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    Herr D

    Maaz? Nice work. An interesting note here is that lone serial killers normally tend to their own ethnicity. A second interesting note is that most people say they are happier getting paid to do what they’d do for free anyway . . .


    Pick 3. And hide your ethnicity–never know who might be watching.



    The lack of people throwing awesome creations in my smug face is… disturbing.

    Anywho, here are my next three items: (From top to Bottom)

    Item Right – Music

    Hair – Female braides

    Legwear – Male Standard

    And if I don’t get more than two entries- be warned! It will only cause my prodigious ego to grow to new, impossible heights!


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    Herr D

    Not much action normally happens in Gran’s corner of the living room . . .



    *That hair makes great yarn when you use it about 12 times. The legwear item makes a good part of a crafts bag, and the trumpet makes a good handle and a great brass frame for a tabletop mirror.



    I was writing a really big review when out of nowhere, my browser crashed.

    Since I’m not feeling really talkative anymore, (Actually, what I am feeling is more akin to what Darth Vader was feeling when he yelled ‘NOOO!’) I’m gonna keep this short and reasonably bittersweet.

    Loved that dreads mane by Funkmachine, but equally admired the dread-yarn by Herr D. Tie. And also, Dread-yarn should be a word.

    While I like the over all pic, Funkmachine, I found the legwear item as a legwear item a bit… dull. There fore I prefer Herr D’s legwear craft bag. Herr D wins the round.

    Another little nitpickin’ nugget, why is she just… holding a trumpet? I mean, I feel  as if I’m missing something. Is it supposed to look like a whip? Is it part of her attire? I have no idea, so this one goes to Herr D’s mirror-tumpet.

    Herr D wins, 2-1 !

    Now pick three items and let me mourn for the ten minutes of my life wasted in writing a judgment killed so cruelly by a crashing browser. Thou shalt be missed, lost words.




    Well as you asked, i’ll say that she’s holding the trumpet to sound the charge or some thing later.

    But really it’s a knight with a machine gun and a mech horse.

    Maaz have you ever tryed useing Lazarus Form Recovery?
    It auto saves your work for just that kind of reason.


    Herr D

    Hey, thanx, Maaz. I thought I’d lost this one. (Funkm, I DID think of it as a bugle for sounding a charge.)

    [mournful dirge played briefly for Maaz’ lost words]

    Sorry I’m so late getting back. Contest closes Fri, 11/14 6pm EST winner to hopefully be announced and explained by 10pm. [sound of dice rolling] Here!

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    Ok here’s my entry

    The nose is on the alien, the insignia is on both the lady’s leg and her right shoulder, the belt is used for, the straps from her crotch to the leg guard thing and the aliens vest tabs and belt.

    Selena “The Clawbeast” Lockhart, galactic outlaw, pirate and leader of the solar dragons.
    Her companion is an alien C’zsthabbhac or just Karl “the mind smasher” for short.

    Officer Hendricks stared at the data sheet, the news was bad, Selena Lockhart was on the hunt again.
    Hendricks sat back in his chair wondering why it was the Lockhart had taken to crime in the first place, her childhood was almost unremarkable, the only event of note was her birth.
    Lockhart had, not been born in the normal sense, she was more crated in a geneforge on Tanos IIV.
    But even that was not uncommon out in far rim.
    A short military career during one of the lesser alien wars had left her with a bionic hand and a war pension.
    And then it happened she promptly disappeared, for 3 years not a trace.
    Then she reappeared, a changed woman, 20 centimetres taller, 40 kilos heavier and sporting a disintegrator claw in the place of her old bionic hand.
    aboard the star yacht Hummingbird II.
    It was what happen in those three missing years, that was the mystery.



    As soon as I saw the parts I knew what I wanted to do with it. The Dragon is in the flames, the nose is the torch and the belt is the bracket on the torch.

    Added is a young teen boy going through a rite of manhood to determine his destiny. A boy is stipped down and given a torch to find their way through the labyrinth to face the unknown. What the boys don’t know is there is nothing down there but all the fears and bravery a boy takes with him which shows itself in the torch flames to the elders.


