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    Herr D

    Thank you, AP. My first intention was to make them dragons, but then I realized those dinosaurs were already posed — and the next thing I knew, dragons were no longer important to the story. You know what? I was actually more surprised that I may have beaten Watson to making a neon sign. His backgrounds reel me in as much as most peoples’ characters. What do you feel is the most challenging background to make? Answer here or PM.


    The Atomic Punk

    My biggest challenge with backgrounds is how to fill negative space without overwhelming the main character or action. Sometimes a standard background such as the alley in Cityscapes is too bland. Yet when I try to spruce it up with color splashes, highlights, shading, or a creative neon sign, it distracts.

    Another is layering for a three-dimensional effect. I have zero depth perception. In an attempt to make something seem far away, I often skew the proportions. With tendencies to over-compensate by adding in useless items trying to create a relative scale.


    Herr D

    Balance. That can be difficult. This one just happens to be an example of the only easy way to handle it. In this one, there’s no room for anything that isn’t contextual. Pics can’t always be arranged that way.

    They were worried about ol’ Sarge. Not everyone transitions well to civilian life. After his war wound, Ol’ Sarge made a success of himself in sales. Yecch.


    The tenth section WAS well-groomed when I walked it . . .


    Herr D

    This one I had more trouble with. First, the top I had planned wouldn’t work out. So I lost the torso work I tried to show the bending with. Then I had to juggle the large ripples and other background items to make them make sense with her legs. Then I couldn’t get the face to look right. Then I passed out and forgot to save text of the bridge and it’s reflection . . . oh, well. This is Gigantica for dblade’s v&v contest where I gave up and submitted. She does look meek, what with wading under a bridge to avoid breaking it.




    Uhh…where’s the picture? Confused



    @Kaylin88100 said:

    Uhh…where’s the picture? http://www.heromachine.com/wp-content/legacy/forum-smileys/sf-confused.gif

    It’s there… maybe the link didn’t load for you… Frown


    Herr D

    Yah, K–did it come up for you eventually?

    hmm– So this old acquaintance from a very old neighborhood swung by. He was a ne’er-do-well back in the day. He says he’s turning his life around, and he’s got a job with this new company. He’s selling clothes. All sizes, just one color scheme. He left me a sample tee shirt–


    –Hey, I didn’t BUY anything or loan him money. . .
    I’m trying to remember whether I invited him in or not . . . I may wish to move soon. The carpet where he walked has all these singe marks. Does anyone know of a property with churches all around it? The -uh- bells. I like the bells.


    The Atomic Punk

    “Cthubu”… too funny! Cool


    Herr D

    Thank you! I’m actually wondering whether it’s a bit obscure, but it looked wrong to add a tiny squid above the heart.

    [changes voice to bass, crude] I got 2 G’s to lay on youse. Foist one is ‘Gustave.’ Second is ‘Gigantica.’ De dame grows but is a bit shy about breakin’ stuff. [lights imaginary cigar, puffs, snaps imaginary lighter shut] De guy was supposed to be barely there, y’know what I’m sayin’ to ya? Minimalism. Didn’ work out as planned. But neither one did exac’ly.



    Happier wit’ her. I hope youse like the two G’s. [checks window] Coast is clear. No fuzz. [walks outside and is immediately caught in a massive pile of dryer lint.] It’s the FUZZ! [runs away, shooting water gun]


    Herr D

    I have frequently found people don’t like sci-fi and fantasy equally. Tonight I have one each also entered in contests across the hall.

    If you should feel down in the dumps, follow the sounds of heavy work and bad dialogue to Hortense and Tear. They’ll be happy to slow their salvage processing a little to share some of their dumb jokes.
    But be sure you’re feeling down — IN THE DUMPS — because they never leave.

    Tolkien never specifically referenced Middle Switzerland, but there was some intrigue there. Mr. Kukew, a well-known device maker among the halflings has been approached to make certain mechanical ‘plots’ for the great wizard Saskatchewan. Shown here the device has declared Paladinnertime.


    Kukew’s Plots–he hasn’t yet invented the Fist Tantamount or Wind Chopalots, but he DOES understand neutrality. Yeah. He’ll sell to the good guys too.


    Herr D

    Arachnia Whatsitus. Good specimen. It probably won’t survive that hideous yellow and brown thing though.
    Tune in next time, to Universal Biologic, to find out.


    Herr D

    Elvis didn’t JUST pass on, like most believe. He passed IT ON–to us. It is our duty, as artists, digital and otherwise, to inspire, to entertain, to educate, to enlighten.


    Remember, he’s not throwing the mirror shades–he’s passing the torch to us.


    Herr D

    You might say this is just a parody of an old famous regionalism classic. Or you might say this is just a loving aging couple about to go get some dinner.

    <span class=”bbcode_spoiler”>http://i1067.photobucket.com/albums/u438/jamais5/hm3/HerrD-ApocalypticGrowthOfMan2.jpg</span&gt;

    Either way, I’m not feeling too good about “American Gothic” right now, and I have NO URGE to water any plants any time soon.



    Herr D

    The theme of this block is interesting creatures. First up, the often mentioned, but rarely seen:


    Jive Turkey frequently raised eyebrows in the nineteen-seventies. His vocalizations would disorient, his actions would confuse people, ruin property, and occasionally bankrupt businesses. And he could always claw someone or drop his belt buckle on their foot. . .

    Much friendlier and more desirable, Glubbie attained celebrity status for a very brief time. One of her more ‘enthusiastic’ fans slowed her concert schedule considerably, causing the concert this picture is of to be her only benefit on Ohneegahtahee. Her litter was born with no complications, and maternal feeding has, by tradition of her species, put the rest of her musical career on hold. Lactation takes eighty to eighty-two of our years, so any Earthling fans she has won’t likely see any new material in their lifetimes.

    –Anyhow, I think this was between the second and third set.



    Herr D

    *Here for all you rushed, distracted, new, unpracticed, or just plain lazy people, is a reminder. Don’t make the mistake I made with this illustration. I had two options for picture concept and chose this one because this was going to be a fragmentary day on hm. (Leave on all day, work on it up to twice an hour for up to seven minutes at a time.) I reasoned that the items done approximately in triplicate would make that kind of a day simpler and faster. My mistake was that I didn’t plan out the picture more in advance.

    So I had to move each piece of ALL THREE FOUR TIMES. It took a lot longer and didn’t turn out as well as planned.*

    –> Three of the most acrobatic, charismatic, honorable, and just plain cute musketeers in history were the identical triplet midgets named Putipon, Knowymon, and Hillinngon. They wanted to be formal musketeers but were never granted official cloaks and told they were denied the opportunity to entertain the royal family. Something about how they didn’t measure up. That was kind of the point, though; they were respectively three foot one, two foot eleven and a half, and two foot ten. At that height, their over-sized belts doubled as codpieces, serving the extra function of reminding the wenches they chased whose names they should be yelling soon. Here they are depicted in their showiest pose.


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