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    Alright, with the lockdown and now finishing my semester from home, I should have a bit more time for posting my work. 

    Sergio Garfield/Voltage: Once a construction worker and a loving family man, Sergio Garfield’s experiences with the same organization that changed Sgt. Hardshell has reduced him to a giggling and rambling mass of crackling electricity, incapable of speaking in coherent sentences or even recognizing where he is or what he’s doing; he’s torn down buildings, shorted out cities, fried hundreds of people in his chaotic, frenzied rampage across Atlas, and the potential he becomes a global threat increases by the day. He is often used as an attack dog by other super villains, as his severe… mental imbalances leave him vulnerable and ripe for manipulation.

    Voltage has the ability to generate and control electricity. He can control the number of volts he discharges, ranging from just one to a maximum of 60,000,000; either he releases it as a bolt of energy or from his fingertips. His body also acts as a “transformer” of sorts, as he can channel electrical power through his body and even stockpile it within himself. Voltage is also capable of flight by propelling himself across electrical fields, and can disperse himself into pure electricity and use electrical connections as a transport/escape route.

    The experiments that gave Voltage his powers also cost him his sanity, leaving him so mentally imbalanced that he is incapable of recognizing his wife, three kids, and friends ever again.


    Victoria Valentin/Blackout: A former intern at a law firm and originally a kind, innocent, and gentle soul who nurtured the growth and bonds of everyone around her, Victoria Valentin has now been reduced to a soulless husk of her former self, the loss of her emotions freeing her from moral constraints and giving her free reign to do whatever the hell she feels like; at times she is merely an enforcer to whomever pays her best, other times she is a bank robber… and at other times, she is a threat that requires more than one hero to deal with. Incapable of feeling emotions like hate, anger, sadness, or happiness, she slowly but surely builds a reputation as one of the most dangerous supervillains to walk the face of Atlas.

    Blackout has the ability to absorb any type of energy into herself, such as electricity, kinetic energy, life force, and so on. Once she has stockpiled enough energy, she releases it out of her as a devastating EMP burst capable of shorting out anything within a 180 meter radius. She is incredibly vulnerable to bright light, and thus tends to operate mainly at nighttime.

    The experiments that gave Blackout her powers stripped her of her ability to feel emotion, turning her from a kind and loving woman to the empty shell she is in the present.



    Roxanne Everhart/Fire Glider: A child prodigy who grew up in the absolute WORST environment. At 16 years old, Roxanne Everhart was already showing the first signs of a future genius, skipping three grades and working on several technological breakthroughs; all she needed was an environment that nurtured her development. Instead, by some cruel twist of fate, her genius went unrecognized and she ended up in the infamously terrible Oak Hills Conservatory school, where she suffered relentlessly vicious bullying from her classmates and even her teachers; her rage grew, and grew, and finally flared when her classmates burned down her house and hospitalized her mother. Seeking revenge, she accepted the offer of a mysterious organization, desperate for ANY chance at revenge; their experiments transformed her into a living surge of heat, contained within a mechanical suit, taking away the last of her empathy and breaking her completely.

    Now, Everhart takes to the skies as Fire Glider, riding atop the fruit of her technological genius and incinerating anything standing between her and “justice”. Dorky and chipper on the outside and a cold, remorseless psychopath to her core, she has dedicated her life to hunting down the students and teachers of Oak Hills Conservatory. She’s already caught up to several of them, and those who survive live in utter fear; they know the torture, beatings, and burnings are the absolute LEAST of what she has in store for them…

    Fire Glider is a Paradigm who constantly generates extreme levels of fire and heat, forcing her to wear an armored containment suit at all times. She can only take it off when sleeping and must sleep in a personalized room made to withstand the heat. The suit is equipped with a pair of wrist-mounted vents that, when opened, blast unending jets of pressurized fire. The suit also enhances Everhart’s strength to a superhuman degree, to the point she can tear bunker doors off their hinges with ease. Her characteristic glider, her finest invention, is a cutting-edge flying machine that can withstand its owner’s full 500-pound weight, while still remaining fantastically maneuverability and speeds reaching up to 120 MPH. The glider is equipped with a number of defensive and offensive capabilities, such as railguns and the ability to drop firebombs.

    The price for Fire Glider’s powers was her empathy; losing it was the final straw that turned her into the sadistic monster she now is.



    I really dig Fire Glider.




    ???/Patriarch: A gigantic, cannibalistic lion-man known for his terrifying strength as much as he’s known for his savage temper and brutality, Patriarch is an enigma who wanders Atlas, promising the downtrodden, hopeless, and unfortunate the protection the hero community couldn’t give them. Beneath his aloof but caring demeanor, he is a sadistic predator who has groomed the defenseless into forming a cult around him, having his hopeless followers commit acts of “worship” that range ANYWHERE in the spectrum of depravity; from robbery, to murder, to butchery, to even cannibalism, all in the name of their bestial savior. Worse, even THEY aren’t safe from his sudden bouts of animalistic rage, and he’s even willing to use them as meat shields, sending them to their deaths while he sits back and watches as his enemies get to him. Unfortunately, this isn’t because of cowardice; Patriarch barely considers most heroes worth his attention, and when they FINALLY confront him face to face, they are in for a nasty surprise; Patriarch is a savage and enormously strong fighter, willing to use every dirty trick in the book and sheer brute force to come out on top of the fight.

