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    Herr D

    Kaylin88100—has this contest going now, One-slots. I naturally thought (as EVERYone should–heh, heh) that since everything is made of energy, my first entry should be made of Item Right / Energy.

    Also perhaps inspired by Henson’s Coosbanians, Battle Under The Eclipse.


    The One-eyed, Blowfish-Leaping Spider-Thingamabob is in trouble. From his shadow, his leap has carried him too low near the Two-headed, Green Crawler. A bite in the center past the toxic spines could pop the subdermal inflation chambers, rendering him helpless.


    Herr D

    This album is getting a bit behind! Here is my catch-up aliens page:
    Infiltration isn’t always so much planned as it is necessary for survival. That was my thinking in my ‘use the dolly’ contest entry.
    Featuring a velcro fail.
    Next up, my wife and I had a serious theoretical discussion about xenobiology regarding specifically sentient beings of a species where: it would be advantageous to ‘join’ temporarily or permanently body segments; combining animal and plant features; torso containing all but limbs. Interestingly, she and I both, independently and for different reasons, came up with the ideas that four together would be best and that there would be a temporary lowering of good judgement / intellect during and after eating. My submission for the ‘use wings items’ contest features a social blunder of such a creature during a photo-op with the U.N. greeting party.
    But it’s the same colors as their cookies, right?


    Herr D

    . . . and this is my one-slot contest entry catch-up page. (Thanks again, Kaylin.)
    Lab J really did concern Bill. When an outbuilding caught fire, he almost called 911. But this thing jumped out and ate it. It ate the grill, charcoal and all a little later. –well, it was a very nice — thing. So we told it it was nice and that it earned a nap of it’s VERY OWN. That old asbestos fire blanket makes a good pillow. Stay asleep. Stay DEEPLY asleep. Stay deeply asleep a LOOOOOONG time.


    It’s made of Hair-Standard. The next one is made of Fonts. I used about a fourth of them, but only ever typed “hidden meanings.” So this picture is FULL of hidden meanings, to the exclusion of anything else.

    Should’ve worked on a bigger scale. Oh, well. Last but not least we have the muscle car mag cover complete with a curvy model draped on her car, wearing a skimpy bathing suit. http://www.heromachine.com/wp-content/legacy/forum-smileys/sf-cool.gif Of course, I really just wanted to see if I could make a dragon look good in a thong, but the car turned out better. –all made of Insignia. The 3rd edition of Hunan Muscle car didn’t sell well, but Tran’s Sylvania with the extra propulsion system fitted to the driver’s mouth? One of a kind, baby.


    Herr D

    My schedule has become more erratic and inconvenient. I keep missing open critique day. If anyone has special requests for critiques from me or advice for me, you may use this thread or PM me. I may not get back quick, but my replies will be thought out. In general, digital art is the last medium I have begun to learn in a long series of media. You are more likely to get generic art advice (and probably context-oriented) from me.

    I didn’t bother to make this look so much like a carving as I tried to make woodgrain–eh. I did better with digitally distressing metal.
    I am actually more curious to know what people thought of the woodcarver that is not in the picture at all.
    When I renamed this file, I couldn’t get the proportions and the cropping right at the same time. Jeff probably got a smashed copy.


    Herr D

    Darin’ Darren wanted to expand away from just being a clown. So he made a video of some tightrope clowning toward a video resume of an acrobatic clown. Sneaky Deke peeked and accidentally GOT HIM THE JOB by making the viewers laugh.


    It just goes to show that sometimes a background is not a background.


    Herr D

    Jeff casually dropped the name ‘Gropey the Spider-spider.’ Well–that really is a name too good for my imagination to ignore.
    I immediately found myself thinking about the scarier part of genetic engineering. Some forms of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and other phenomena resulting in repeated behaviors may be genetic and we just don’t know. Did anyone see Blade Runner and wonder how many other people might ‘make friends?’ (I’ve written a short play called “Making Enemies” based on the same principle.) So what if an artificially-caused mutant with a tendency to repeat his last word got out? He would introduce himself by his tendencies since he couldn’t have a legal name–
    –and the female vigilantes might get REALLY mad at him . . .


    Herr D

    Besides being extra busy these past two weeks, I’ve been troubled with the oddest feelings — heimweh, I think they call it in Germany. The first time I ever felt the pull it was in two directions at once. These following are reproductions of scenes I imagine someone would have intense reminiscing sessions about.
    p47 collided with Nuhmohnuh’s rings the last day a tourist was on Ohneegahtahee.

    Oh, and sorry about the thumb–you must realize he had to take the shot quickly.

