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    To many to comment on each of them, so I’ll just say you have some great characters.Laugh


    Alexander of Limbo

    Love VELOX’s claws, may have to nick that idea Laugh


    Mad Jack

    Thanks – I’m flattered…

    Now come sing with me:

    “And I think it’s gonna be a long, long time ‘til touch down brings
    me round again to find I’m not the man they think I am at home
    Oh no, no, no, I’m a Rocket Man

    ROCKET MAN, burning out his fuse up here alone”

    What happens when an Elton-John-Fan, who happens to be a former soviet rocket scientist, stumbles over alien technology?

    Ask Iwan Kowaljow…

    ALBION KNIGHT – Albert Byron, industrial tycoon and Lord of Byronshire, found an age-old knight’s armor in the attic of the manor, he inherited from a distant relative and had to learn of its mystical powers, when he put it on for a masquerade ball he staged and terrorists attacked his estate to kill the high-ranking politicians amongst his guests. The armor provided him with enhanced strength, velocity and a forcefield and enabled him to easily defeat an kill the assailants.

    Studying the armors history he could trace it back to the times of King Arthur, where it was enchanted by Merlyn personally. When he discovered that his family descended from none other than the valiant Sir Galahad of the round table itself, he decided to become a crimefighter after updating the armor with high-tech components.

    He quickly became a british national hero and was even knighted by King William of England to be now Sir Albert Byron – The Albion Knight

    ANKH – When the young cameleer Fasil Abu Khaled got in the way of a tomb robber and foiled the desecrating of pharao Weneg-adj’ sarcophagus he snatched an ancient ansated cross out of the thief’s hands. When he put the golden ankh back on the sarcophagus despite of his own poverty it started to glow and the egyptian god Anubis himself appeared in front of him.

    Anbubis manifested that he had chosen Fasil in virtue of his bravery and noble mind to become his champion and granted him immortality as well as the ability to give crude life to inanimate objects and to ranimate corpses along with the control over them and the power to invoke the spirits of the deceased to do his biddings. Furthermore he can accelerate or reverse age of organisms and non-living objects at will.

    With these bounties he became not only the national hero of egypt, but also the grim guardian of mankind and reaper of all depraved souls called “Ankh”…



    I’m likin’ Levin. The electrical effects are really cool.


    Mad Jack


    BLACKSMITH – The extraordinary inventive genius Rupert Alexander (“Alex”) Powell with double majors in physics and engineering from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (M.I.T.) used his mechanical aptitude to build up a business and turn it into a multi-billion dollar industry complex with government contracts for advanced weaponry and munitions.

    As a spoiled playboy and thrillseeker Alex plowed most of his money into cars, parties and orgies of sex until the day he was late for the demonstration of his newest weapon for the military: “The Behemoth”. Having a big hangover from his latest debaucheries Alex arrived too late and didn’t notice the manipulations on the machine done by his disgruntled business partner Edward Antony.

    When the weapon system failed due to the sabotage Alex went on the test site presumptuous stating only he could fix it. But at exact the same moment when he discovered the tampering it caused a short circuit followed by an explosion that nearly killed Alex. Altough he eventually survived the attempt on his life, he remained crippled and paraplegic for the rest of his life.

    Realizing his mistakes Alex changed his life afterwards starting with his coming out and focussing on being a better human. After the war against “The Harvesters” he founded a new enterprise called “The Workshop” where scientists, philosophers and other free-thinking individuals from various fields of expertise are brought into contact and act as a group in working on a better future for all of humanity by exploring the salvaged technologies from the crashlanded alien-ships.

    Seeing the need for heroes in a devastated world Alex constructed or improved the weapons and equipment of various super-villains and even built a high-tech armor with an exoskeleton to become a superhero himself…

    Close-Up Alex Powell
    Close-Up Armor
    Close-Up Armor Escape Mode


    ARMORY – A former pilot in the United States Marines Rodney “Rod” James was discharged from the army because of his candor under the “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” policy when his superiors got wind of his sexual orientation. Looking for a new job he found a new engagement as securty chief and personal bodyguard of Alex Powell after his accident.