    Patriarch is a 9-foot tall beast man with the traits and abilities of the animal he is based on. His fingers are tipped with retractable claws capable of carving through thick metal with ease, and is incredibly fast and agile despite his size; when running on all fours, he can move at speeds up to 75 miles an hour. All five of his senses have been enhanced past the point of human perfection and he can see via night vision. However, his greatest weapon is his strength; he’s capable of tearing through tanks and buildings with absolutely no effort, and he is one of the few people on Atlas capable of matching a vampire in a fight.

    The price for Patriarch receiving his powers is widely believed to be his humanity, explaining his increasingly brutal treatment of the people under his “care”.


    Herr D

    These are great, man. Say . . . Stokes doesn’t have a sister, does he?


    These are great, man. Say . . . Stokes doesn’t have a sister, does he?

    Thank you! Nah, he’s an only child. Why?


    Cade Vanderbilt/Ammonite: Before he was a Seafarer, Cade Vanderbilt was the supervillain Ammonite. A victim of circumstance who lost everything he had through a string of bad decisions and pure bad luck, he turned to crime in a desperate attempt to gain some stability in his life, only to find himself in the clutches of the same organization who turned Wilbert Hiller, Sergio Garfield, and many unfortunate others into their living weapons. Cade emerged from their experiments with power only a fingersnap away, but completely and utterly mute.

    Cade now finds an outlet to vent his frustrations in targeting coastal settlements and trade routes, but even he finds himself disturbed by the increasingly ruthless orders his superiors give him. One day, he fears he will eventually be made to do something so much worse than attacking cargo ships.

    Ammonite’s Toolkit (superpower) is generating the body colossal sea monster around his himself and controlling it from a cocoon of flesh within the creature’s brain; the beast resembles the extinct mollusk serving as his namesake. Cade gains astoundingly powerful durability and strength when in this form, but he can only transform twice a day and can only last in his monster form for approximately 12 hours.

    The price for Ammonite’s powers was his voice, rendering him completely unable to speak.


    Aiden Hubert/Frostbite: It would be exponentially easier to pity Aiden Hubert (birth name Kun Tum Es) if he actually had some semblance of decency (even for a villain) in him, at least capable of being a team player or even be willing to learn from his mistakes.

    Unfortunately, he’s none of these, and the end result is a crude, lazy, unintelligent, confrontational, and abrasive moron only mildly tolerated by his fellow villains, regulated to simple bank robberies because he’s simply too incompetent for anything else. Many are left in wonder how he’s managed to live as long as he has on his dog-eat-dog jungle home-world of Centune, but the fact he was part of a tribe might have something to do with it. Despite his general idiocy, Aiden is still capable of surprising moments of insight… and he may not be entirely okay with his superiors as he seems. It appears he has some history with not only Nightlighter Yikuma, but also fellow villain Patriarch.

    Frostbite’s Toolkit is to control pre-existing ice around him, which he primarily uses to create massive structures like shields and spikes as defense. He is also noted to prefer fighting in humid or watery areas, as he can freeze the water into more ice he can use. Frostbite has the potential to be a global threat, but his lack of intelligence thankfully keeps him from realizing the full scale of his Toolkit.

    Frostbite’s price for receiving his powers was his ability to taste; he deeply misses the taste of jungle fruit as a result.


    Norris Allmond/The Basilisk: it’s quite uncommon for a subject of Project: G.E.M to be truly evil before receiving their injection; career criminal Norris Allmond is one of those individuals. A low-functioning sociopath who doesn’t even bother to hide his horrid sadism, he takes a perverse delight in spreading pain and misery to as many people as he can, and the vast majority of his fellow villains regard him with sickened loathing. Now that he’s been transformed into a Paradigm, Allmond takes an icy glee in the new ways he can inflict harm…

    Heavily inspired by the Greek myths of Medusa, the Basilisk’s Toolkit revolves around the abilities of a snake. He is capable of shifting from a human to a giant, snake-like form; when in this form, he can sense vibrations, possesses an incredibly powerful healing factor, is incredibly agile and fast despite his size, and he is capable of feats of immense strength in both his bite and his body; he will often contract around an object to crush it. However, his most dangerous weapon is his gaze; he can turn anyone he makes eye contact with into stone.

    The price for Basilisk’s power is unknown; it is generally believed to be his mental self-restraint, which allowed his raw sociopathy to get even worse.


    Elizabeth Tolman/Mothwoman: The long string of natural disasters the people of the Grand Lands have suffered will go down in history as one of the most intense few months they’ve ever endured… and the strange sightings of a winged figure with massive red eyes among the carnage have become a destructive omen. But few have noticed that approximately a week before the first earthquake hit, MassiveMart cashier Elizabeth Tolman disappeared without warning. Even fewer have made the connection that the two events and the red-eyed figure are all correlated.

