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    Herr D

    **The sheriff pop quiz gave me this idea, but I didn’t have time.
    No one in the town of Broken Toe remembers Hairless Joe’s face or why they elected him sheriff. No one remembers the people that he let escape from the jailhouse. No one remembers where he came from or what his family name is.


    EVERYONE remembers that when an Apache brave named Fights With A Smile kidnapped an orphan girl, Hairless Joe brought him in singlehanded. He fought six braves, killing three, driving off two, and capturing the one. Joe’s right arm was useless for a few months, and his feet were badly blistered for over a week. The cuts on his chest and arms and the bruises on the heels of his hands didn’t heal completely for a very long time. Fights’ ‘smile’ is forever altered since Joe shot out his left cheek to force him to come along. Even with that hole in his mouth, Fights did tell Joe where the girl was in time for the posse to fetch her home safe. The local Apache medicine man told Joe there would be no reprisals. There weren’t any.



    Nice one! Your posing is excellent, nice job on the blood too.



    Well done! I like the pose and the overall image, but the left hand (character perspective) looks a little odd, or was it supposed to point like that? Good work, either way.Smile



    @Lightningsword said:

    Well done! I like the pose and the overall image, but the left hand (character perspective) looks a little odd, or was it supposed to point like that? Good work, either way.http://www.heromachine.com/wp-content/legacy/forum-smileys/sf-smile.gif

    Yeah I gotta agree. It’s a great image but that hand looks strange.


    Herr D

    **look below if you have suggestions for the hand.

    (Wow. Now that’s interpretable as an omen! I was just thinking about JLA, and the 3 comments came from Jeimuzu, Lightningsword, and Anarchangel: J. L. A. Thanks, guys.)

    As to the hand looking odd, it does. This is my best guess for a hand cramping up during a long walk with the arm around the neck of a struggling / staggering brave. Step one: wounded and half-delirious from fatigue, stress, dehydration, and blood loss, take your overheated gun, stick it in the mouth of the guy you just decked, putting a hairline fracture in your left wrist.
    Step two: Head-butt him, screaming at him, while you cock the gun.
    Step three: twist the gun at the last second to his cheek and fire, blowing out his cheek.
    Step four: despite him writhing in pain, muscle him around into a headlock by poking the gun through the hole in his cheek and using more pain to control him, despite the pain in the wrist of arm you can actually move.
    Step five: force him to stand by application of pain and strangulation.
    Step six: walk in this position, with that much pain, ten miles back to town because they killed your horse.

    Joe probably can’t fire the gun or even get his pinkie out of the trigger guard without help. But I figure he can use this position to get the brave home (barely.) If any of you have an opinion of exactly how that hand should be, I’m interested.
    –I was actually expecting more to be said about the hat! Surprised


    Herr D

    Crudely done pop psychology will probably never lose it’s appeal. Many are fond of ‘diagnosing’ others in ways that clinicians would probably find professionally horrifying. As if that’s not bad enough, a prominent national figure recently proclaimed that another version of the DSM would be written ‘based on science.’ Ouch. Talk about getting your feathers ruffled! Technically empiricism ISN’T a science, but it is a scientific method, if irritatingly slow to all us relative laypeople. Sadly, psychology will not become psychonomy until it’s practiced only by non-humans. Hey–a yardstick can’t measure itself.
    Crudely done pop psychology CAN, however, be fun, non-hurtful, and more accurate when describing non-humans. Take dogs and horses–most of them have traits of codependent personalities. Cats exhibit various degrees and types of antisocial behavior and sleep disorders. Dogs can ‘sleep-walk,’ too. Rivers and streams might be thought of as passive-aggressive. There’s a lot of catatonia in the world. Spiders have the extreme version of the ‘attachment disorder,’ ‘Black Widow Syndrome.’

    Look here for the label to be slapped on HeroMachine.
    The old diagnosis called “autistic savant” referred to people who might be characterized as able to do the amazing easily, but not so much the ordinary. HM is fantastic for creating amazing pictures, but very difficult to use for creating certain, more ordinary pictures. Like this forgotten medicine cabinet.



    Heh. Great work as always, Herr D.


    Herr D

    **Thanx, L. And now for something completely different. Another pop quiz entry.

    The elegantly designed VorTechs 3000. Ages wastes through simple time manipulation. Topsoil is removed yearly. Exothermic reactions from methane, ammonia, nitrates, etc., contribute power for the cooling and quieting system. Only one problem. Some people report younger, um, sensations in the gluteus maximus.



    Herr D

    Origin of the vigilante ‘Kaktus’ is still disputed. Her custom desert bike and crossbow were altered on the site of a compound owned by a former cartel operative. After the DEA razed the place, but before they double-checked it, the forge was fired up. A rapist with machinist training was kidnapped from a maximum security prison and tortured for approximately three days while he was forced to ‘advise’ Kaktus on how to rebuild her transportation and weaponry from debris and spare parts. She ‘grows her own’ crossbow bolts out of her body and tips them with points made of aluminum cans.
    How did she get him in and out of a prison and a compound under guard? All anyone knows about that is:
    1. There are cracks in the floors with root systems connected to groundwater.
    2. The groundwater connects to the same underground river from both locations.
    3. Both sites and the prisoner were covered with aloe when discovered.
    4. Kaktus’ spines and prisoner fingerprints were discovered at both locations.
    5. The prisoner couldn’t possibly fit through the cracks in the floors, was already a compulsive liar, and couldn’t have survived the travel time at the temperature of groundwater anyway.
    **OPMC entry.


    Herr D

    **Someone asked if I wanted to try a certain pose, but I forget who. If you want this, PM me reminding me how to send/post text.
    What do a bunch of supers DO at those clandestine meetings during peacetime? And how does one disperse concentrations of ‘troublesome substances?’


    Of course, this is only one theory.


    Herr D

    **This panel is a first for me. No words in it, despite multiple actions.

    Gribonitz has a problem. He has ‘force projection glands’ instead of legs. He has remarkably tough yet flexible skin and prehensile macrocilia–not large enough to be called tentacles. They can simulate the binding and toughness in rhino horns or the softness of fleece blankets. He can divide his attention to handle crises deftly. His eyestalks can even process data independently if they are temporarily severed.
    –But he has to schedule his heroics around naptime to maintain his secret identity.


    Herr D

    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.




    Great illustration! Although there seems to bee something wrong with the hand. Don’t worry, I’m 60% sure that you’ve noticed this.


    Herr D

    @L: Thanx. No? I’m not sure about the wrist twist wrinkles, and I almost recolored the woman’s skin since her wrist is right there–40% wins. What’s wrong with the hand?



    It appears to be on the wrong arm… just flip his hand and its all good.

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