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    Great characters I really like the Freak



    The Protectors:
    Mage, Anelle and Stinger


    Code Name: Mage
    Real Name: Guinevere ‘Gwen’ Pendragon
    Power Source: Sorcery
    Powers: Magic
    Allegiances: The New Protectors (Current, Inactive Member), S.H.A.R.P* (Current)
    Known Family: Lancelot (Father, deceased), Guinevere Pendragon (Mother, Deceased),
    Arthur Pendragon (Nominal Father, Deceased), Anelle (Partner, alien)
    Notes: Earths highest ranking sorcerer/sorceress. Magically immortal. Served with distinction during the Armageddon Crisis.
    Status: Inactive.

    Code Name: Anelle
    Real Name: Anelle
    Power Source: Alien Physiology
    Powers: Environmental Empathy, Enviromental Manipulation, Teleportation (short distance)
    Allegiances: The New Protectors (Current), S.H.A.R.P* (Current, Inactive Agent)
    Known Family/ Relationships: Guinevere ‘Gwen’ Pendragon (Partner, Mage)
    Notes: Extraterrestrial. Extremely long-live. Arrived on Earth via crashed spacecraft over 100 years ago. Founding member of The New Protectors.
    Status: Active

    Code Name: Stinger
    Real Name: Jamie Walters
    Power Source: Mental Mutation, Power Harness
    Powers: Technopath, Technokinetic, Enhanced Strength/ Speed/ Jumping Power (Power Harness)
    Allegiances: The Angels (Defunct), The New Protectors (Current), S.H.A.R.P* (Current)
    Known Family: Steven Walters (Father, deceased), Diana Walters (Mother, deceased), Yasmin Walters (Sister), Wallis Peters (Partner, Blackstar)
    Notes: Lost use of both her legs in the car accident that killed her parents. Reliant on her self made power harness for the ability to walk. Brought in to the New Protectors to replace Gideon Mantel as their technical support. Founding member of The New Protectors.
    Status: Active



    The Protectors:
    Angel, Inferno and Shiro


    Code Name: Angel
    Real Name: Angel Jacobson
    Power Source: Alien Physiology
    Powers: Super Strength/ Speed/ Agility/ Senses, increased healing rate, alien technology and weapons
    Allegiances: The Protectors (Defunct)
    Known Family: Haran Talak (Father, alien), Charlotte Jacobson (Mother), Scott Stone (Husband, Inferno, deceased), unborn child
    Notes: Founder member of The Protectors. Served with distinction during the Armageddon Crisis. Injured during the Armageddon Crisis. Currently in a comatose state.
    Status: Inactive

    Code Name: Inferno
    Real Name: Scott Stone
    Power Source: Mutation
    Powers: Heat Control, Flame Manipulation, Resistance to extreme temperature
    Allegiances: The Protectors (Defunct)
    Known Family: Simon Stone (Father), Karen Stone (Mother), Angel Jacobson (Wife, Angel), unborn child
    Notes: Held by M.C.F. during the aftermath of the B.A.S.E facility being shut down. Killed during the Armageddon Crisis. Honored posthumously for his defense of the Earth.
    Status: Deceased

    Code Name: Shiro
    Real Name: Nakima Shiro
    Power Source: Mutation
    Powers: Chi Magic, Super Agility, Heightened Senses, Peak Physical Condition
    Allegiances: The Protectors (Defunct), Japanese Superhuman Enforcement Program (Current)
    Known Family/ Relationships: Nakima Akio (Father), Nakima Kazuko (Mother), Nakima Daiki (Brother), Nakima Hikaru (Brother), Nakima Minako (Sister), Sato Tsukiko (Wife, Lotus)
    Notes: Joined The Protectors in a resource sharing agreement with the Japanese government in order to further Japans ambition to set up it’s own Superhuman Law Enforcement division. Currently returned to Japan. Working for the Japanese Superhuman Enforcement Program as a field team leader.
    Status: Active (Non-Jurisdictional)



    The Protectors:
    Swift, Karim, Mantel and Ruby


    Code Name: Swift
    Real Name: Amanda Swift
    Power Source: Mutation
    Powers: Matter Manipulation, Gravity Manipulation, Energy Absorption
    Allegiances: The Protectors (Defunct)
    Known Family: Theodore Swift (Father, Deceased), Eleanor Swift (Mother, Deceased), Jessie Swift (Brother, Incarcerated)
    Notes: Born with Progressive Walters- Swift Syndrome**. Founder Member of The Protectors. Cured of Progressive Walters- Swift Syndrome by Gideon Mantel (Mantel). Killed during the Armageddon Crisis. Honored posthumously for her defense of the Earth.
    Status: Deceased

