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    I altered the pose slightly:

    Heroic Pose 2

    Also, I’ve attached the text. I apologize in advance for the extra hidden shapes. I had forgotten to save the text for the pose, so I backed all the extra stuff out which left a few things behind.

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    I checked with the contest host at deviant and he said that Fury and Justice Girl are not copyrighted and he was cool with me posting them here, so enjoy:

    Fury and Justice Girl

    I plan on re-using these poses individually on my next two characters.

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    I’ve redesigned Mighty and have made her a member of the Elementals which are within the Pax Terra universe.


    Mighty is powered by heavenly fire which provides her super-strength, flight, and invulnerability. Also she can shoot blasts of fire. The Elementals are a shadowy group, which includes Wind Dragon, who protect Earth from the most powerful threats.

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    Another member of Pax Terra, Midnight Masque:

    Midnight Masque

    A superhero persona that has been supernaturally passed down from person to person upon the death of the previous bearer. The mask grants the wearer super confidence, expert hand-to-hand fighting skills, master marksmanship, night vision, greater perception, and an extra dose of luck. He/she can also recall the memories of past bearers and always appears black and white. No one knows how the process works but there is always a Midnight Masque hero in operation. The original is one the five that granted their powers by touching a meteor.

    I did something unusual and only shaded the skin, leaving the costume stand as it is. I thought it turned out well.

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    Like the Black and white color scheme 🙂


    Looks great! Shading/highlighting black is always the hardest for me.


    Wolf Master

    Midnight Masque is great, really makes me think of the sin city movies. Keep up the good work!


    Blue Blazer

    Brother, you are a master of the craft. The poses you create are so natural-looking they look like they’re pre-set bodies on HM.



    Here’s my entry for JR’s 100th, along with the process:




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    I keep starring at it for long periods of time.



    Sorry for this long post.
    So many times I browse though the forums and mean to comment, but dialysis, or being tired, or errands or just dead head keeps more from it. I’ve been more with it the last couple, probably a desperate attempt to keep from packing, but here I am with my stored up comments from January.

    Belle Hickok, a.k.a. Wild Belle.
    Every thing about her says she might be a little “off” heh, Straggly paltinum blonde bangs on otherwise black hair, the mask, her expression, the cock of the head, the chest scar, the exposed undies as a gunslinger’s clothes. the Hikock badge as belt buckle, garter belt holding up jeans leggings. Very well done.

    everything is great about her. Pose, colors, hair, face,
    expression, body, metal work, highlights and shadows, and
    background. I particularly like the rubbery bendable bits for her waist.

    Pax Terra: logo
    kicks major butt.

    Headcase would just be a dead head without him. Even
    more than than the guantlet, gunbelt, and boots which are awsome, the work on the tunic blows me away. Great face, hair and goggles,color scheme, background too.

    HeadCase Mermaid
    You have accomplished what I have tred and usually failed with the water surface and diagnal light streaks through the water. and horizontal tides of depth.
    The black and green looks grood on HeadCase, wicked tail.

    Captain Dallas
    Heh he looks a bit like my Lone Star I did back in the 80s for my Texas Rangers group. May be a bit better than mine though. Got to love the knife as toothpick. heh

    Dr. Brain
    First: really kewl pose. Great uniform too. She even looks kinda shy like she wouldn’t talk much.

    Protector Awesome
    Has a Invisable Girl vibe circa Malice’s takeover. And that isn’t a dig, it’s a compliment.
    It’s all great! from the side face which you managed to make look different that the base face and great hair you put together, the clean simple insignia, the simple yet kewl uniform, the sparkly bits of the unifrom, that really wonderful pose. the highlights and shading nad power effects and background all comes together in a great pic.

    Wild Dance Pose
    That is some creativity! What bits did you use for her ribcage and belly?

    This may be my favorite outfit EVER!!!! those sleeves with the cut outs, the flowing skirt around her lower legs. What I would call a mermaid silhouette. I have several hand sketches of similar from the late 70s and mid 80s, but not exact.
    When I mentioned similaurs I mean nothing bad by it, just
    how I really connect with what you are doing. 100% grooving on it.
    That with the slight S pose, the hand on the witches hat, the face, hair and white magic. Sigh. I wish I had created this one.

