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    Alexander of Limbo

    @Hammerknight said:

    @JR19759 said:

    @Nug- Your wish is my command


    And some info on them.

    Four sisters, each representing a fundamental of the nature of all sentient races. A’Ilia (yellow) represents knowledge and is said to be omniscient, but is the most distant and withdrawn of the sisters, only aiding a select few who dedicate themselves in pursuit of her. L’Iria (red) represents emotion and is the most volatile of the sisters, switching between disparate emotions in seconds, she gives her gift to all but, as suits her erratic personality, she never gives anyone the same amount of each emotion. K’Iliai (blue) represents willpower and is able to withstand almost any ordeal through sheer strength of mind, she gives her gift to everyone, but as with A’Ilia gives most to those who dedicate most to her. J’Alai (green) represents creativity and is the most carefree of the sisters, using the cosmos as her canvas, she is as erratic as L’Iria, giving her gift out randomly, not discriminate as to amounts or dedication.

    Glossary of Cosmic Classifications:

    Cosmic Entity: A power/ bodiless intelligence that has the power to change/ shape the universe.
    e.g.- The Elder, The Solaria Entity

    Cosmic Being: A powerful body/ collection of bodies with powers similar to but lesser than a Cosmic Entity.
    e.g.- (Above Sisters), Omnion

    Cosmic Race: A race that has managed to harness a cosmic fundamental (space, time, life, death etc.) that elevates them above normal races.
    e.g.- Azgul, Sol Deitiis

    Non Cosmic Race: A race that is still developing and has not yet harnessed a cosmic fundamental.
    e.g.- Humans, Costrilians.

    (Ways of harnessing a cosmic fundamental could include time travel, faster than light travel, immortality/ un-naturally prolonged life, artificial teleportation, resurrection etc.)

    Great work, I like them a lot.

    Ditto, there’s something calming and reassuring about them. Not that i need to be calm or reassured… the voices in my head do that just fine thank you =P



    Thanks guys.


    “We are empty, we are alone. We are the dreamers disease, the fear fever, virgin dirt. We are the blackest beautiful and we are finally deserving what we get.”

    (I will be very, very impressed if anyone understands the inspiration behind this. I will be willing to do a gift piece for anyone who can correctly tell me what I’m on about.)


    Mad Jack

    You like hardcore punk, hm? But I’ll let you livehttp://www.heromachine.com/wp-includes/images/smilies/icon_wink.gif




    deal’s a deal. What do you want me to do, can be character redesign, something you’re having trouble with (colouring, posing, shading), recolour, custom item (not hugely good at these, but I’ll give it a try).

    The reason she’s a little gothic is I was listening to the last three tracks and they’re quite dark, so it just fitted, plus I’ve been reading Sandman recently and I’ve got a thing for Death.

    BTW: great taste in music there.


    Mad Jack

    Uuhh – now you got me. That’s a tough call since there are many things I got trouble with – some even related to the Heromachine… ;)

    I’m gonna need some time to see where you can help me best and then come back to you if that’s okay.

    And for my taste of music: it’s pretty manifold – my favorite music is blues, (hard) rock, reggae and house/techno, but I also listen classic music, disco, hip hop, punk, metal (but not too hard) and what have you. Only kind of music I really despise is german folk music – also not a big fan of schlager music (except for the french chansons – big fan of Edith Piaf) …



    I don’t know the music but I did notice a little Sandman influence. Great piece! I love the face.



    Oh, frick, you’re too good at this.



    Thanks guys
    @Lightningsword- I may be good, but there are people who are better than me, much better.

    Anyway, I’ve had a good day today. Went up to Forbidden Planet in Croyden and £50 on comics/ dvd’s (Final Crisis, Brightest Day part3, World War Hulk, Kick Ass (graphic novel) & David Tennant’s first season of Doctor Who), and amazingly I managed to restrain myself from buying their entire stock of my current obsession, Neil Gaiman’s Sandman. I’m saving that for when I go to the bigger one in London (hopefully they’ll have Death’s series as well).

    So onto other stuff.


    Soul made the devil his riches
    because I couldn’t have gotten here all by myself
    All of us paper thin. Pages ripped for money.
    Seems that I’m alone again
    but you said you would give me the world
    I was fine with those poster ghosts haunting my walls
    but now I want it all.

    lyrics by Jason Aalon Butler



    Was just looking at some of your latest. DEFINITELY do a version of Amy Atom! Love your Four Sisters. Forgive my conceit but your concept reminds me of my Eternium, those tasked with preserving The Order of All That Is. I also see the possible Sandman influence in Blackest Beautiful. Great work, as always!



    Thanks WMD, and, hey, everyone has some sort of cosmic order beings don’t they so it’s no surprise.



    I love Forbidden Planet, too. My mum always has to force me away from the Doctor Who DVDs and action figures, especially when we’re only there to pick up comics…
    My nearest one’s in Southampton and the basement area is is filled to the brim with comics. The London one’s the best, though.



    I wasn’t aware of the one in Southampton, that’s now on my list, mind you I wasn’t aware there was one in Stoke all the time I was up in Stafford. Great thing for me is my family used to hate me buy comic (apparently they’re for kids, dunno what they’re on about) but now they’ve gotten into Big Bang Theory and Who so they sort of get it, especially when I get Green Lantern or Flash comics. I just wish there was one in my nearest town, I need a job and working in Forbidden Planet would be ideal for me, plus having so many comics close by would never be a bad thing.



    Ok, new series now (couldn’t be bothered finishing my other idea, lost inspiration for it).

    On the 12/ 12/ 2012 an event happened. It went unnoticed by the majority of the population of Earth, but it’s repercussions had implications beyond anything anyone could imagine. Known as Event X, it was the moment when a god died.
    The cosmic entity known as The Other was sighted by the world’s extraterrestrial experts on course for Earth, what came next surprised all of them. The Other disintegrated in the atmosphere, it’s power dispersing. By the time it crashed in the Australian outback all that was left was its core, a precious stone known as Cordeorum, the heart of gods. Despite the best efforts of the worlds foremost experts, no-one could revive the dead heart, none of the Other’s extraordinary power could be harnessed. Or so they thought…..


    Olivia Walters was born crippled, with a tightening of the muscles in her legs that meant she would never be able to walk without using crutches. For the first 19 years of her life, she coped, helping out at her parents flower shop and dreaming of becoming a vet. However, when she woke up on the 13th of December to discover a new found power to create energy constructs, her life was changed forever. Unwittingly and unwillingly becoming the host to one of the fragments of The Other, she is now in a battle for her life against not only world governments looking to harness cosmic power, but other hosts looking to seize and control the infinite power contained within the god heart.


    Alexander of Limbo

    very cool, can’t wait to see what else comes Smile


    Mad Jack

    Great background story! An extraterrestrial artefact split in thousands of tiny fragments which provides their hosts with superpowers – why didn’t I think of that? Um – how do I do it to steal this idea, without anyone noticing?

    Oops, did I say that loud?! http://www.heromachine.com/wp-content/legacy/forum-smileys/sf-embarassed.gif

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