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    Finally, the last member of The Sinners, Lust.

    A common misconception is that the woman now known as Lust is supposedly very sexual due to the sin she represents… As the poor fools who found themselves hospitalized after hitting on her will tell you, this is completely untrue. Her lust is not one for carnal pleasures, but one for power. Much like Greed, she lived a life of crime before her curse, once being part of a small street gang she planned to eventually take over as her own. However before she could put her plans into action her curse was put upon her, and much like the other Sinners she was outcast by those she once considered her friends and allies, and instead joined a new “gang” as the seventh member of The Sinners. Like Pride, Lust often tries to guide the group as a leader, which often leads to arguments and power struggles between the two, though Lust seems to have just as much trouble getting the others to follow her.



    Decided to make quick little group shot of The Sinners now that they’re all finished. Buuut since I was dumb and forgot to save texts for them all I just had to use Paint.NET to try and assemble them together. It’s not perfect, but it’s something.

    EDIT: Aaand it got cut off… Bugger. Well since the forum doesn’t seem to want to let me upload attachments these days, here’s just a Tinypic link to the image.



    Now that I’ve finished up The Sinners, here are the two villains that stand in their way.
    As the creature responsible for the curses placed upon the seven members of The Sinners, Acedia is as dangerous as demons get. Driven by an intense boredom and apathy, Acedia has become dissatisfied with the world and his current state of existence, finding both to be growing tedious and directionless. Combined with his overall cold, heartless demeanor and complete apathy towards mortal suffering, Acedia has no problem with simply wiping out existence to build the world anew and create a humanity that he finds more enjoyable. While he is a major threat already, on his own he currently lacks the power to completely end all life as we know it, and so his intent is to take the power of those he cursed (Including his true offspring, Sloth) to fuel his apocalyptic desires.
    As a loyal servant of Acedia and a powerful warrior, Vain is a true force to be reckoned with. Descended from the demon of Pride, Lucifer himself, Vain was bred for greatness and eventually came to serve Acedia as his right hand and ruthless enforcer. Of course due to his heritage, Vain views himself quite highly and despite not being the one in charge he believes himself to be the true threat between himself and his master Acedia. However due to the raw power he possesses, Acedia plans to eventually absorb Vain into himself just like he intends to do with The Sinners.


    The Atomic Punk

    Great stuff with the Sinners and their archenemies. My favorite is Lust. This is definitely a group that I would love to see or read in a series.



    So, I was going to use SeventhSanctum’s name generator for some inspiration for what to name a certain character, but this name ended up being my very first result, and I couldn’t simply ignore it….

    No cats were harmed in the making of this image.

    Okay, I lied. A lot of cats were harmed. Can’t trust those damned Cat Throwers.



    Decided to make a second, much more stylistic image of Acedia as well.


    And it looks like the forum is letting me attach things again! Hooray!



    That would make a great poster.


    Very cool!



    Here’s two currently story-less members of FIEND… Wig, a woman who can rapidly grow and control her hair, and Gemstone, a former marine with skin made of diamond.




    So, I’ve decided now to revisit and overhaul one of my oldest story universes, Darkstreet. This is a setting/story I’ve been constantly fiddling with for several years now, back in the old days of HM 2.5 when HM 3 was probably just a faint thought in Jeff’s brain.

    The idea was basically revolving around the fictional city of Calle Oscura, nicknamed Darkstreet by its residents. It’s known as a haven for criminals and all manner of scum and murderers, with violence and corruption around every corner, and stories followed the attempts of a COPD detective trying to bring law back to the lawless streets of Calle Oscura. Things grow a bit more complicated though as a mysterious drug known as “Evo” emerges in the criminal underworld, a powerful chemical with mutagenic side effects that scrambles a user’s genetic code to grant them strange and fearsome abilities, thus introducing a super powered arsenal to Darkstreet’s criminal element. Where did Evo come from? Who’s supplying it? How can it be stopped? Those all become questions that Detective Frank Henson must try and find the answers to.

    First up I’ve made a very simple mock-up comic cover for the story/universe, as well as redesigned the two main protaganists Frank Henson and his short tempered, muscle-bound partner “Bruno”. I’ve decided to go with close-up portraits for these Darkstreet redesigns, partly as some practice in face design, and partly to focus in more on the characters rather than their outfits.




    Continuing on the Darkstreet series, here is the first character I actually created for the story and one of Frank’s constant rivals and foils, “Father”, formerly known as Gravedigger before I decided to give him a name more fitting of his backstory. Father/Gravedigger always stuck out as one of my favourite villains in Darkstreet, due to being an example of how in Calle Oscura, even the kindest of men could be corrupted into a sadistic killer.

    His backstory is that originally he had been one of the few good people in Calle Oscura; a loving father and grandfather, a respected priest in his neighborhood, and a constant help to the city’s smaller communities. However a late trip to his church to pray tossed him right off the slippery slope to insanity when a gas leak within the church caused him to have hallucinations of a higher power speaking to him and telling him to brutally punish the sinners of Calle Oscura. From that point on he became of one of the city’s most notorious serial killers, leaving a trail of mutilated and dismembered bodies where ever he goes, carving a cross into the blade of his weapon of choice for each murder he commits. It is later revealed that not only was the gas leak and his hallucination orchestrated by a mysterious organization known as “Noir” to intentionally create a foil for Frank to keep him busy, but that the gas was also an altered version of Evo that’s granted Father immortality.

    And to be completely honest, he mostly just started as a homage to the character Alexander Anderson from Hellsing.



    Hey hey out there all you loyal listeners, this is everybody’s favourite digital disc jockey, DJ Radiohead at 83.6, “The Fiend”! Your number one stop for music that’s so mind blowing that the feds don’t even want your little human ears to enjoy it! And you can hear it all here, all the time! Because remember, once you start listening to The Fiend, you just can’t stop…”

    The animatronic DJ known as Radiohead is a secret agent of FIEND, though many believe he promotes the agendas of even more powerful forces. An automaton built by IQ following DJ’s turn to heroics, he repurposed much of the technology from her gauntlets to machines capable of manipulating soundwaves and frequencies for a variety of useful effects. Although these effects can be powerful in combat, Radiohead instead uses them to brainwash people through his pirate radio station, 83.6 The Fiend. The station’s music is filled to the brim with mind-controlling sound frequencies and subliminal messages hidden within all of the music that the mechanical DJ creates himself.



    Just a HM remake of a character from an old MMO I used to play.




    Next up, an alternately posed Vain for one of the blog contests.



    Alexander of Limbo

    I really love Witticism, everything works: the colour scheme, the face, and even the background insignia

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