    These several next are repeated shots of Winnahpohtahsoh. It’s a resident of Aelihoh. ‘Winn’ is a sunpriest plant. They assume a worshipful position and hold it through several weather changes before uprooting and meandering to another scenic spot. Of course it’s not actually worship, just feeding.
    Aelihoh is an active place, major moonrise happening every ninety-three minutes and change. A peculiarity in the nitrogen-rich, thin air make it a very warm, if not a very friendly place. Surface about 80 degrees Fahrenheit 9/10ths of the year on the sunny side, paddy waters vary between 75-90. No tourism, no hunting, no exports, and almost no gravity. Plant-dance watching for those needing a rest. Leviathan-cage diving for those wanting excitement. By invitation only.


    Herr D

    I forgot to mention that the Aelihoh shots above were all made as one-slots. One of them is also posted in Kaylin’s contest. This one is not a one-slot–adding Leviathan422 took some other slots. ‘Levi422’ is one of the few of his species that knows how to minimize the ripples he makes, and he is therefore occasionally responded to by the sunpriest plants during their meanderings. Neither species can feed on or exist without the other as sunpriest plant roots directly convert Leviathan urine to the local mix of ozone-rich water and nitrogen infused peroxide–an important balancing for the Leviathan gill intake.


    The radio tags attached to beings like Levi422 by daredevils are now outlawed. Removing them may be a problem, as it can prove fatal, and leaving them past the hundred-year mark might induce sterility. Funds are being raised toward a solution by the Galactic Ecological Preservation Society, but they are rather wrapped up in finishing their headquarters evacuation from Ohneegahtahee. It seems Nuhmohnuh’s rings are collapsing. Lucky it was just an office-space moon location, right?


    Herr D

    I’m falling behind in posting again! Be right back with virtual arms loaded with pics.
    [several minutes go by. . .]
    How do you spice up fall? Add Autumn Seasoning.
    The alchemist has stepped out for a break, you know–to see if it’s working and to prevent getting a repetitive motion injury.
    (This happens to be my favorite of all recent contest entries, and the one I’m sure I did the best at. The next one I’m sure I did the worst at.)

    Johnny Mindbreaker was an entry in the random character contest. Somehow the best combination of randomly generated items didn’t inspire me as much as I had hoped. That’s supposed to be a kitchen knife and an Uzi and ‘tremors’ goin’ on with his hands there. I originally had him in all blacks and grays. Then my wife saw it and pointed out that black doesn’t really scream ‘badazz’ like it used to. She has a point. Dressing the way Johnny does here should invite trouble and get him more practice fighting. Or killed very quickly by a sniper. Oh, well . . .
    I originally intended to make another from my list but didn’t have time. Full week.



    You’ve got some of the most creative stuff I’v ever seen on this site!
    The shots of Aelihoh are breathtaking!


    Herr D

    Thank you, Weilyn. (Is that a Welsh name?) Hair/Standard is a great source. Aelihoh is at least my favorite dream, and I don’t dream enough. I’m afraid with my sleep-deprived lifestyle, I can only remember your screen name in connection with my two favorite knights–yours and Kaylin’s. I want to enter that, but I’m having trouble picturing myself as a knight at all–and my pics on the subject in general are rather ‘outside’ the probable intended scope of the contest.



    My knight is one of your favourites?! SurprisedCool
    I think you’re probably right about your pictures not being suitable for Knighthood, but maybe you should post them on here? I’d like to see your idea of yourself as a knight, it’s bound to be very abstract and intriguing. Laugh



    Thank you very much!

    Not suprised you’ve missed my thread. I’m fairly new here Wink

    And the name is just vaguely welsh/finnish/chinese-sounding gibberish.


    Herr D

    I am more behind than I thought. Pop quizzes have passed.


    I don’t really have the capacity to imagine everything. gods? Oh, well. I think of this more like a being going through a little hell or individual purgatory or purgation process. His punishment for making people feel unwelcome or a bad fit for this world is to forever be stealing shoes and socks. He can never find a correctly fitting pair. He must surrender the closest several he has to the eternal void every time he finds one that doesn’t hurt. He will never succeed but always keep trying to find lasting comfort.

    This next was more a tribute to everything lost on hm, but the same principle applies. Some poor soul is facing extended, if not eternal torment for ruining progress or creation by others in the course of furthering his own.


    I’m afraid I’ve seen this personally in the business world.

    This concludes my Purgatory Page.



    Wow. Very creative and heavy stuff. I’m kind of breathtaken.

    [And the name’s not my real name, just an alias I tend to use sometimes Wink]

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