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    Wolf Master

    Wow that amazing, good work.






    Thanks guys! I’m glad you all like it!



    Against a ton of amazing talent, and my better judgment. I enter the JR’S centennial CDC! I bring fireworks to celebrate!



    Mad Jack




    going back to January

    very kewl. Love shadow demon shawl, the claw around the energy ball. And as a mother in law, she looks young and pretty. Must be all that plastic surgery. LOL 😀

    Super hero Nug. What isn’t to love about that suit. Well done on the face too. The tech used on the costume, the color (I’m a sucker for green apparently) the glows, the smoke, are all so awesome.

    Scarlet and Grace
    Just great. kewl faces, wonderful costumes, great poses.
    I am curious, did you consult them on the powers? What did they think of the finished results?

    I mentioned in the CDC how much I love him. So well done and nice and friendly. Loved the use of Juggernaught’s helmet. Was so sad he didn’t win. 🙁

    Dragon Egg
    I also commented on CDC on this one. At first I didn’t get what everyone was on about. Then I mazimized it and looked with my magnifying glass and saw all the things I missed that others didn’t. The hex pattern, the dragon face details. It definately deserved then win. Great job.

    You may have seen before my high school mascot was the Yellowjackets. So I can’t help but love this guy. And he is SO well done, and not a standard pose. And a great costume. You excelled.
    And yes he would make a great villian for Super Mom

    Frog King
    I did a bullywug WAY back in the day. But Frog King RULZ!
    I also have the haiku penname kawazu which means “frog”
    So needless to say I love all four of the frog pics.
    They are very well done. Great use and camoflauge of the hippo head. I’m still trying to figure it out.

    Ya know ya really need to name/label your peices more clearly. Wasn’t sure of Fireworks is the character name or not. 😀
    But she is alsorts ot amazing. If it doesn’t win, she’s damn sure in the poll at very least. (I try not to say anyone is gonna win, seems to be a curse. Ask BOB)
    The hair is just amazing. As is the costume, and the textures. You can almost feel what is skin, metal and what is fabric.

    All in all, my biggest complaint. Not many posts here in the year. You need to do more of this amazing art.

    (Yes I realize “Life Happens”)



    Urp date :S I always miss some little thing -.-



    @ Cliff How fun! ok lets do this…


    It’s all the soul sucking that keeps her young! 😀

    Super Nug

    I’m partial to “green” myself. 😉 It only seemed fitting.

    Scarlet and Grace

    Yes and no… Their personalities gave way to their powers..??.. if that makes since. The were pleased with the turn out. 🙂


    He is a fun looking fellow, isn’t he? Like he would be your best friend and beat up all the bully kids that take you lunch money and make fun of you.

    Dragon Egg

    Thanks again! 🙂 It was a fun piece to do.


    Thanks for the compliment! I’m starting to see why people wanna feed him. However tis only a toon. 😛

    Frog King.

    Mhmm this one was fun. No set “hey this is a frog head” and the hippo was the closest I could find. As always If I do something someone can’t figure out… Just Ask. I hold no secrets, and always love to pass on knowledge. 🙂


    ^ Is actually what I named her. Its labeled on the DA site… and we are having bad storms here today, and school is almost out, and… and… ugghhhh… *twitchy eye* … Life indeed does happen… so I was rushing it. I despise having to rush, but couldn’t miss out on JR’s 100th. 😀 Everybody seems to be bringing their “A Game” for this one too. No polls either. Funest competition in a long time. 😉

    Thanks for you comments Cliff! Good to hear from you! 🙂



    Hasn’t made any stuffs since the project with AMS. This Pop Quiz was a nice way to get back to it.

    I present Brutus from Julius Caesar.

    My favorite Hero/Villain from anything done by Shakespeare. Those who don’t know… should.



    Et Tu Nugarius?




    He is an honorable man. Good job.



    Vespidae is beautiful. It’s my favorite.

    The frog king is very funny.




    Seems like all I do is take test now days… 😛

    I got my Yellow Submarine. Where is yours?




    Don’t ya hate when you post a pic, and then notice your layer hierarchy is messed up. :S



    What a Dick! (Tracy)

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