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    @JR19759 said:

    Thanks guys.
    Just brainstorming, but if people like the idea (and I’ll let my fellow moderators have the final say on this because it’s not just my call), we could at the end of the year have a heromachine oscars type thing, where people nominate ‘machiners in different categories and then vote on who should win the award (categories like best image, coolest thread, CDC fave, best newcomer; for example, I’m sure I could come up with more), and the winners win a “Herbie”.
    I’ll leave it up to you guys, but I quite like the idea.

    I nominate AMS!



    Anyway, moving on.


    On a parallel Earth, known as Nightworld, live alternate races of all Earth creatures known as Endlings. Apart from the obvious visual differences, pure white or black skin, red eyes and jagged teeth, Endling are slightly stronger and faster than their counterparts in our world. In Nightworld most colours do not exist, everything is black, white or red, meaning the sky and sea are red, trees are black and the grass is snow white. Other than the physical differences, nothing is different, the world’s history is exactly the same as ours, as are the “people”.



    I read now a manga (blood lad). the character desing and overally concept very similar with your character. So this mean to i really like it. :P

    And a other not a bad idea, give awards in the end of the year. And you and the moderators choose nominates for the themes and after make a polldaddy poll. (secret poll)


    Alexander of Limbo

    love the concept of Nightworld Smile



    @AoL- Thanks
    @Harlekin- I see what you mean, but it wasn’t an influence. EIther way, glad you like it.

    Anyway, I’m having fun with alternate realities, so lets go find another one.


    In reality designate Beta- 187, the world diverged from our reality in the year 1780, when Great Britain crushed the American Uprising. For the next hundred years Britain was unchallenged as the worlds major international power, conquering a fifth of the worlds landmass and controlling nearly a third of the trade. However, the unification of Germany and it’s extraordinarily quick industrialisation caused tensions, especially due to the challenge Germany posed to British colonial supremacy in Africa. Eventually these tensions spilled over into war when Germany attempted to annex the mineral wealth of Southern Rhodesia from the British in 1903. This led to a war in both Europe and Africa, with Germany invading France and Belgium in order to prevent the British Army from gaining control of the British Channel and it’s main supply routes, whilst also having to fight Britain’s ally Russia in the east. The British navy proved ineffective at preventing the German navy blockading the island and the war in Africa and France was deadlocked in trench warfare, which lead to the development of Tanks, military aircraft and submarines as early as 1907. Eventually, in 1916, Britain and its allies overcame Germany and at the peace conference Germany was all but eliminated as a state, being divided between the British, Russians and French. However, the war had taken its toll on the Russians, who had only carried on fighting through sheer strength of numbers, and in 1917 the Russian peasantry overthrew their rulers, sparking off a decade of revolutions throughout Europe, in France, Austro-Hungary and Britain. Whilst the British revolution was crushed by the army, in Europe a new communist super state was established under the rule of one of the Russian revolutionary leaders, Leon Trotsky, which combined the former French, Germany and Russian empires and their overseas colonies. To counter this threat, the British establishment took all of its technological advances and captured enemy scientists and prepared its self for another war, a war of idealism. When the war did erupt, with the British Rhineland being overrun by the United European Soviet State, the British army invaded Dunkirk and was soon pushed back by the sheer numbers of the UESS army. However, the British decided to utilise their secret weapon, the Atomic Bomb, and in 1940, they dropped it on the UESS capitol in Berlin.



    That’s a heavy alternate reality in Beta-187. Nightworld is a cool concept. Hope to see more!



    Beta-187 has a really interesting history! You should do alternate realities more often. That soldier has a cool design, too.



    Thanks guys. If you have any suggestions for divergence points for new realities I’m open to them, it’s good fun messing with history. I don’t think I’ll be doing a what if for Germany winning WWII or nuclear war between the US and USSR though, because they’ve been done to death and there are more interesting ones that haven’t been done yet.


    Magnus Maximus

    Ooh, what if the Confederacy had won the Civil War? That would be interesting.



    The first thing when i see to the war picture to i hear DOZER – BIG SKY THEORY. Thematically very prefer for that picture. Nice job.


    Mad Jack

    @JR19759 said:
    Anyway, I’m having fun with alternate realities, so lets go find another one.[/img]

    Nice Elseworlds – I always dig the ol’ “what if” game! I noticed earlier that you have a lot of great ideas that provide material for an even greater amount of excellent stories. If I were a rich guy I would hire you as my Stan Lee… http://www.heromachine.com/wp-includes/images/smilies/icon_wink.gif

    Your alternate realties would also be the perfect locations for my team “Vanguard” (not shown yet) – a group of superpowered adventurers exploring parallel dimensions and alternate realities via “Blackgates” at the behest of the U.S. government agency S.H.A.R.D. (Surveillance Headquarters for Alternate Realities & Dimensions).

    @JR19759 said:
    I don’t think I’ll be doing a what if for Germany winning WWII

    Hmm, and how about a “What if Claus von Stauffenberg succeeded in his 20 July plot to assassinate Adolf Hitler and remove the Nazi Party from power in 1944”?

    Or even better:

    “What if Hitler didn’t left the Bürgerbräukeller in Munich early on November 8, 1939 and died at the hands of Georg Elser and his bomb attack.”

    That last one would be most interesting, since the Nazi Party probably wouldn’t have been such a succes without Hitler and many atrocious war crimes that were his idea (like the holocaust) hence never had happened. Or in a nutshell: How would the world look today without WWII?! Maybe more overpopulation (millions of people wouldn’t have died and reproduced), many inventions wouldn’t have been made (or at least not so early in history) and so on …

    Just throwing around some ideas… http://www.heromachine.com/wp-content/legacy/forum-smileys/sf-laugh.gif

    @Magnus Maximus said:
    Ooh, what if the Confederacy had won the Civil War? That would be interesting.

    Also a very cool idea! Love it…



    @Harlekin- Thanks
    @Magnus Maximus- Hmmmmm, that’s one that just slots right into place doesn’t it. I think I can have some fun with that.
    @Madjack- No WWII is one I would definitely consider doing or even an alternate WWII not between America, Britain and Russia against Germany, Italy and Japan. As for your other idea, really if you take multiverse theory to its logical conclusion then all fiction is an alternate reality, because there is an infinite number of possibilities for each persons life, so logically all possibilities would be played out in its own universe. So in short, I’m always open to crossovers, as long as the story works.



    Man that’s awesome! I’m really liking the concept! More, please!



    These elseworlds are great. Some other ideas are a world without gunpowder, a modern world with medieval technologies. Or a world where the Americas were the original empires who discovered Europe and Asia, the Europeans and Asians being the “savages” to be cultivated by the American peoples. Another idea would be a world where the temperatures are flipped, with the equator being a frozen tundra and the poles being hot as the Sahara. The land masses would stay the same and settlement roughly the same, but with different environments. Just some ideas, if you want them.



    I leave the subject of WWII. What if America was inhabited by mych bigger population what (lets assume) would kicked the progress of civilization to the the same level that Europe had in times of Columbus. How discover of America will look like or rather it will be discover of Europe.
    What you thinks about it.

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