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    Oh the “grays”!

    And very fine wheelchair… I’ll probably gonna borrow that some time later for my series… :)


    Mad Jack

    Knock yourself out – you’ll find it in the Custom Items Archive… ;)




    The Risen are a race of evolutionary advanced, intelligent and humanoid dinosaurs. Created by the Mata’Nui as protecors of their race the Risen live on the mysterious cloaked “Savage Island” which has an ecosystem with no equal on earth – thanks to alien terraforming procedures. They share their untamed home with an abundance of genetically altered animal species and leave it rarely, because when they do people usually notice. The Risen are always prepared to fight against intruders or any other peril from the outside world, but despite that they are actually a very kind and hospitable species – as long as you’re invited and unarmed, of course.


    Mad Jack

    Another two “Risen” and then on to the next topic… ;)





    Nice! I really love Ornithomimus.



    Great Dinos. Smile


    Mad Jack

    THX a lot folks! A little apprecation now and then keeps the muse singing… ;)

    Mad Jack Comics presents you



    Not much to say about him for now. But I think the name speaks for itself.




    Awesome dino-men! That guy with the sword is fantastic. And I also like that archer with the strange helmet thingy.

    Mehr davon bitte… Wink


    Mad Jack

    Einfach ein paar Seiten zurückblättern – da gibt es noch mehr… ;)


    Haven’t had a chance to comment but I’ve been following along and I must say, LOTS of very excellent creations here.



    The Risen are great!


    Mad Jack

    Well, I’m no big commenter either. I rather let me inspire by the wonderful work of people like AMS, DiCicatriz, DJuby, GuyGenesis, headlessgeneral, JR19759, NHA247, prswirve, Scatman, Vampyrist and Weilyn (to name but a few). Most of their artwork manage to knock my socks off on a regular basis…

    Here’s my shot on a background for a character…


    Captain Adam Sterling was a young astronaut who set off to a risky reconnaissance mission on the dark side of the moon in 1985 and disappeared without a trace shortly after landing on its surface. Neither of him nor his spaceship was ever found a trace.

    It was the year 2012, when they finally heard from him again.

    When a group of astronauts pursued a signal on the moon that led them to the place where NASA last had contact with Adam, they discovered a cave that led deep below the surface of the moon. To their surprise, they found in this vault not only alien technology, but also the long lost spaceman, who hadn’t apparently aged a day and wore a strange space suit.

    Imagine the even bigger surprise, when he greeted them with the words: “Was about time that you guys showed up here.

    (to be continued…)




    First ,I would humbly say that you are a creature of your own methods.And those methods are amazing!I am starring at your creations wrapping my head around everything from your amazingly in depth writing skill to your abundant imagination!I love all of it and Ican honestly say I am a fan!Good stuff man,keep it up!
    PS Big fan of the alien agenda and all that jazz so I am a pig in slop reading your stuff!Wink



    Make room for me in the slop. I’m hooked on your background for Trailblazer – can’t wait to read more. Both he and the Mean Machine look great. Super clever use of items.



    Yeah, the backstory is great, and the background is beautiful!


    Mad Jack

    Wow – now I’m really blushing. You’re too kind folks…

    But uh-oh. What have I done? Didn’t think I would raise expectations with my little stories – I made most of them up “on the go” while posting the respective picture here. I’m currently working once again on an extensive website to go and try presenting my whole universe of superheroes to the world with a background story connecting all the ideas I had in my head for many years – but sadly it will be in german at first and is far away from being presentable at the moment.

    But then again – why not posting the main background story here first? And even in english! It might take more time to write it down since I’m not a native english-speaker, but again: Why not? I’ll try my best. So stay tuned – the whole story will come in the course of the next few days (and maybe weeks) after a little nip and cut on the tweaking places…

Viewing 15 posts - 46 through 60 (of 355 total)

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