    Code Name: Karim
    Real Name: Richard Mays
    Power Source: Mutation brought on by Extradimensional Possession
    Powers: Telepathy, Telekinesis, Astral Projection, Memory Manipulation, Mind Control, Empathy, Psychometry, Emotion Manipulation, Power Sensing, Minor Danger Precognition
    Allegiances: The Protectors (Defunct)
    Known Family: William Mays (Father), Serena Mays (Mother), Cassandra Mays (Wife), Rebecca Mays (Daughter, Employee of S.H.A.R.P*)
    Notes: One of the original test subjects of the B.A.S.E Facility. Founding member of The Protectors. Killed during the Armageddon Crisis. Honored posthumously for his defense of the Earth.
    Status: Deceased

    Code Name: Mantel
    Real Name: Gideon Mantel
    Power Source: Mutation
    Powers: Technokinesis, Technopathy, Innate Capability, Super-Intelligence
    Allegiances: The Protectors (Defunct)
    Known Family: None
    Notes: One of the original test subjects of the B.A.S.E Facility. Founding member of The Protectors. Killed during the Armageddon Crisis. Honored posthumously for his defense of the Earth.
    Status: Deceased

    Code Name: Ruby
    Real Name: Nicole Hargrave
    Power Source: Ruby of the Gods
    Powers: Photo-reflexes, Danger Precognition, Teleportation (Time Jumping)
    Allegiances: The Protectors (Defunct)
    Known Family: Unknown
    Notes: Originally born 100 years in the future. Thrown back in time alongside William Clawe (Iron Claw) whilst fighting over the Ruby of the Gods. Currently assumed to have returned to her own time.
    Status: Whereabouts Unknown

    **- A genetic disorder that only affects those with the mutate gene, especially affecting those with higher power. It drains the body’s energy ,scaring the skin in the process, eventually leading to death. Identified by Dr.’s Steven Walters and Theodore Swift.


    Lots of great characters here! Too many favorites to name.



    @headlessgeneral said:

    Lots of great characters here! Too many favorites to name.

    Touche. Thanks a lot.



    Your characters are great.
    My favorites are The Outcasts, they are fascinating.





    Wife of Shiro Nakima, former member of the Protectors and field leader of the Japanese Superhuman Enforcement Program, Tsukiko Sato is Lotus, an expert martial artist and swords-woman with superhuman reflexes. She serves in her husbands JSEP team.



    Good job on her.



    Solaria vs. The Other



    Fantastic panel, I could totally see it in a comic book.



    I was thinking that it would make a good wall poster. If it was in a comic it would definitely have to be a double page spread.



    Queen Eagle & Gold Hawk (Yes, I know the banner has the names the wrong way round).


    (These happen to be my favourite two costumes that I’ve designed, especially Queen Eagle. Hope you like them.)

    Twins, born to a mortal woman and the dying spirit of an ancient god, Leigh and Lance Walker were given mystical powers by their father in the hope that they would grow up to revive him. However, they grew up unaware of their origin and instead used their powers to fight crime. Both have the ability to fly, as well as super-strength and a telepathic bond that makes them an unbeatable team when they work together.



    Moment X


    [Notes from the journal of Doctor Richard Roberts, formerly of the Mutate Control Force (M.C.F). Dr Roberts was part of a government task force who were observing some of the mutates who had appeared after Moment X at the B.A.S.E (Biological Adaptation Study and Experimental) Facility. He was later dismissed for performing illegal experiments on some of the inmates].

    Inmate 101
    Name: Ali Nazir Shaikh
    Gender: Male
    Age: 18
    Mutation: Elastic Skin, Super Stretching Ability
    Observers Notes: Experiments show that this inmate has a high resistance to injury due to the nature of his mutation. Numerous projectiles and sharp objects are unable to penetrate the skin, instead just bouncing off. Inmate also seems to find it hard to stay in a form that might be considered ‘normal’, which seems to require extreme concentration. If his concentration is lost, his body will return to it’s extended state. If mutation can be synthesised and controlled, military applications could be a possibility, mainly in the creation of body armour.

