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    Wow dude! Nicely done on this Stulte!



    Freakin’ awesome! That is astounding!



    Fantastic! The design, the shadows, everything!



    I just have to ditto everyone. Mandolin is amazing. In fact everything you’ve made recently has been amazing, so keep up the great work. Smile


    You have some really nice concepts here! Love how you bring life to them all with the lighting and atmosphere around them


    Mad Jack

    Your latest works are all wonderful but “Mandolin” is especially smashing! Surprised



    A belated thanks for all the kind words, many of which I hadn’t seen before the forums went down. You are all awesome, and it’s good to be back with you all 🙂

    Finally finishing off my series of “RPG archetypes in their downtime” here’s a Malinese Meister in her laboratory:

    And a group shot:



    One of the fundamental, and quite confusing, facts regarding spirits is that the appearances of their  projections into the Physical Plane vary greatly depending on the situation. The sensory input of a certain individual beholding a spirit may not, and easily will not, be the same as that of another individual. The image our mind paints of the projection derives from our memories, preconceptions, attitudes and mental associations to the spirit’s element. The matter is further complicated by the humour or state of mind of both the observer and the spirit in question. For instance: a content dwarf observing a water spirit might see it as a pale, warm, earthy smelling creature, with the physical traits of a friendly-looking subterranean fish. In contrast, a starving fisherman might perceive the very same spirit as a school of fat, pink tuna with an alluring smell and voice, while an aquaphobic person might see it as a foreboding, dark mass of tentacles or a viscous, red shark.
    Thankfully most varieties of Astral beings retain certain key characteristics when the project themselves unto our plane, and a competent shaman needs to know what those are, and what to look for, in order to determine exactly what sort of spirits they’re dealing with.

    Excerpt from professor Josette Lefeurge’s lecture on the nature of Astral Beings, Academia Metaphysicae, Dresden, Septimus 19 1895.


    The Sylphe are spirits of air. They mostly appear as brightly burning winged creatures with no facial features. The observer often feels an imagined tension against the skin, eyes and eardrums, as if the spirit’s presence hightens the air pressure. They are unpredictable, and should only be summoned with great care.




    Spirits of nature and life, the Buer often project as sprawling masses of pulsating tentacles or capillary systems, but sometimes also as great canopies of branches or swarms of flies. Despite their appearances they are considered quite benevolent.


    The projections of the Undine, spirits of water, commonly bring to mind images of aquatic creatures. While rarely hostile they tend to be cryptic, hard to please and occasionally destructive creatures.



    Oh wow! Those latest creations are amazing!



    Your Malinese Meister:


    Herr D

    Wow. I didn’t think I’d see this much, this good, this fast. Do you have any more custom backgrounds coming out?



    Thanks alot, man! It was great fun doing something more abstract.

    Thank you! The setting is very German in many ways, which is why I used the German term.

    -Herr D
    Haha, thanks! I’ve been doing a lot of stuff while the forums were down. Not sure if I’m going to do that many background in the future, though, since they’re really time consuming to put together and shade.


    Entering Maria I Braganza in the latest contest made me really think about how much I love that character, so here’s her “daughter”, also named Maria, enjoying her first taste of blood.



    Malinese Meister is fantastic. I love a nice laboratory.



    Thanks, man! It was a blast to make.

    Dwarves and trolls from my RPG setting.

    From left to right:

    1. Arleiai. Arctic North America
    2. Sag-Azh. Mexico.
    3. Vog Skohja. Scotland.
    4. Lenun. Tibet.
    5. Rukh Skandza. Formerly Norway (hold annihilated in 1856).

    1. Troll. North and central Europe, north Siberia.
    2. Yeti. Himalaya.
    3. Wendigo. Arctic and boreal North America.
    4. Asanbosam. West African tropics.
    5. Mapinguari. Amazonia.
    6. Oni. Japan, east Asian coastline.



    I had a weird dream tonight, and decided to recreate it.

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