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    Ok, here’s another character update.


    MO is Motherboard‘s older brother. He is very big and very strong. He’s also quite intelligent, although no one ever seems to notice because he is soo big and soo strong. Also probably because his name is MO. Update first, old design in spoiler.




    Your faces are so expressive, and you’re really taking zypping to another level! I’m spending way too much time trying to figure out what you’ve added to each piece. Nice work, man!!



    As an all-good-cyberpunk fan I have to say Motherboard looks kick-ass.


    Thanks, Moognation and Decatonkeil! Smile



    I agree your faces are amazingly detailed and your shading is all your own and works wonderfuly with each character.I love your consistancy,just really good work!



    I’m really digging the lighting and shading effects in your works, they bring the characters alive really nicely. In that sense, I’m reminded of AMS’s stuff, and believe me, that is a compliment indeed.


    Thank you, Suleman. That is a great compliment. ams has been an inspiration to me since I started almost two years ago.


    And here is a quick update to Motherboard. Mainly I changed his shirt to match his brother, MO, and changed the color of his pants to black. There are a few other tweaks but they are minor. I think this look goes with the rest of the team better.




    yo congrats on hotm awesome character!Wink


    These were my entries into the last random name contest. I figured now is a good time to bring them over from the others forums with a new random contest running currently. Both Frost Duchess and Trick Foot 2 were honorable mentions.



    I love em’!!!awesome!great mechwork and the fallaway foot on 1 is brilliant!


    The Atomic Punk

    Frost Duchess is one of my favorite of your designs. Great color-scheme. Her melancholy expression, as if she wants to tell you a tale of woe.


    I really like the quality of your work! everything looks so sharp and hand-drawn, my favorite is definitely motherboard.


    Thank you Scatman, Atomic Punk and deathbyperfection


    I woke up this morning and had 18 unread posts. It took me almost an hour to go through all of them and I loved every minute of it. There are soo many great creators using HeroMachine. I love it!

Viewing 15 posts - 121 through 135 (of 513 total)

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