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    okay i just started and i want to know how i can make a pose or custom item also how do i download them too do i need a premium account. i really want to make some new clothing for me to use to make some bad ass mortal kombat fighters.



    Making a custom pose/ item is basically trial and error, just try playing around with bits in heromachine 3 until you come up with something you like. You won’t need a premium account to do that (although any support for Jeff would be appreciated). There is also a section on the Select Forum drop down menu at the top of the page that says Heromachine 3 Custom Items Archive which is full of custom poses and items other ‘Machiners have made, which you can use in Heromachine 3 by copying the text in the spoilers after the image of the item/ pose and then pasting said text into the Load From Text option on the load screen of Heromachine 3. Hope this helps.
    Also, as moderator, I would strongly advise against posting Heromachine versions of Mortal Combat characters on the forums, unless they are your own Original Characters, because we do not allow copyrighted characters due to problems the site has had previously with copyright claims.



    You can also get some great beginner’s advice in Category Archives: Recipes
    I have provided links, but I still recommend searching the Category Archives manually, you can get more ideas that way. (bear in mind that the controls have changed since they were first posted, but the corresponding controls should be easy enough to understand….)


    thanks, just one other question how do i create my own items and does being a premium member get me more items.



    You create your own items the same way you create your own poses, trial and error mixing and matching pre made items. There’s no way for you to input your own drawn items into heromachine unless you win one of the CDC’s and get dblade to draw your item. Sorry.

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