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    Herr D


    Story score: ………..F 4……C4

    Bkgd score:………….F 0…..C2

    Item DRAGON TAT:..F 3…..C5

    Item NOSE: ………….F 2…..C4

    Item BELT: …………..F 3…..C3

    Bells: ………………….F 4…..C3

    Whistles: …………….F 2……C4


    Items-story:…………F 8…….C7

    Emotional:…………..F 6…….C7

    Both entries had an evocative blurb. Oddly enough, F’s lack of mention of context for the ‘Mindsmasher’ didn’t seem to take away. I would have expected a ‘new known associate’ bit from the officer, I guess. C’s blurb was elegant, requiring less wording for the same effect, something I might expect from an anthropological expert.

    C had a background, if anything it was too symmetrical, making the lack of shadows too obvious.

    (For me, it’s all about the misuses.) F used the tat as a tat, the nose as a nose, the belt as straps. He repeated the uses and did a very good job on the alien vest in general, but the uses themselves were, well, predictable.

    C’s use of the belt as brackets was good, the nose as a torch was clever, but the tat’s use really got me. Energy effects too often look campy when they’re too visible. THAT energy effect’s entire PURPOSE was to be visible and readable through it’s simplicity. Great choice for composition and interaction of pic and blurb.

    F’s posing and two-character composition looked somehow more dynamic than C’s, but the one chin shadow made up for it.

    All in all, the girl with the dragon tattoos and her alien associate came close to the ritual initiate. It was 32-36.

    Cliff? Hope your surgery went well! Pick 3! And we’re all dying to know what the guy’s destiny is . . . what did the elders say?






    I must admit that cliff’s entry  is much more ingenious in using the parts.



    Oh WOW! I am honored, Thanks so much.

    Sorry I’m just replying. Yesterday was cold, it actually showed a little here in Fort Worth Texas, and I was huring a bit so had taken pain pills and muscle relaxers that had me sleeping most of yesterday.

    Herr D, that is high praise, wanting to know the outcome of the story.
    Something I may work on in another pic. I admit I came up with it just off the top of my head for last weeks challenge, but will give it some thought/


    Contest closes Nov 26, 2014 midnight
    winner to be announced shortly thereafter

    I admit I have made an original object from these three objects before, the person who figures it out will get extra points for figuring out what that is.
    Of course a machinist’s own originality, design and execution of something different and original could win over the item I’m thinking of.

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    A smile crossed Genovefa lips as she sited the lone guard
    Genovefa sighted the lone guard and smiled in anticipation.
    As she walked closer she eased her blade from it’s scabbard.
    She let him draw his blade in the second before she struck, it opened up his arm to attack.

    In a flash her blade carved a bloody arc, hewing flesh and bone a she severed his sword arm and leg.



    Herr D

    “We CAN We WILL We MUST”

    Major Ginnes had just finished updating the appliques on the wall when Captain Terok limped in. All eyes turned to face him as he swatted a few storm appliques to the floor, drew a piece of coral chalk from a pocket, drew an ‘X’ on the Sulfur Giants’ isle and a line RIGHT ACROSS THE EGG FIGHT that would be happening for another month. Gasps of ‘no’ and ‘impossible’ whispered through the room. Ginnes stood up from reflexively bending for an applique, saw the chalk work, and looked on in disbelief. Terok sat down heavily and gave a sarcastic half-salute with his stump of a right arm.

    “I saw the everberry tree grove,” he said. I had six men left. Myself and the other survivor agree. Had we had a full crew starting through, we would now have enough to feed our entire population.

    “But we can’t do that!” blurted out Ginnes.

    Terok pounded a fist on the table and said—



    *The blade became ‘bad wave appliques,’ the drumstick became the opposing shore and pieces of the lake, and the forearm became a hat, half a hat, a chair back, part of the non-drumstick isle, a chalk stub, an arm stub, and part of an arm shadow. I think that might be a record for me for most uses.



    I am so very sorry for responding so late, I ‘ve had a rough week of recovery.

    The winner is Herr D.

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