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    Kathy Blake was a young girl brought up in Kansas. When she was 16, she was kidnapped by the Doctor, like so many others. Over the course of various experiments, her skin grew bloodred, and her hands grew tougher, and soon her now black bones began to split out of them. SHe had no doubt any more treatment would have killed her, but after the mass escape from the Lab, she managed to survive. She informed Derek Winter on the captivity of his sister. Some time later, now a member of the Watchers, Derek offered her membership. She agreed after some thought. She gained the nickname ‘Rocky’ among the Watchers, because of her rock-like hands.



    You’ve got a lot of really nice little details going on here. From that little sparkle on Mystic’s mask, the use of the ankh on Painspawn, and the glow effect on Winter. Some great color choices as well, specifically Painspawn and Rocky. You have presented some great examples of how some subtle shading and details bring your creation to life. Well done Maaz.



    Wow, thanks!
    Now, here is the root of all their troubles… the Doctor!
    Little to none is known about this man. His real name, place of birth, and appearence are all unknown. He speaks with a slight British accent, but seeing that he also adopts other accents at times, any ties to Britain are dubious at best. He has no powers of his own, but is a genius, with an IQ of 193. He also has a near perfect memory, and the mental activity to play five chess games simultaneously in his mind, calculating all possible outcomes of every move in every game. Always secretive, he became even more so after the break out led by Hammerhand. He is currently busy in a private war against the Watchers.



    Ace Adams was an ordinary man, an accountant to be precise. He was on a vacation in Tibet, when he witnessed the death of the immortal being known as Wěidà de zhànshì at the hands of his brother, Yuèliàng dāopiàn. As his brother left him bleeding his energy in the cold snow, Wěidà de zhànshì sensed the presence of a mortal nearby. Calling Ace to him, he proceeded to bestow all of his remaining strength to the young man, telling him to find and defeat Yuèliàng dāopiàn, before the later could exploit his absece and wreck havoc on Earth. Thus Ace gained superstrength, and the ability to fly. His skin also grew tough enough to resist bullets, and he could now see other phenomina hidden to the eyes of most mortals. He continues to find and defeat Yuèliàng dāopiàn, while also having joined the Ultronic Alliance and adopting the alias of the Protector.



    Ultrafist 1 was created artifically by a company named UltraCorp. UltraCorp planned on creating an entire super powered army of ‘Ultrafists’ to sell, but Ultrafist 1 malfunctioned, and destroyed the entire secret underground production unit, as well as the project director. Dropping the ‘1’ from his name, Ultrafist decided to use his powers to annihalate all offices and factories owned by UltraCorp. In defence, UltraCorp released their former projects, the Juggernauts, to take him down, while also creating a being to rival Ultrafist’s power.



    Startin’ a brand new team, folks: The Guardians (I know, it’s been done before, but I’m out of ideas here)
    The Guardians were some of the older teams of superheroes. The Guardians disbanded on 7th May 2001, and eventually, they were reunited after the Flathonian Invasion of Earth.
    Here is their leader, the enigmatic Peacemaker. With powers af flight, superstrength and optic blasts, he is one of the most respected superheroes. He is a good friend of Silver Star, currently a member of the Ultronic Alliance. Since his aging is severely slow, he has barely aged over the many years of retirement. He was, during retirement, subject of the X-gene, with was meant to improve his powers. He now has super fast healing to aid his already durable skin, and is much, much faster. His stamina has also increased to epic proportions. He is now called Peacemaker X, though still simply reffered to as Peacemaker.
    Former/Classic Peacemaker:
    Peacemaker X:



    Another member of the Guardians.
    Former Secret Agent codenamed ‘Spider’ became a superhero after he was forced to shoot down his own partner in a shoot out. He dredged up his funds to create his Spider Baton, which can give his opponents a nasty, electric and nerve jarring shock, or shoot bullets like a gun. Armed with this and his superior fighting abilities, he would be a valuable asset to the team in it’s early years. His time with the Agency gave him links good informers and a detective nature, both assets to be used in his later years.
    Spider during early years:
    Spider in later years:



    I’ve been trying to make a spider themed character with essentially the same face with the spider insignia but I couldn’t get the eyes looking right. Would you mind if I steal your design for that mask?



    ‘Course not. Steal away ;)
    But if you were hoping for a text file, no luck… I make my characters in one go, so I don’t really save them or their text.



    Great concepts! I’m loving these characters!



    Next, is the Warrior of Light, Slayer of Shadows, PALADIN!!!!
    Born with wings and the abilty to heal injuries with his touch alone, he was believed to be an angel. He took the name Paladin, and decided to wage war against wrong-doers along with the Guardians. Sometime after the disbanding, he had to face Medusa, the ancient demoness of Greek myth. While her gaze did turn him to stone, his powers kept him alive, making him a living gargoyle of stone. He can now morph his rock-like body into various shapes and forms. He can still fly, and his healing powers have been much weakened. Rejoining the Guardians, he took the new alias of the Stone Paladin.


    Stone Paladin:



    Now, here is another member of the Guardians, Inferna!
    A mutant born to the hidden Amazon tribe, her fire powers caused a forest fire that caused the death of many amazons, including her parents. As such she was exiled from the tribe. Found by a bunch of explorers, she was taken to one of America’s Mutant Housing & Training Schools. She evenyually joined the Guardians. After the Guardians were disbanded, she went to her old Mutant school, where she bcame a teacher, and married her former professor. After he died, she continued to live a simple life. When she was offered a chance to rejoin the Guardians, she was at first reluctant, but after the few re-gathered Guardians saved the school from a team of super-villains, she decided to rejoin.

    Inferna before:

    Inferna now:




    Yet another member of the Guardians; Mammoth!!
    The massive stone age mutant goliath was found frozen in a block of ice, kept somehow alive by his powers. He was taught to adapt to modern society, and he was disgusted at modern humanity’s crimes. He vowed to bring peace, and joined the Guardians. After the Guardians disbanded, he used the time to learn more about the modern day, learning languages and traditions. When the Guardians re-united, he joined for the same reasons as he before- to combat evil.

    Mammoth before:

    Mammoth now:



    Second last member of the Guardians, coming right up-!
    Ar’thurr belongs to an alien race known as the Valun Da Scoth. They are insectoid beings who can fly using fly-like wings and stick to walls. They live on the planet of Gab Re Kall. Ar’thurr was a prince of one of their thirteen tribes. His father had him visit the nearby planet of Kamurr to enlist the aid of i’s inhabitants in the upcoming war between the tribes. Along the way, he was captured by a bunch of space pirates to be sold as a slave, but after month of plotting, he finally managed to sieze control of the vessel before they reached the ‘slave planet’. He took course for Gab Re Kal, but a surviving pirate initiated self distruct. While he raced to the escape pod, he was killed by Ar’thurr, who took the pod instead. The pod sent him to the nearest planet, which was Earth.
    Here, he tried to set course for his homeworld, but he was told by The Riddler that his homeworld had been destroyed by Flathonians, and he was virtually the last of his race. He also told him, that the Flathonians would eventually come to Earth.
    Vowing revenge, he joined the Guardians because of their resources, as they would know when the Flathonians would come. He was nicknamed by the media as ‘Wonderbug’. After the disbanding, he continued to wait for his revenge. During the Flathonian Invasion, he took an active part, but could not reach the Flathonian Cmmander, Z’lak.
    He eventually rejoined the Guardians, on the promise that he will have another chance at revenge. He now became known as ‘Deadbug’ because of his ghoulish physical appearence.





    Deadbug is very cool.

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