    Still being in the closet himself Alex was stunned how Rod took his homosexuality in stride and eventually confided in him. Over time they bonded in their efforts to build a new life for Alex and they ultimately fell in love. The announcement of their engagement in a press conference was Alex’ coming out…

    When Alex some years later decided to become a superhero he built an armor for his husband as well and so Rodney James became the first open gay hero called “Armory“.



    Awesome wheelchair


    Mad Jack


    THE GRIMMS – For thousands of years a tribe of superhumans created by the alien race of Mata’Nui (aka “The Grey”) lived hidden on the technologically cloaked island Atlantis just remembered by humans in myths, tales and legends. That was until their home was unmasked in the events of the attack of “The Harvesters” and the world learned about their true existence.

    After the war against the alien invaders some of those “Lost Gods” decided to help the humans in rebuilding their society, but others – who frequently visited the outside world before and founded some folktales hereby – remembered their days as gods of the ancient Greeks, Vikings and even Mayas and formed a group with the objective to regain this status – no matter what the cost.

    These terrorists become known as “LOST GODS“. Here are some of their members:

    MOONDOG – A werwolf (obviously)… (thx to livewyre for the “stance” pose)

    WILD BULL – Descendant of the legendary Minotaur… (thx to livewyre for the partially used “brute” pose and furthermore for the inspiration by his awesome minotaur)



    Yeah, that wheelchair is great. Might just have to steal some ideas from that for an upcoming project.



    Nice work! The wheel chair is quite good, and the characters are striking. Glad you’re getting some use out of my humble poses. Keep em comin!!!


    Mad Jack

    @livewyre1014 said:
    Glad you’re getting some use out of my humble poses. Keep em comin!!!

    Posing is one of my greatest weaknesses and are – along with missing skills regarding proportions – the main reasons I can’t draw very well. So I have to thank you for your generosity in sharing your poses – it’s a welcome change for me from my otherwise rather static creations. In other words: Keep the poses coming…

    Here another member of the Grimms:

    RATCATCHER – Fitted with the ability to control animals and humans equally with his pheromonal powers he founded amongst others the myth of the “pied piper” (better known as “Der Rattenfänger von Hameln”). His ethereal music serves to calm his victims before his pheromones kick in…


    The Atomic Punk

    Der Rattenfänger von Hameln… Mutti would read us the story along with the original Grimm tales… in Deutsch. Great interpretation. Viele Erinnerungen…



    Oooh, that story always creeped me out. We call him Råttfångaren från Hamlen, in these parts.

    Great interpretation!


    Mad Jack

    @The Atomic Punk said:
    Der Rattenfänger von Hameln… Mutti would read us the story along with the original Grimm tales… in Deutsch. Great interpretation. Viele Erinnerungen…

    The original Grimms tales? Really?! Surprised

    Because theres a big difference between the original stories and the “softened” ones everybody knows. The originals were very gory and partly racy – so not really for kids than rather for adults… ;)


    The Atomic Punk

    @madjack said:
    The original Grimms tales? Really?!

    Because theres a big difference between the original stories and the “softened” ones everybody knows. The originals were very gory and partly racy – so not really for kids than rather for adults…

    Mutti (my grandmother) was not safe for children. She had a wicked sense of humor. I really miss her Kartoffelpuffer… mit Apfelmus… ok, I need to get some breakfast! Chow! I mean… ciao! Laugh


    Mad Jack

    Kartoffelpuffer – or as they are called here in bavaria: Reiberdatschi …mmm – getting hungry…

    Another Grimm:

    JORÅŒGUMO (女郎蜘蛛) – This spider woman comes from asia where she entered the japanese folklore as a dreaded maneating yōkai. Besides her shapshifting capability and the proportional powers of a spider she has the abilty to seduce any men and to bend their will into indulging her every whim.

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