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    Kid Wicked is a great costume design, and I like that you upended the expectation for depicting the speed power depiction by posing him sliding to stop instead of running. Good work as usual.


    For Kaldath’s Character Challenge #5



    For this weeks character design contest on the blog.

    Motherboard-Suit Up



    I shouldn’t really comment, as this is a contest entry, but HOLY $@£^ THAT”S AWESOME!
    Although, he might want to be a bit more careful with that cable, some of the insulation has been torn, that’s a fire hazard.


    For Kaldath’s Character Challenge #7

    The Silver Owl


    Angel of Chaos

    Holy $%^? theses pics are great. It is as if I’m looking in a comic book.


    Thank you, Angel of Chaos Smile



    Oh for crying out loud. Give the rest of a chance at winning, dude! That’s absolutely stunning!



    Yes I agree. The characters and concepts with your execution of the program that you are putting out here are masterpieces. I need to take some lessons from you to keep up. Bravo and Cheers!



    You definitely put out some of the best looking characters on HM. I always look forward to seeing what you have up your sleeve.


    Mad Jack

    My oh my! That’s plain brilliant. Sucks to participate in the same contests than you… Wink


    Thanks very much everyone. And Trekkie and Mad Jack, you definitely have the talent to compete in any contest. You guys push me to try even harder!


    My first attempt at a comic book cover. This one featuring my character, Flash, and ams’s character, Mob, which he created for my HeroMachine Team-Up Challenge, which he won. This is not his prize but I was inspired by his character to make this.

    As this is my first cover attempt, I would really like to know how I did. The main questions I have about it is if the shadows being cut off at the sides is a problem. Also, the characters are supposed to be jumping down/falling. Does that come across? Any other critiques welcome, of course.


    Rename for the blog contest



    Wow. Hard to believe it’s been eight months since I last posted. Hopefully I can find some time soon to get back to Heromachining.

Viewing 15 posts - 406 through 420 (of 513 total)

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