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    @Linea24 said:

    : Thank you! I really like a lot of your works too, especially Sonic Violet.

    You’re welcome! And thank you as well. :D


    Delirious AL

    I really enjoy your soft colors, especially coupled with your use of non-black line colors. :)



    I’ve really been wanting to do a piece like this:


    Ad astra, per aspera means “to the stars, through difficulties” in Latin. I first found the phrase while looking through a dictionary in 8th grade during Language Arts. I’ve pretty much adopted it as my philosophy in life, but lately I’ve been forgetting it and expecting things to go along swimmingly. But now, I’ve just been hit with the bat of reality because I found out that I have to get myself back into gear and pass my APUSH and AP English III classes with high grades this semester to balance out my failing grades from last semester, or else I won’t be able to graduate. And so, I guess I made this because I needed a reminder of what one must do to reach success in something.



    Love it, especially the flames in the foreground, great effect.



    Very cool! I have to agree with JR.


    Herr D

    Was it anything like this?
    I just couldn’t leave that phrase alone . . .



    Thanks, guys!
    @Herr D: That picture made my day when I saw it.


    Herr D

    Laugh Daymaker, that’s me! I’m not done with the bat of reality’s origin story yet. That may be awhile.



    Now’s here’s a more lighthearted piece (as well my entry for the current blog contest):

    Mass Indecision

    Name: Too many to count.
    Aliases: Mass Indecision
    Age: unknown
    Alignment: Random
    Associations: THE ALMIGHTY HELIX!!!
    Powers: ????
    Mass Indecision is a…unique superhero. He used to be one of the best superheroes, but since then, he has been taken over by an unknown host from another dimension. In fact, few even remember what he was like before the host took over him and controlling his every move. Now, he often mutters random, pointless things like “praise the helix”, “anarchy, not democracy”, “a a a b down a a b a start9”, etc. He always carries a random rock, often thrusting it into people’s faces and shouting “WORSHIP THE ALMIGHTY HELIX!!!”. His movements are almost always pointless and random, making teaming up with him a gamble and a half. He also apparently has no discernment between friend and foe, because he will throw his “helix rock” at friend and foe alike.


    (By the way, can anyone guess what inspired this guy?)



    Nice, he looks twitchy.



    I haven’t been on in a month, apparently. But recently I’ve been working on a couple of new ideas of mine, but I haven’t finished any of them yet. Although, when I saw the current contest on the blog, I revised one of my older characters in order to enter it.

    Plant Felis Final Revision




    Super cute!



    Love, love, love it!



    I didn’t know I wanted a green cat, but now I realize I’ve wished for one all my life Laugh



    Thanks, all!

    Alright, I’ve done another redux. This time, it’s of Iwani, my faerie assassin. I’m starting to think my “remakes” are more of reimaginings of the character in different circumstances. For example, this one of Iwani is of her on Earth.

    Iwani Take 2:

    Name: Iwani
    Aliases: n/a
    Age: undisclosed
    Alignment: Villain
    Associations: unknown
    Powers/Skills: unknown

    Iwani was the top assassin in all of Tesine. If anyone wanted anyone dead, she was the one to do it. But even the best can mess up. In her attempt to assassinate Davera to send the Felis Warders into disarray, Iwani mistimed it and was caught in the act. She was arrested and sent to the drakan-controlled prison fortress of Diaere,where the worst criminals of every Felian race are sent permanently. While she was there, her left hand was cut off as a reminder of why she was there. But despite the top magical security at Diaere, Iwani was able to escape via unknown means. Right after her escape, a warning flare was sent out to every magic user in Tesine, Overland, Marine, and Felis, warning against Iwani’s escape as well as making known every one of her 23 identities. Since Iwani could no longer stay hidden in inhabited areas, she either had to: a.) smuggle herself to Antia, or b.) find a way to one of the planets that were alliance candidates. Unfortunately, all possible portalways linked to Antia were heavily regulated and guarded. As for the alliance candidates, they were only reachable by either spaceship or long-distance portal. The only fully-functioning spaceship in all of Tesine was the Aniean, and that was back in the rebuilt city of Astrell under massive watch. And long-distance portals? They were currently still in development, with magic users from every race, Overland, Marine, and Felis, experimenting fervently with lost methods of portal making. So Iwani could only wait until she was caught again. Until a breakthrough happened with the long-distance portals and Earth was reached.
    She sneaked through the portal by the use of an invisibility cloak while the Felian ambassadors were still on Earth. No information exists about what’s been happening with her on Earth, but she has been foiled on her more daring attempts by the Fantasy Force, Warders, and the Florablade Sisters.


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