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    Yeah the boots are a good fit not sure whats going on with the arms , gotta get on that.



    Now its time for the Ace of Clubs to get the remix treatment…

    First attempt…





    Name:Jared Chase
    AKA : Talon, Strike
    Rank :The Ace of Clubs

    Bio: Jared was born the in “St. Marc City”, his mother was a city prosecutor and his father was a detective. When Jared was ten they were killed,and he was taken in by multimillionaire Matthew Rayce. He soon found out that his new guardian had a secret,Matthew Rayce was also “Arrow-Hawk”, a world famous superhero and founding member the the “Ultra-Alliance. Rayce confessed that taking Jared in was not a random act of kindness,He worked closely with the Chases as Arrow-Hawk and felt that taking Jared in was a way of repaying a the debt he owed to them. Jared begged Rayce to let him fight crime with him, and the millionaire hero was resistant to the idea but finally relented bringing in the best martial arts , acrobatics and archery instructors from around the world to help with the boy’s training.Soon he was fighting alongside his adoptive father as the young hero “Talon”. The two made a good team ,but as Jared got older a riff began to develop between them.Jared began to feel that Arrow-Hawk’s methods were out dated and unsuited to the new breed of villains they were beginning to encounter. This all came to a head when “Mr. Goodnight”, a long time nemesis of Arrow-Hawk, discovered the duo’s secret identities. He proceeded to kidnap and murder people close to them, including Jared’s girlfriend(who was also the mayor’s daughter). Jared became enraged and after locating Mr. Goodnight he slowly tortured and killed him. After this incident things were never the same between Jared and Rayce and the final straw came when Rayce decided to indefinitely delay his planned retirement and turning over of the Arrow-Hawk mantle to his ward. Feeling fed up Jared left St. Marc, for “Shore Town” , a small city famous for for it’s casino’s, hotels and high crime rate. Jared took on a new persona , calling himself “Strike”. When He was approached by some television producers about filming his adventures as a new hero in the city, Jared agreed to do it ,as long as his true identity remained a secret. The show very rarely focused on Jared fighting crime choosing instead to document his drunken exploits and many dysfunctional relationships with the local crime fighters. By the time Ne’na Fatal approached him about becoming the Ace of Clubs, his show’s ratings had taken a big hit , and the network had grown tired of his antics. This seemed like a good time for a career change.

    Special Abilities: None
    Skills: Jared is a skill martial artist, acrobat and archer , and is proficient in many different aspects of criminology.



    damn ,I love the style,and it looks like you got them at the perfect fasique,looks great!



    Finishing up the last of the main heroes of the “ACES” saga we have Kela Ashby(the name change is a result of a new origin story)
    first try…..





    Name: Kela Ashby
    A.K.A : Burn, Van girl
    Rank :The Ace of Hearts

    Bio: Born on the island of Barbados, Kela’s psionic abilities started to manifest themselves at the age of seven when a fire accidentally killed her parents.The Barbadian authorities,sent her to America to attend the “Governor’s School” a special state run facility whose purpose was to train children with special abilities. While some of these schools were legitimate learning institutions, the “Michigan Governor’s Academy” where Kela ended up was little more than a clearing house where children would be taught to control there powers and then be sent to work as “interns” for various private and government entities. The schools director set up a hierarchy among the students using the tougher and meaner students to keep the others in line. Life at the school was rough for Kela but she learned to adjust though she was not looking forward to a life of servitude to some government agency or corporation. When “Troy” a mysterious new student showed up he and Kela became close and stood together along with a third student Marlo Sloan, to defy the student regime that had been mistreating them the resulting battle ended up destroying the school and giving the three a chance to escape. They fled to nearby Vassar City and took over a large abandoned warehouse which they dubbed “The Planet”,soon other street kids started showing up to the planet and they were taken in by the three fugitives. Kela was happy at the Planet until Troy disappeared and another boy “Proximus” began to emerge as the Planet’s leader . Under him the Planet kids no longer kept a low profile and stole only what the needed to survive, He started planning and pulling off elaborate heists purposely bringing attention to himself. This led to the planet being targeted by the teen super hero group known as the “Ultra Force”. Kela watched in horror as Proximus used the young inhabitants of the planet as canon fodder against the heroes. The planet was destroyed but Kela escaped capture and ended wandering the streets , of Vassar city. She soon met a graffiti artist named Scratch who took her into his “Peace Riot” graffiti school. She learned that there were a few schools like it in the city and across the country and they would all compete against as well as learn from each other. Kela embraced the art and the culture of the school and took on the name of “Van girl” after her favorite artist Van gogh. When Proximus reemerged a few years later to threaten the world Kela left the Peace Riot school to do what she could to stop him.

    Special Abilities: Pyrokenitic , low level Telekinetic , and empathic abilies.
    Skills: Kela mixes her ability to control fire with her skills as an artist to create the intricate flaming forms she controls with her mind. She carries costum made paint cans that are basically mini flame throwers fueled by special paint canisters. She cannot create fire but she is able to gain control over and manipulate any existing flames. She also skilled in Parkour.



