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    Christi S

    Wow, thanx you guys! I wasn’t sure I was totally happy with the result on that last piece, but yall’s responses are super encouraging!

    Seriously tho… WTF is a Power User!?! lmao

    And if yall think its really Hall of Fame worthy… am I sposed to do sumthin? Submit it somewhere or sumthin?

    @Herr D: It was 96 layers



    The Power User Profiles were a series of interviews featuring Heromachine users that Jeff and then JR did for the blog a while back.


    They were just a bit of fun to highlight the people behind the creations and get to know them a little better. Generally people who have been around for a long time or who use the tool the best. Hasn’t been done for quite a while though.

    Hall of fame entries don’t happen much these days either. I’m not sure why. In the past, a lot of nominations have been gathered at the end of the year (usually nominated by other people) and submitted into a competition for entry but I’m not sure if the admins have plans to do that again this year. I haven’t heard anything.



    Admins are busy people, Mr. Hebert (the Creator *spoken is breathless, reverent tones*) is also very busy, and I don’t think the areas of responsibility amongst the admins include those two types of blog entries/activities, any longer. 🙁

    It’s too bad, because I remember reading those, even when I was on my hiatus. It was really cool to see people getting so good with the tool!

    In any case, “power user” is ALSO just a simple way to describe people who know how to make the most out of the HM3 tool and create awesome works of art.


    Herr D

    96. Thanx. I may have to experiment with backlighting.



    So you know, I’m nominating your last piece for the Heromachine Hall of Fame.  It’s fantastic and you deserve the recognition.


    May I nominate your portrait of the tattooed woman to the COTY contest?



    “just sumthin silly” (first piece in your first post) is nice for me, i like unique/non-traditional/totally custom/not standard characters.
    Even for a “test” creation, i have no problem admiring it.

    Second creation (the first with background) is also interesting.
    Colors look nice on her costume.
    Pose fits flying moment.

    “Super Inspired” creation speaks to me in dark, mysterious and creepy way.
    Nice usage of darkness and red, glowing eyes.
    Simple, yet nice clothes for character.
    Overall scenery also good.

    “highlighting/masking/etc” is good.
    Shadow casted on the wall really catched my attention (in a very good way of course).
    Extra points for darkness on the left (Yes, i am fanatic of darkness/shadows).
    Highlights on character (if it can be called a character) are fine in my opinion (for sure better then what i can do)

    the one for “One Part, Many Characters” contest is great.
    I myself would never thing of that way of using items in that way.
    Overall effect is great, really great, epic i would even say.

    character for “Another’s Take on It” is wonderful.
    Armor/clothes are great and well fitting both for character and the pose of said character.
    Pose itself deserves very own congratulations.
    Her face is also well made, great job on it.

    creation with backlight effect is just epic.
    I think i never saw pose like that looking that good.
    Lightning effects are too powerful in this piece. Just too good.
    Great, great job. Keep going and creating, i bet you won’t regret it.

    I wish i would be this good.


    Christi S

    Been away from HM for a bit (life got kinda hectic this new year) so here’s an update:

    Thanx for the explanations on the power user/etc. phenom.

    TYSM to everyone who nominated/voted for my piece in Hall of Fame! <3

    : Omg, wow, such a detailed response! Thanx a bundle for the feedback and encouragement! Right there with you on shadows n darkness, btw; I adore those in pieces. Tryna make sure I don’t become the Zack Snyder of HM, cuz everytime I do a redesign it seems to come out darker, both literally and metaphorically lol

    Aaaaand, new pieces:

    Latest entry for One Part, Many Characters:

    Latest entry for Another’s Take on It:

    *Redesign of a piece posted by Keric



    Christi S

    Decided I aughta have an avatar, at this point!

    Ended up snowballing into actually being probly my most ambitious project to date. I thought “why not try n make it look kinda like me?” which turned into “why not try n make it really look like me?” which turned into “lets see what exactly the limitations are on HM as far as producing photo-realistic art” lol.

    Soooo… ended u spending like 2 hours with a reference photo trying to get the shading just right. Think my vanity may have gotten the better of me though, because the finished product looks about 10x prettier and about 10 years younger than I do >_>


    Christi S

    Another entry for One Part, Many Characters! Yall should really join in on that one; its a lot of fun! 8D


    Christi S

    Entry for CDC 310
    I’m calling it “Penance Labor”



    The shading on your last 3 works are excellent, especially on your self portrait.

    Keep up the good work


    Christi S

    Thanx! The self-portrait is actually what got me to start thinking of shading with the gradient backgrounds as able to be more nuanced than simply ‘ad lighting’ or ‘make 2d character 3d’, n I’ve been trying to do more with it since so I’m glad its showing through! ^_^



    The shading on that self-portrait is amazing. I’ve mostly given up on shading faces as I can never get it looking right but you did amazing work with this one. Bravo. 🙂


    Christi S

    @Anarchangel: Using a reference pic REALLY helped; its hard to visualize the way light hits a face!

    Also… entry for CDC 312
    “Uber Bane” (I didn’t pick the name lol)

    Edit: The inspiration for this character, generated from my name on http://superhero.namegeneratorfun.com/ :

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