    Wind Dragon
    kewl use of the pose.
    the green and gold go well together, even though not might one would expect from a wind character, but good for the name sake.
    Gotta love opera gloves, tails, panties and hip boot skates all together on one character. Interesting, non traditional use of wind effects too. Good thinking out of the box.

    what’s not to like about a dominatrix outfit LOL Very well put together, including the stitch work. Nice effect of the whip winding around her too. And you can tell she is hovering too.

    Cosmic Knight
    Wow super kewl! Very anime vibe. the hair, face, pose, costume, sword, guantlets and dark sheild all just kick major butt. Doesn’t hurt I have a soft spot for blue skin too.
    the blue, gold and black/grey work well together. Of course the shading is amazing.

    Im curious are you a Legion of Super Hero reader/fan?
    Love everything, the action pose, the costume, the moving hair, face, shading, all the usual plus the monster/ The Amulet is very kewl too.

    was beautiful. Great shading, loved the shadow of the circling flame on the egg.

    those eyes faded at the bottom and higlighted lips are amazing, The nose and face are off course good too, but the eyes and lips are just …. MORE! Kewl black square drop outs too.

    one again Pose, costume, colors, hair, face and power effects just all amazing. Loving the 70s look.

    Great use of pink pallet, and with the gray, looks kewl. Again you knocked it out of the park: hair, face, pose, costume, weapons (loving the pink gun), shading, background, (loving the double squares). It’s all great. Didn’t miss a single swing.

    those are two awesome poses.

    How many times can I say it rock! Cause of hair, face, pose, costume, colors? heh heh. As many as does I suppose.
    I love the sublte red, white and blue of Justice Girl, it doesn’t come across like white stars on blue and red and white stripes. It actually took me a couple of moments before i caught it. And Fury in devil girl red works well too.

    OK all of the above stuff on about every post applies here as well.
    Picking specifics: the extreme “Girlyness” of her, the flimsy see through skirt and panties, the sandle leg straps up the boots. the motion of hair/ribbons, cape and skirt.

    Everything, including the colorless color LOL 😀
    Specifics: The hair is brilliant, I mean beard for the sides, Who’d a thunk?? Some massive mammories she has there. love the frillie cuffs and on the boots. Gray butterfly wing background!

    Wonderful. Even showing some of how you did it, I;m not totally sure. But wonderfully done.

    Very kewl stuff.



    Thank you for all the great comments!

    Nug – Me, too. What’s really fun is putting all three pictures in a slide show and watching the progression.

    Cliff – I won’t respond to everything, except for a couple. Good eye on the Anna-Stellar. No, I’ve only read a couple of Legion comics but I was inspired by Saturn Girl when making her costume. As to the Side3, the neck and back are just two body pieces blown up and the face is the side profile one with changes made to the eye, nose, mouth and chin. I used that teardrop-ish shape from Insignia-Shapes for the chin and lips. I find it also works great for the…er…chest area from time to time.



    Here’s another member of Pax Terra and redesign of an old character, Golden Gladiator:

    Golden Gladiator (Redesign)

    Nora Truhart, a school teacher by trade, woke up in a strange land and was greeted by Nimu, queen of Sumina. Nimu gave her a golden sword and explained that when she uttered the words, “I call upon the Golden Power!” she would transform into a great hero. She fainted and woke up in her bed with the sword next to her. Now, when she utters the magic phrase, she turns into the Golden Gladiator…sometimes. As the Golden Gladiator she is invulnerable to magic and has greatly enhanced physical strength and protection. Also, other heroes’ abilities are stimulated in her presence. Sometimes, however, she turns into the Silver Warrior who is extremely agile with less strength and protection as GG and carries a shield and smaller sword while wearing slightly more armor. The one she hates to transform into is the Barbarian, or as others say behind her back, the Bare-barian. Sans clothes, she has the greatest physical strength and protection of the rest; in fact, it is thought she may be stronger than Mighty. However, she has far less protection against magic. It seems that her transformation may be based on her confidence level, but that is unclear.

    BTW, the wings are just for background – GG does not come with wings.

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    Great abs. She looks like she’s a tad top heavy though, if you get my meaning…



    Yeah, her sword looks extremely heavy. But good!

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