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    Aaaand a few more misc oldies from the UGO forums that I don’t have much more to say about. So, enjoy.

























    Some brilliant stuff here. I’m glad you managed to rescue it all from the old forum, it would have been a shame if it had been lost.



    Unfortunately there still were a few losses when the forum went down, but only some really old HM2 creations. My HM3 stuff managed to stay safe thankfully. Anywho, back to FIEND once more, it’s time to get started on the academy’s students!

    A young teen with a powerful voice… Literally. Howl was one of the first students FIEND recruited for their academy, abandoned by his parents due to his dangerous powers and eventually falling in with a gang in order to survive. This gang happened to be the one now lead by Greyscale, who pointed out the boy’s potential to FIEND. His ability to create powerful shockwaves with his voice caught their attention, and Howl was enrolled in their new academy. However not long after his enrollment, Howl’s powers nearly collapsed the entire academy, and so to prevent any similar incidents and damage to the academy in the future, he now wears a special muzzle that neutralizes the shockwaves created by his screams.




    So, I decided to remake one of my salvaged characters as another student of FIEND’s academy. Check the last page for the original if you want a comparison!

    Just about everyone at FIEND’s academy knows who Lily is, as she’s infamous as a troublemaker amongst the other students. She’s also caught the attention of FIEND’s higher-ups as well due to the ancient god dwelling within her shadow that for some reason seems to obediently follow her every command. Though Lily herself is hardly any danger due to her lazy, laid back attitude and rather dim-witted, ditzy behavior, FIEND’s enemies consider her to be one of their biggest threats due to the immense power of her shadow. Though the creature’s origins and nature a mystery, it has proven itself to be a force well beyond the other god-like entities known to FIEND such as Void and The Philosopher.




    Bit of an odd idea that just came to me in my sleep that I just had to make.

    Hey you there! Are you tired of your boring dead end job? Are you sick of getting pushed around? Do you wish you could be like those incredible superheroes zipping through the air and fighting evil where ever it may lurk? Then you should try NEW, Cape Cola! The only soft drink guarenteed to give you super powers, real super powers! Can’t find a parking spot? Chug a can of Cape Cola and pick up somebody else’s car to take their spot! Late for an important date? Knock back a can of Cape Cola and arrive there at mach speeds! Stuck in yet another traffic jam? Down some more Cape Cola and just fly the rest of the way! The possibilities are endless! There is nothing you can’t do without Cape Cola!


    However, the Cape Cola company hides a deep, dark secret… How exactly does a simple can of soda give someone superpowers, and why have several big name superheroes gone missing just days before Cape Cola hit store shelves? The answer to both these questions is the sinister truth behind Cape Cola… The soft drink is created by taking the powers of heroes captured by the Cape Cola Company’s goons, and then mixing the raw essence of those powers with a regular carbonated beverage, as well as a special mind control drug that plants the seeds of evil within a person’s brain with every sip, until they grow mad with power granted to them by the drink and use their new powers to terrorize cities around the world. Cape Cola isn’t a miraculous new sports drink that makes anything possible, it’s a villainous plot to chaos chaos, destruction, and anarchy…




    Great concept for Cape Cola! I’d buy it Laugh



    Formerly a student of FIEND’s academy, Wukong was one of the first of several students to turn against FIEND and join DJ after graduating from the academy. His father had been a hero also fighting under the alias “Wukong”, named after the Chinese Monkey King whom he based much of his heroics off of, and intended to pass the alias on to his son when he passed. However, FIEND took his son under their wing before he could and kept the truth about his father from him. After seeing his father’s past heroics first-hand thanks to the recently reformed Doc Chrono, he vowed to follow in his foot steps and become the new Wukong, and eventually formed a team of young heroes with DJ and several other former students who rebelled against FIEND. He has also recently discovered that one of his ancestors was one of the monks that helped seal Nekomeiji into his current feline form.



    Here’s a gender-swapped version of Geek made for a thread over in the contest forum.




    Borrowed a pose from Harlequin for this one.

    Descended from an ancient telepathic race thought to be long dead, Secret is a powerful psychic who constantly hears the thoughts and secrets of everyone around her. However, she is also mute and so those secrets often stay just that. FIEND took her in as a student of the academy at the request of Alchemist Midas, who believes her ancestors had some connection to the Alchemists and the Philosopher. When not at the academy she is also often seen following around the 8 Ball Oracle, raising many more questions about its origins as well as hers.




    Great use of the pose, and awesome concept for the character.



    Though many students of the academy were considered as successors to the Headmaster’s legacy as Grave, it was naturally decided that it should be his only son. Like his father, Eulogy’s body is extremely durable, able to shrug off bullets like fly bites… Though unlike his father, Eulogy is hardly indestructible, simply very difficult to harm. Upon learning that his mother was a heroine his father had captured and had an affair with as Grave, Eulogy has had thoughts of turning against FIEND and joining DJ’s growing team of young heroes, but has been too afraid of his father to act on them.



    Nice work, Luc. I LOVE the Cape Cola idea. Wu Kong is pretty cool, too (FYI, Sun Wu Kong is Chinese, not Japanese, from the ancient novel Journey to The West). Eulogy is one scary looking dude!

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