    Next up is the storie’s bad guys here is the intro from the other thread…

    So the main malefactors in the first story arc is a group of super villains collectively called the”Doom Cartel “. For a long time the DC were the biggest villains in the world , but in recent years they were close to being wiped out by the “Ultra Alliance” a group of the worlds elite super heroes. With allot of their founding members either killed or incarcerated in”Cry Boxes”(cryogenic cells located in maximum security prisons around the world they are reserved for the globes most powerful and/or dangerous offenders) most people believed it was game over for the DC . All that changed when a young super villain named “Proximus” came on the scene . The UC was caught off guard by the powerful psionic prodigy’s exceptional leadership skills and ruthless tactics . Under Proximus’s reign the DC became a bigger threat than they ever were in the history of their existence . During the group’s latest assault on the global community they succeeded in not only kidnapping the heads of 6 countries(including the president of the U.S.A)but also murdering them along with several of the UA’s most powerful members who were attempting to rescue the global leaders. they were able to do this by temporarily taking control of the ” Eye In The Sky”, a top secret super weapon created by the G.S.O . The powerful ion cannon is mounted on a satellite orbiting the earth and is capable of bringing death and devastation to several hundred square miles at any time,any where on the globe. The new Aces team is formed to hunt down and terminate Proximus before he is able to mount another attack.
    So lets take a look at what the Aces are up against bring out the heavies..



    First up is Proximus

    First attempt….




    Name: Proximus
    AKA: None known

    Bio: Proximus first emerged on the scene as the leader of a young super villain group called the “Planet Kids”. Under his leadership the group went from being an outlaw youth group , to a full blown criminal Organization. The Ultra Alliance sent it’s junior partners the Ultra Force to stop Proximus and after his defeat he was taken by “Dark Moor”, a super villain and leader of the Doom Cartel. He rose quickly through the ranks of the DC becoming it’s leader when Dark Moor was killed by the hero “Optimal 1”Proximus proved to be a ruthless and effective leader, who succeeded in stealing billion from around the as well as killing several world leaders and members of the Ultra Alliance including the hero who murdered his mentor.

    Special abilities : Proximus controls a powerful Psionic Aura which allows to do incredible things , the power of flight telekinesis and thought control among them.
    Skills: Proximus has excellent leadership and tactical skills.



    next up for bad guys is Machina
    first try hm3-beta-23.png



    and final

    Name: Kasara Coles
    AKA : Machina

    Bio: Kasara was one of the Globes top supermodels, until a hover car accident left her horribly disfigured. Seeking to recapture her former beauty and fame she sought out the legendary plastic surgeon”Dr. Cantos”. The doctor restored Kasara to her former self using advanced bio cybernetic implants, he also turned her into his own personal cyborg slave. When the mind control system he implanted in her malfunctioned, Kasara realized what had happened to her. Shocked and horrified she destroyed the Doctor’s secret lab and fled. Kasara became depressed and lonely until a chance meeting with some A-list super villains led to her joining the Doom Cartel , and she discovered that life as a famous super villain was not all that different from being a celebrity.

    Special Abilities: Kasara’s cybernetic arms house a variety of fire arms and melee weapons , her legs are also implants that increase her speed and agility, and her skeleton is made of special “nano-metal” which is virtually unbreakable.
    Skills: Kasara received advanced subconscious weapons training from Dr. cantos in order to efficiently use her cyborg limbs , this was augmented by The Doom Cartel’s combat training courses.



    getting down to the end with Shiver here is the first try…




    final version

    Name: Marlo Sloane
    AKA: Shiver

    Bio:Marlo was doing time in a Detroit juvenile detention center when his cryokenitic abilities began to manifest. He was sent to the”Governor’s Academy”which he soon escaped and went on to become one of the founding members teen villain group known as the”Planet Kids”. When Proximus emerged as the group’s leader Marlo was his right hand man and has stayed loyal to him ever since. He is now Proximus’s lieutenant in the Doom Cartel.

    Special Abilities: Marlo possesses the ability to create and control ice psionocally , he also has low level telekinetic ability.
    Skills: Marlo is skilled fighter, In combat he constantly generates rings of ice around his arms and fashions them into the razor sharp shurikens he throws with deadly accuracy. He also encases his fists in thick layers of ice to deliver devastating blows to his opponents.



    And next we have Owsla…

    first versionHeroMachine-32-HeroMachine-Character-Portrait-Creator.png




    Name: Preston Fausto
    AKA: Owsla

    Bio:Preston was a child prodigy who was expelled from the Advance Academy for creating a cyborg army out of rabbits he “liberated”from the biology department. No one knows where his strange obsession with rabbits originated,there is a theory that it stems from the same childhood incident that turned him into a psychopath. Most super villains respected Preston’s intelligence , but shied away from working with him because of his unstable nature. This didn’t stop Proximus from bringing him into the Doom Cartel when he took over.

    Special Abilities: Increased intelligence plus technopathic abilities.
    Skills: Preston is a brilliant inventor, who specializes in robotics and cybernetics.

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