    Now having been reduced to a mothlike-wraith by Project: G.E.M’s nefarious experiments, the missing Elizabeth Tolman finds herself surrounded by disaster and death wherever she goes, cursed to know that she is the cause of the catastrophes. A kind and empathetic woman with absolutely no control over her powers, the crushing horror and guilt she feels may be what eventually causes her to snap.

    Elizabeth Tolman/Mothwoman’s Toolkit is based on the urban legend that inspired her; she is incredibly strong and agile and her senses of hearing, smell and sight have been enhanced past the peak of human perfection. She is capable of seeing in darkness with incredible clarity, flight, adapting to a variety of environments, clinging to walls, and generating silk. However, her defining power is her ability to trigger natural disasters wherever she goes; she has caused hurricanes, floods, tsunamis, earthquakes, and a vast variety of other cataclysms. Mothwoman currently has no way to control her powers, and is desperately searching for a way to do so.

    Mothwoman’s price in exchange for her powers was her ability to physically feel; she describes it as if she’s floating in a nightmare.

    Project: G.E.M: END Phase 1


    [Improvements of Teardrop have been noticeable. There is now less chance that a subject loses a part of themselves, but the subject is at higher risk for permanent, noticeable physical change.]

    Salvatore Barrows/Don Bulletproof: There’s a reason why many heroes are grateful Dante Brosshollow left his father’s drug empire; had he stayed, he almost certainly would’ve turned out like crime lord Salvatore Barrows. Sadistic, violent, vicious, and completely, utterly paranoid, Barrows spends his days overseeing the criminal underworld’s massive drug, weapon, and human trafficking network… and violently beating his underlings to death at the slightest provocation and with the ease of flicking a switch, and ever since becoming a Paradigm, he’s only gotten worse. He’s dreaded across the criminal world for his violent temper and mood swings, and the one person who doesn’t have to walk on eggshells around him is his childhood best friend and former crime lord, Ernesto Etienne, and even then, he’s only there to reel in Barrows. Since becoming a Paradigm, Barrows has been using his trafficking network to supply the organization that turned him with a steady supply of people; guinea pigs for their experiments.

    Salvatore Blandford/Don Bulletproof’s Toolkit is rather simple; he has the ability to change his flesh into organic steel at will, granting him immense durability and strength.

    Don Bulletproof did not lose part of himself when injected with Teardrop; he is the first sign that the compound was beginning to improve.



    Preston Harper/Plaguewing: 13-year old Preston Harper is a testament to the depravity Project: G.E.M has sunk too. Once an average middle school student trying to make friends and impress the girl he liked, the thing that made Preston stand out above all else was his relentless desire to see the world; there had to be SOMETHING that made the planet awesome. Project: G.E.M granted him his wish… just not in the way he wanted.

    Now, Preston is a frail and sickly husk kept alive by pills and life support, isolated from his fellow villains to keep the diseases ravaging his body from infecting everyone else. The only time he’s ever released is at night, and what comes stumbling out of his cell… isn’t him; all that remains is a screeching, stinking horror of flesh and teeth and wings, that only exists to main and infect everyone it can with diseases they don’t have cures for. Preston can’t remember anything that happens in those nights. But he DOES remember the days where he wakes up. Every day, he’s crushed under the realization that the people dying from maggots and sickness are all suffering because of him. 

    Preston Harper/Plaguewing’s Toolkit is activated by the light of the full moon; when exposed to moonlight, he will transform into a massive, bat-like creature while his mind regresses to a feral animal state; in this form, his senses, agility, and balance are amplified, gains echolocation abilities, and fly. His most dangerous power, however, is his ability to control disease; he constantly generates a cloud of pathogens around him and has enough brainpower to use them offensively; he can decide how potent his diseases are and has control over all maladies, even ones from other worlds.

    In a twisted bit of irony, Preston Harper’s price for becoming a Paradigm was the weakening of his own immune system; he is more susceptible to getting sick and must constantly take medication to keep himself alive.


    Ted Breckenridge/Oil Slick: Driven by the thrill of the hunt, Ted Breckenridge is a bounty hunter to the core; he has no real loyalty to G.E.M, but between the chip in his head and the fact they pay well, he sticks around. Ruthless, determined, and focused on the prize like a hawk, he’ll complete whatever objective is given to him with brutal efficiency, and sometimes he’ll go after more than just his target, all for just a bit more payment. Still, despite his ruthlessness, he’s not completely heartless; there remain lines he refuses to cross, and genuinely likes many of his fellow villains; he’s exceptionally fond of Fire Glider, sympathizing with her horrid past and letting her tinker with his bike.

    Ted Breckenridge/Oil Slick has a Toolkit that grants him the ability to control raw oil. Though he mainly uses it for his bike and as a deterrent for pursuers, he can also turn it into a solid form to create walls and traps, and can shoot it from his mouth as well. He is also capable of turning his body into liquid oil as well, which he often uses as a means of escape. Oil Slick’s bike is also heavily modified with G.E.M tech that he and Fire Glider added; it is equipped with small railguns, a flamethrower, a larger gas tank, and various other offensive and defensive capabilities.

    Oil Slick did not lose an aspect of himself when injected with Teardrop.

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