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    Name:Patrick Hopkins/The Bullet
    Affiliation: The Guild Of Justice/Hero
    Traits:Can run at super speed
    Info:-Info in Hero’s Of Our time-



    Dern, DC… What did you use for that Gargoyle head? I searched and i searched for something to use on my last one to no avail. Awesome Character though!



    Really like Arachnid, his mask is very cool. Creepy and awesome at the same time Smile



    @Nug If you are refering to the head itself Its the last item on the list of floors in backgrounds. On the other hand if you are refering to the shading its the third last patter with the first color option turned completely transparent.

    Thank you. The mask itself was easy to make so the effect it gives is simple yet effective. The character himself came from my love of horror films(characters such as the Human Dummy, Mr.Smiles and others are also inspired by horror movies.)

    Thanks for your comments as I do appreciate feedback of any kind.



    (Wanted to go something touchy for a while now then it came to me after seeing the Hall of Fame character based off the KKK. Now I must state that this is a little less Pg then my usual backstories but I was proud of how the character came out and wanted to share. This is not to offend or inspire. )

    Name:Jackson Kane/The Hanged Man
    Affiliation: None

    Traits:Scars cover almost 50 percent of his body, wears a noose around his neck to remind those he has defeated death, carries a rope to hang klan members, wears the shackles he was forced to wear when they tortured him.

    Info: Jackson Kane was raised to believe God would always punish the wicked and reward the innocient. Even as a slave he believed this. Even as Master whipped him or beat him for making a mistake he believed this. But then came the day Jackson was pushed against a cross, mocked and whipped almost to death by the men he worked for. They put a sack like mask on his face and beat him around a little. They then wrapped a rope around his neck and began to lynch him.It wasnt because he had done wrong. It was because they knew they could. As the air drained from Jackson and life escaped him. A gunshot echoed through the forest hitting the rope that was draining the life of Jackson. Three more shots were fired. One Klan member went down. Then another. Then the last. Jackson looked up to who had saved him.A white man of all things. Jackson stood to his feet and looked the man in the eyes. Those cold steel blue eyes. The white man stood up Jackson and gave him a choice. He could take the money the white man was offering and run away or he could come with him and learn how to get his revenge in a way only dogs like those men deserved. Jackson Kane died on that day. And the Hanged man’s Legend began.




    Affiliation: Unknown
    Traits: -Carries around a deck of cards with several trick cards capable of exploding on impact, electrocution, and drawing blood.
    -Carries a small staff capable of shooting bolts of energy
    -Has some knowledge of self defence.
    Info: Welcome to my wonderland. You may ask me any and all of your minds troubles but I cannot garuntee an answer *hehehe*
    Who in the world am I? Ah thats the great puzzle. I am the Hatter. Pleased to meet you. Welcome to the Madhouse!…Wait.. I have already welcomed you. Oh my I am going rather mad arent I?
    Then again we are all mad here. Now I am so sorry to keep this meeting short, but I am rather late for an appointment. Perhaps we can meet again over Tea. I know the most wonderful places.



    Character Design Contest 39
    Name: Grey Guard
    Trait: Metal Power suit, Scientifically Advanced Rail Gun(The S.A.R.G) capable of fireing several different forms of bullets, energy bolts, and can also recycle some forms of ammo, metal arm which contains constant tools that allows him to infiltrate secuirity systems, Contains a heart monitor on his suit, his helmet allows has several different functions including night vision, thermal vision, and has a light on it that.
    Info: Victor Tennent was a veteran of many wars including the third American Civil war and The Anglo American War of 3240. Having been trained and genetically enginered from birth to be a soldier, he found that this discovery caused him to do something that no other soldier had done in the last 700 Years. He had gone awol. He went to the american institute of science and used the only working time machine to teleport back to the 21st century where he hoped to find a peaceful life and discover was he really human. But the call of duty was too great and he found that he had impacted his own society far more than he could have thought when he left.



    (Following is something I have had in storage of my ideas for some time now. Its gone from a hero, to a villain many times and has even swapped gender a few times too. Seeing as I cant enter the chracter into the contest I decided to take one more go at it and here it is. The White Rabbit.)
    Name: White Rabbit
    Trait: Wears a mask resembling a rabbit, has a soft voice, carries a cane that conceals a blade that has a rabbit on its hilt, wears a three piece suit, black gloves, and running shoes. Real Face unknown.
    Info: Oh what have we here? A witness? Oh no no no no…We cant have that can we? Come closer to the bunny man My little girl….It will all be over soon..hehehehahhahaha



    Character Design Contest 39
    Name: Lime Light
    Trait: Ability to shoot bolts of lime coloured light from her body,body and blood can become lumeneciant, and can fly.
    Info: I always loved to be the centre of attention,Ya know? Wanted to move to L.A ,become an actress, and make something of myself. Be famous for who I am not what I looked like. My granny always told me “Jenny. One day you will be on every Television in the country, but ya may not like why your on it”. I always hated it when she was right. See my parents weren’t exactly normal…My father worked as a mechanic, my Mom worked as a physics teacher at the university of Chicago. Anyway enough about my life before the coma. See this is where things get weird. One day I’m walking home from school and BAM! Truck hits me. I survive, but I am comatose for a few months. But then I wake up like that and everyone’s staring at me. And I am glowing! Super Powers baby!
    So now I’m fighting crime and all over the T.V doing it. Even got a funky Nickname. Lime Light.

    Up close



    Character Design Contest 39
    Name: Red Eye
    Trait:Expert shot, wears a goggle on his right eye that is multifunctional.
    Info: The names Red eye. Red eye is the man you call when you have two things. Money and a lot of it. People say I am perhaps the most expensive assasins on the market to this day, but my price is worth my work. I have taken out dictators, politicians, celebrities, and tycoons over the Years and I am still going. Best part of my life? Having Brandy with David Bowie. Man that guy is something.



    (Im on a roll)
    Character Design Contest 39
    Name: Blue Dove
    Trait:Flight and Can generate energy shields
    Info: Marcus always dreamed of flying. He trained to be a pilot,but never could get his head out of the clouds. One night he was sitting on his car watching the stars shine, when after having closed his eyes for a few minuites he heard something coming towards him. A meteorite was headed right for his car. Getting to his feet he barely escaped the cars explosion but was caught in the radiation blast from the meteorite. With the radiation from the meteorite he could fly and generate shields around him. He became the Blue dove.



    Red eye and blue dove are great.



    This is what I get for pussyfooting around, I guess … someone else gets my color ahead of me! ;) Nice job.



    Thanks Guys :) Few more ideas are floating around.



    This here is a little throw back to the early heros. You know the corny outfits and gimmicks.
    Character Design Contest 39
    Name: Golden Boy
    Trait:Super speed, super Strength, Flight, and Invulnerable.
    Info: Names Harper Sands. Most people call Me the Golden Boy. I’m your typical All american, Red white and blue loving, apple pie eating son of a gun. Now see I’m not here to tell ya’ll I’m the most handsome guy we got on the roster down at the American Forces HQ down in Washington, Oh no. I’m here to talk to you ladies and gents about The good Fight. See America’s got enemies and I am one of the guys the bad guys don’t want to go up against. I’m here to protect my country just like Big Ben…The hero not the clock… Is protecting our friends across the pond.
    God bless America.

Viewing 15 posts - 136 through 150 (of 186 total)

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