    Inmate 102
    Name: Zoe Green
    Gender: Female
    Age: 17
    Mutation: Elemental Transmutation, Substance Mimicry
    Observers Notes: During experiments, this inmate has displayed the ability to mimic the physical and molecular properties of any object she is presented with through touching the object. As with inmate 101, this mutation could have application in the creation of military body armour. The inmate also has displayed the ability to transform one substance to another on a molecular level (examples: Tin into Gold, Sand into Glass). This mutation could be used to make infertile land capable of sustaining crop growth, amongst other applications.

    Inmate 103
    Name: Gideon Mantel
    Gender: Male
    Age: 15
    Mutation: Technokinetic, Technopath, Innate Capability, Super-Intelligence
    Observers Notes: Inmate has displayed incredible aptitude with any piece of technology presented to him. When tasked with fixing a number of bugs in the B.A.S.E computer system, he was able to completely eradicate all problems in less than a quarter of the time it took the department’s technical officers. The inmate also seems to have an enhanced ability to learn, being given complex astrophysics and molecular psychics texts and within the hour he is able to converse with university professors on the subjects and, in some cases, even answer some of their questions on the subjects.

    Inmate 104
    Name: Richard May
    Gender: Male
    Age: 18
    Mutation: Telepathy, Telekinesis, Astral Projection, Memory Manipulation, Mind Control, Empathy, Psychometry, Emotion Manipulation, Power Sensing, Minor Danger Precognition
    Observers Notes: Inmate 104 is a complex case, as we are limited in the extent of our tests of his powers. However, in our experiments, the inmate has shown a wide variety of psychic based powers. Many of his powers could have military and police applications if synthesised.

    Inmate 105
    Name: James Rush
    Gender: Male
    Age 19
    Mutation: Energy Manipulation, Flight, Super-Strength, Super-Speed, High Resistance To Injury
    Observers Notes: Inmate 105 seems to be made out of pure energy. His energy output, when measured, broke the machine. He is able to channel his energy through his hands, creating destructive beams that destroyed targets as far as half a mile away. He has been shown to be able to run at a measured 100mph for a sustained period of time and lift a weight in excess of 2 tonnes. We have not been able to measure the top speed he can achieve in flight.

    Inmate 106
    Name: Michael Wallis
    Gender: Male
    Age: 16
    Mutation: Mind Control, Illusion Creation
    Observers Notes: As with inmate 104, we are limited in our tests on the power base of inmate 106. We have, however, conducted extensive research on his ability to create illusions, which seems to be based on a form of hypnotism. Subjects have reported seeing numerous things, such as colourful lights, various animals and even apparitions of dead relatives and celebrities. The inmate has also displayed an ability to make himself disappear through illusion, although this only seems to work on one person at a time. If this power were refined so it had a wider range, then it would have multiple applications in military and police work.

    Inmate 107
    Name: Mizuki Tanaka
    Gender: Female
    Age 17
    Mutation: Superhuman Healing
    Observes Notes: Inmate 107 has the most interesting power of all the subjects I have tested during my time at B.A.S.E. She has the ability not only to heal herself at a rate much faster than a normal human, but she has shown to be able to heal others at the same rate as well. This ranges from minor injuries, such as paper cuts, to broken limbs. However, her powers do not extend to the dead, as documented in file 724. Even with this limitation, a synthesised version of these powers would revolutionise the medical profession, and would be especially useful to the military. Further tests to follow.





    L-R: Aquata, The Atlantean, Princess Nera

    Aquata: An Atlantean who got lost in a storm and was washed up. She was attacked by a gang, but was saved by Captain. She became besotted with him, even going as far as to attack the Golden Guardian, to impress him.

    The Atlantean: A proud and noble warrior from Atlantis, Hydroceles was born to a noble family and was once in line to inherit the throne of Atlantis. However this all changed when he was sent to the surface world to retrieve Aquata, a missing Atlantean. On his journeys, he came to respect the surface dwellers, even making friends amongst them. When he returned to Atlantis with Aquata he was informed that his mission had been a ruse to gain information for an Atlantean invasion of the surface. Hydroceles sabotaged the invasion and deserted his people. He is now banished from his home on threat of execution if he returns. He now puts his superhuman strength, fighting skills and Atlantean physiology to good use as a superhero above the surface of the sea.

    Princess Nera: The second in line too the throne of Atlantis and fiancee of Hydroceles before he was banished, Nera opposes her fathers expansionist leadership of her people, preferring to try to make peace with the surface world, a stance which has led to her imprisonment.

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