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    Hi! I’m new here, but I’ve been using HeroMachine for a while. Glad to finally have joined the forum.

    Let’s start with an android getting repaired:

    And a leaf:



    Nice work. That leaf is pretty damn cool and I like the android scene as well.
    Please make sure you read the forum rules if you haven’t done so already and have fun posting. Look forward to seeing more from you.



    Thank you very much!
    I read the rules before posting (good thing, too. I don’t think the first version of the android would have been okay..).

    Testing out some posing, now. I’m thinking of using HM3 to illustrate an rpg I’m writing (can’t draw at all), so I’m just trying to get the hang of the program.


    Herr D

    [bends very close] Yeap. Hang is gotten! Laugh Have a look at the tutorials for the finer points and don’t be shy about asking questions of those whose work you like. Were you going for that leaf being ‘ambered’ or did you slosh some caramel past the apple? Nice drip effect.



    Great stuff, welcome to the forums.



    Thank you both kindly! The leaf is suppose to represent the change to autumn. Or something.

    Here’s the a short introduction to the first archetype and race of the game I’m working on.

    The human race is the most numerous of the sentient races. Though generally weaker intellectually and physically than dwarves and trolls respectively, humans tend to be more diplomatic, and have a much higher natural affinity for the magic arts.


    (Examples: Warrior Monk, Sohei, Crusader, Flagellant, Martial Artist, Swordmaster…)
    An Asket uses magic in a different way than the average Magii. Through the use of deep concentration, meditation or prayer the Asket is able to direct Astral Energy inwards, allowing him to perform superhuman feats of strength and speed. This method is quite popular among more devout magic users, since extroverted magic is outlawed as witchcraft in most parts of the Protestant Union.





    (Examples: Professor, Ambassador, Merchant, Seductress, Visconte, Agent…)
    The strength of the Meister lies not in her sword arm or her flintlock, but in her wits, her rethorics and her knowledge of theoretical science. Employed throughout the union as diplomats, consults or corporate spies, the Meisters prove that a kind smile, the proper words and modest amount of Reichsthalers changing hands can achieve so much more than a thousand rifles.


    Angel of Chaos

    Welcome dude and by the way u got some pretty cool pics there.Cool



    Thanks, Angel!

    Two hundred years after their emergence the dwarves have spread out over the surface world along with their technology, finding employment as mechanics, miners, architects and blacksmiths. Most dwarves are short, strong, mild mannered, patient, clever and sensitive to sunlight, but their cultures differ massively depending on the hold, from the worshippers of science of the Grampians to the blind, chalk white cannibals of the Andes.


    (Examples: Artisan, Mechanic, Engineer, Pilot, Clockmaster, Gunsmith…)
    A monteur is an engineer of dwarven and/or human mechanics. Some specialize in one particular trade, but most find it more practical (and profitable) to act like sort of a Jack-of-all-tech. They should not be underestimated in combat though, since they are usually just as proficient in controlling, piloting or firing their devices as they are in constructing them.



    Dwarf (cont.)
    One of the few cultural phenomenons that are quite similar in every known dwarven hold is the great reverence for the Astral spirits. While dwarves rarely possess the gift of magic one would be unwise to not respect and fear the powers of a dwarven Khluson-Ghin (Listener of the Forefathers).

    (Examples: Animist, Medium, Noaidi, Tngri, Seidh, Khluson-Ghin…)
    Shamans are are those blessed (or cursed) with ability to sense and communicate with the creatures of the Astral planes; the Spirits. Shamans are often feared by the general public, and rightly so. To those who walk with the long since passed and the demons of the Astral Fringe even Death herself holds few secrets.



    Welcome and these classes are great, especially the schaman and asket.



    Thank’s a lot!
    2000 posts!? Nice!

    The trolls emerged from their homes in the deep forests and the high mountains shortly after the dwarves did.They may appear brutish and slow witted but most of them are kind, gentle creatures that are simply uneducated in civilized matters. Most trolls shy away from human settlements, and so they are a rare sight in the urban areas of the Protestant Union. Those who do venture into the cities, though, can easily find gainful employment as for example manual laborers or, more commonly, bodygaurds or mercenaries.



    With the recent invention of methods of connecting ones nervous system to an electric circuit came the capability of constructing neurally-controlled prosthetics. Originally intended for medical purposes this technology has proven more popular (and affordable) by elite mercenaries who use mechanical implants to augment their fighting abilities. A sword slashes more precisely when held with a metal limb, and it’s considerably easier to aim a rifle when your synthetic eyes are directly connected to the sights.

    *Working title.

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    Great stuff.



    Thank you, Hammerknight!




    (Examples: Sorcerer, Astralist, Conjurer, Witch, Occultist, Taumaturge…)
    The Magii are the lucky few that have the ability to draw energy from the Astral plane, usually through a channeling fetish, and convert it to Physical energy. There are a myriad of reasons for why soemone would choose to use magic. Some study the Astral surges for scientific purposes. Others use them to heal their fellow man. And some simply enjoy the ability to hurl fireballs at their enemies.
    Different strokes for different folks.

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