you both, and welcome to page six



    In a fit of creative unfocused-ness, I was going back through this thread and noting all of the characters I have made reference to that haven’t been seen since the early pages of my old thread (or that I just haven’t created at all yet). The first character I made reference to was Deus-X from my Clockwork team. I originally created him because I’m a big fan of the TV show, Person of Interest, and I started thinking about what it would be like for a human to have access to as much information as The Machine on that show (which would be every piece of digital information on Earth).
    Shaded and upgraded, here is Deus-X:
     photo Deus-X_zps4c762a5d.png
    Name: Deus-X
    Alias: Dr. Abanme Juto
    Team Affiliations: Clockwork, Atlantis
    Race: Human
    Birthplace: Tokyo, Japan
    Powers (from Deus-X suit): Flight, Access to every piece of electronic information on Earth (or any habitable planet he visits), Can translate any Earth language, as well as Unarian, Moord’rian, and Atlantean, into any other available language, Enhanced strength.
    Abilities: Superior intellect and memory capacity, Expert hacker and computer programmer.
    Bio: Abanme Juto was a highly gifted software engineer recruited as a replacement for the deposed Dr. Elizabeth Stein at HallowGen. In a few short months, Abanme helped re-engineer (and in many cases, improve upon) all of the tech stolen by Dr. Stein, even using her data transfer technology in conjunction with spare P.A.T.C.H. parts and a modification of his own UAP (Universal Access Protocol) interface to create the ultimate in omniscient data access gear, the Deus-X suit.
    Frank’s last encounter with the B.R.I.D.E. forced Abanme to don the suit, becoming Deus X for the first time. He ultimately reversed the information flow from his suit into the B.R.I.D.E., causing her to overload and crash.
    Abanme has since been appointed as head of security (both digital and physical) at HallowGen, and most recently joined Clockwork as the team’s chief information analyst. He also serves as liason to the Unarian and Atlantean peoples, and has developed a close personal and professional relationship with Atlantean Ambassador Icthya, frequently providing assistance with events arising from the hybrid conspiracy.
    Since putting on the suit, Dr. Abanme’s already superior brain power has been pushed to its limits by the constant flow of digital information. Like Frank Hallows, he has become dependent upon his suit for his survival. Any attempt to interrupt the connection between his mind and the suit’s digital interface could result in anything from insanity to brain death.
    Note: Ju and To are Japanese words for the cardinal number ten, while Jubanme is the ordinal expression, tenth.



    Whooohooo!  Superb!



    Deus-X is a kewl design and well done, and the background story is pretty darn interesting as well. Well done.



    You have some really amazing stuff I feel like I need to Step up my game.



    @Leg: Thanks for the giant smiley thing….

    : Thank you as well

    @Mav: Thanks for the praise, but there are ‘machiners far more daring and creative than myself. The best way you can “step up your game” is to take an idea that really speaks to you and do the best with it that you know how.

    “New” character time: I made this character last year for a Public Domain Heroes contest, when I was in a “streamline and kick more ass” kind of mood. There was this really poorly costumed, poorly named hero called Boy King who dressed like his name should have been Drag Queen fought Nazi supervillains alongside his golem, who had the obvious name of Giant. I took this pair of lemons and painted them gold by combining and gender-swapping them into one character, the Golem Queen. Her original design was closer to Boy King, and so had a clumsy, magical girl anime kind of vibe that didn’t garner much attention.
    Golem Queen photo Timedrop23-GolemQueen_zpsa07ef1f5.png
    The “New Universe” version of her exists in the same continuity as the other characters in this thread, and has been stripped of all her cumbersome regalia in favor of this design:
     photo GolemQueen_zps8f517b81.png
    Name: Golem Queen
    Alias: Dr. Regina Grant
    Team Affiliations: Clockwork (reserve member)
    Race: Human
    Birthplace: London, England
    Powers/Abilities: Stone skin, Magically enhanced strength, Can summon Golems from any rocky surface, Extensive historical knowledge, Scholar of biblical lore
    Bio: Regina Grant was an archaeologist hired by Eldritch Thule, a German historian, to locate the Longinus Spear (a legendary Biblical artifact known to some as the Spear of Destiny). When Thule supplied her with an archaeological team of his choosing and insisted on accompanying Regina on her expedition, she grew suspicious, as things rarely turn out to be as true as they are good. But this was potentially a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, so she reluctantly agreed to his terms and they flew to Jerusalem, where the team began excavating for the Spear.
    Regina was lucky enough to find the Spear of Destiny first, but Thule was close at hand, grabbing the Spear at the same instant as Regina, and the two were locked in a tug of war which she was somehow able to win. She could feel a strange power surging into her body from the artifact in her hands, and brandished the Spear at Thule and anyone else who tried to advance on her.
    Thule revealed himself to be Heinrich Himmler, the presumably deceased former head of Adolf Hitler’s S.S. squad, and current leader of the ancient occultist Thule Society, of which his team of archaeologists were all members.
    He ordered his men to kill Regina Grant and take the Spear by force, and as they drew their guns, Regina closed her eyes and wished she could survive this terrible situation. The Spear of Destiny glowed and the sounds of gunfire were followed almost immediately by gasps of bewilderment as lead ricocheted off of stone.
    With a prayer, Regina Grant had become the Golem Queen, a royal figure with skin as resilient as stone and the strength of ten men.
    Himmler and his Thule Society fled in fear but they would return time and again until either she or they were no longer living.
    As Regina became more skilled with the Spear of Destiny (which she discovered could be stored or retrieved from a pocket dimension by uttering the name of Longinus, the saint to whom the spear originally belonged). The Spear also gave her the ability to summon Golems from any rocky surface nearby and control them with her mind.
    The Golem Queen currently lives in seclusion somewhere in the Swiss Alps, developing her powers which she mostly uses to rescue people from avalanches without thus far alerting them to her presence.
    However, repeated sightings of the Golem Queen’s stone “subjects” have caused word to spread of mythical rock creatures roaming the countryside, so it is only a matter of time before the Thule Society rears its ugly head once more. In the meantime, the Queen’s activities have attracted the eye of another, less philanthropic exile than herself: William Ernst, who was in the final stages of perfecting his Power Suit, has chosen to target her for his latest test run. Perhaps he will share his findings with the Society?



    Fantastic shading on the new Golem Queen!



    Fantastic shading on the new Golem Queen!

    Thanks, Vampyrist. It’s amazing how much can be done with so little in HeroMachine.

    Here’s the leader of the Thule Society, Heinrich Himmler:
     photo Himmler_zpsdd3a8cb5.png
    Name: Eldritch Thule
    Alias: Heinrich Luitpold Himmler
    Team Affiliations: Nazi Party, SS, Thule Society.
    Enemies: Golem Queen, Three-Star General, anyone of Semitic descent, anyone who opposes him.
    Race: Human
    Birthplace: Munich, Bavaria, Germany
    Powers/Abilities: Presumed immortal, Skilled tactician and interrogator, Ability to control animals.
    Bio: Read Himmler’s bio at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Heinrich_Himmler. But where history claims suicide by cyanide poisoning, Himmler had nurtured an avid interest in the occult, unbeknownst to Hitler, and had discovered an alchemic means of surviving the poison. Instead of death, the combination of poison and potions put him in a state of suspended animation while he still presented outwardly with signs of a cyanide suicide.
    Himmler would later awaken and escape from his grave, seeking out like-minded members of the Aryan Brotherhood to join his Thule society. As years passed, he discovered that not only did the potion allow him to survive poisoning, but he hadn’t aged a day since faking his death.
    In modern times, Himmler took on the identity of Eldritch Thule, presenting himself as a wealthy German philanthropist in order to acquire as many occult artifacts as he could authenticate. Himmler’s later encounter with Regina Grant and the Spear of Destiny would also imbue him with the ability to control animals, much the same as the Golem Queen is able to summon and control Golems.



    I should have made my Rommel have magical powers.



    I should have made my Rommel have magical powers.

    It’s never too late to update a character or add something to his storyline. Low-level villains grow in power all the time in the comics.



    Ugh. Feels like it’s been so long since I posted anything here. Because it has. More than a week.

    But here I am again with another supporting character. I thought of this one while going through the companions set on a whim. The masked cowboy for some reason brought the name “Winchester Black” to mind, and here is what evolved:
     photo WinchesterBlack_zpsb44d7871.png
    Name: Winchester Black
    Alias: Jonathan Henry Armstrong, John Henry
    Enemies: Hi-N’Un, Lady Luck, Robbie Boyle
    Race: Human
    Birthplace: Talcott, West Virginia
    Abilities: Seemingly super-human strength and endurance.
    Bio: Jonathan Henry Armstrong is the great-great grandfather of former Enforcers member Terrence Armstrong. Born and raised as a slave in West Virginia, he grew up working as a steel-driver for the Chesapeake/Ohio Railway company. Despite chronic physical and psychological abuse at the hands of his employers (not to mention the grueling nature of the work itself), John Henry grew into something of a folk hero for his legendary strength and relentless force of will. After being passed around by several railroad companies (AGS Railway and Columbus and Western to name a few), Henry earned his freedom and moved west to seek whatever opportunities the new frontier had to offer.
    A happy life soon followed, blessing him with a wife and child and a thriving blacksmithing business. But his journey would also cause him to run afoul of a merciless rail tycoon named Robbie Boyle, who killed his wife and stole his son, unjustly imprisoned him, and forced him back into a life of slave labor. Boyle eventually subjected Armstrong to his favorite punishment, boiling the flesh from his face and leaving him for dead.
    John Henry would survive to seek revenge against Boyle as Winchester Black, a masked vigilante dispensing lethal justice with his formidable sledgehammer.
    But revenge would be grasped from the clutches of Winchester Black when Hi-N’Un and Lady Luck put an end to Boyle’s life. Little is known of what happened to Winchester Black after the mysterious disappearance of the two heroes, but he spent the remainder of his known life at odds with Lady Luck and the former Pharaoh.
    With every new generation, tales have spread of an unusually strong young man working outside the law to make his community a better place. Those tales continue today with Terrence “Strong-Arm” Armstrong.



    Finally got Fallen Angel’s demon form how I wanted it. Still not sure about how the transitional form should look, though. If anyone has ideas, here are her two forms so far, starting with her Angel of Foresight look:
     photo AngelofForesight_zpse9d7efa6.png

    And now her Demonic form:
     photo FallenAngel_zps67b01179.png

    I tried to give her that “being taken over by darkness” feel. Hope I succeeded.



    Either shes been taken over by EVIL or its that time of month



    Definitely being taken over by EVIL. She was an angel with precognitive sight who sold her soul to a demon for the ability to use normal sight and now she is on Earth, using her half-angel/half-demon powers to save people from an impending Hell On Earth kind of scenario, plus demonic possessions, banshees (Serene & Siren, who later mentor her), vampires (Dracula, Aswang), metal werewolves (Redwulf), warring witches (some of whom become her allies), pagan gods (some of whom become her allies), mutant spider-ladies (Lena Black, later an ally, and Aswang, a vampire clone of Lena), ambitious Satanic crime syndicates (the Sixth Street Sinners come to mind), and whatever bumps into her in the night.

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