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    I mentioned Kraken’s Widow is a world-famous singer. Well…


    Cade Vanderbilt/Leviathan: Not all heroes start out good. Cade Vanderbilt was once the devastatingly powerful oceanic supervillain known as Ammonite, using his massive sea monster form to target ship routes and coastal settlements under orders from a mysterious terrorist organization. His orders ultimately led him to tear apart and drag the coastal Perseverance City to the bottom of the sea, killing millions and leaving him traumatized. Prison has allowed him time to think and he has joined the Seafarers to atone for his crimes. While many superheroes respect his integrity and willingness to atone, others don’t; he’s feared and despised by the general populace, and is subjected to bitter, paranoia-fueled hatred from his fellow crewmate Maelstrom. Despite his obstacles, Cade is slowly but surely working his way through the transition from villain to hero.

    Leviathan has the ability to summon the body of a gigantic sea monster around himself; his normal human body is encased in a cocoon of flesh, allowing him to control the sea monster from within. He has transformed into sea serpents, golems, megalodons, Mosasaurus, tentacled beasts, and a vast variety of other Lovecraftian creatures. He can select what he will become thanks to a device on his gauntlet, and once the creature is selected, a fingersnap will trigger the transformation. Leviathan can only transform twice a day.

    Leviathan emulates mythical sea monsters, in accordance with the Seafarers each representing a specific aspect of the ocean.


    Herr D

    Cade’s more of a project atoner, if I guess correctly. At only two xforms a day, he’d basically clean up oil spills by Lovecraftian ingestion or ram ice floes to a desirable shape for rescue / prevention / temporary damming. That’s the power set to have for atoning drudgery. It’d be neat to see a pic of him shoring up a lighthouse?


    Cade definitely would be in charge of cleaning oil spills. He’s the Seafarers’ heaviest hitter, so he’d also the first line of defense against things like krakens; basically anything REALLY big. He wouldn’t be dealing with ice floes; there’s another Seafarer in charge of that.

    Re. lighthouse: Hey, I like that idea. I’ll put it on the art list 🙂


    Dylan and Christopher Bruso/Flotsam and Jetsam: Twin brothers who work as deckhands for the Silent Sunrise… and the team jokesters. Whatever prank, whatever kind of mischief you can think of, chances are these ankle-biters have already gone and done it, causing the Seafarers no small amount of grief. However, no matter how frustrating the team finds the twins, they understand the boys have nowhere else to go and make sure they have a place to stay. Thankfully, the twins are also very impressionable, and only time will tell if they can be raised into becoming true team players with their fellow crew.

    By touching their hands together, Flotsam and Jetsam can create a devastating oceanic storm capable of smashing entire fleets apart; as long as they maintain contact, the storm will continue.

    In accordance with the Seafarers each representing a certain aspect of the sea, Flotsam and Jetsam emulate shipwrecks.


    Marcie Gordon/Siren: A former street ruffian who chose life before the mast over rotting in a jail cell, Marcie is the standout example of a hardboiled fiery redhead; she is coarse, mean-tempered, possibly a bit unhinged, and the rest of the Seafarers are left wondering just how the hell they’re supposed to deal with her. On the other hand, Marcie isn’t entirely devoid of decency; she’s slowly recognizing that saving people tops robbing them in every way, and she reserves whatever kindness she has left for her fellow crewmates. She’s especially close with twins Flotsam and Jetsam and the ship’s medic/crackpot inventor Bilge; as much as she pushes him around and despite Bilge’s fear of her, Marcie can’t help but love his sweet nature…

    Marcie Gordon/Siren is capable of shifting from a human to mermaid form whenever she dives into the water, and back to human when she climbs back on dryland. She is the fastest and most effective swimmer of the Seafarers, capable of bursts of speeds reaching up to 44 knots. Her TRUE power, however, is centered around her voice; she can place a hypnotic trance on anyone who hears her singing and lure them to her, and can project her voice at incredibly high distances, letting enemies hear her from miles away. She is also capable of a sonic scream that can reach an amplitude powerful enough to shatter buildings.

    In accordance with every Seafarer representing an aspect of the sea, Siren represents the myth of the creatures that are her namesake; dangerous creatures who lured sailors to their doom.


    Gideon Levi/Bilge: The crackpot inventor of the Seafarers. Bilge is an excitable, eccentric, and eternally curious manchild obsessed with tinkering and building new and increasingly bizarre gadgets, and is happy to babble on and on and ON about his most recent device… when it works. He’s both the Seafarer’s most valuable asset and their biggest problem; for every one gadget that works and guarantees victory for his team, there’s three more that will blow up in his face and set his lab on fire. Bilge is also the medic for the Silent Sunrise, and it’s here where he gets to show off his more compassionate and nurturing side.

    Bilge is the subject of affection for fellow Seafarer Marcie Gordon/Siren. While he is aware of her feelings for him, Bilge is terrified of her because of her forceful and even violent personality.

    Bilge has the ability to manipulate rust and sea salt and solidify it into a variety of different shapes; he typically uses the power to create models of his latest gadget, but can also use it offensively, telekinetically creating barriers or spikes from the water. He is also equipped with a cybernetic eye equipped with night vision and telescopic vision.

    In accordance with each Seafarer representing an aspect of the sea, Bilge represents rust and saltwater eating away at ship hulls and wharfs over time.



    Herr D

    The Seafarers are coming along very well. Kraken’s Widow is particularly t–uh, well done. [blushes blue for a moment]


    Thanks bud 🙂

    Kraken’s Widow is particularly t–uh, well done. [blushes blue for a moment]

    Heh, I know. She’s a stunner for sure 🙂


    Silas Steinberg/Maelstrom: Bilge’s closest friend, lab partner, and one of the most dedicated Seafarers to ever live. He is also a frenetic, and high-strung paranoiac with a hair-trigger temper and an obsessive need to worry and overthink every last detail, every possibility. He absolutely hates traitors to the core of his being, but the one thing he hates more than that is his supervillain-turned-teammate, Cade Vanderbilt/Leviathan. As far as Steinberg is concerned, Vanderbilt will turn tail and betray the Seafarers the minute it suits him, and not even the reassurances of his teammates of Vanderbilt’s goodwill will sway him from his obsessive hatred; though it’s only rumors, many believe that Steinberg’s vendetta against his teammate has something to do with the city Cade dragged to the bottom of the sea. Despite this, Steinberg does understand who his friends are and will do everything he can to keep them and any innocents out of the line of fire; when properly convinced, he is even willing to save his eternal arch-rival from harm, even if he spends most of it complaining.

    Silas Steinberg/Maelstrom can manipulate ocean currents to create whirlpools, the size and strength of which depend solely on the ocean depth; shallow waters will only destroy some rowboats, while deeper areas enable him to create vortexes gigantic enough to devour entire fleets of pirate ships.

    Maelstrom emulates the myths of giant whirlpools devouring ships, in accordance with the Seafarers each building a motif around an aspect of the sea.



    Wanda Bryant/Rockweed: A deckhand who works alongside Flotsam and Jetsam, and the Seafarer you can expect to see the least. A sufferer of crippling social anxiety and a recluse who spends most of her time in her cabin when not needed; she’ll be the first to leave the dining hall when the Seafarers eat together and will blush and hide her face when directly interacted with. Despite her overwhelming shyness, she’s not entirely closed off to relationships; she has established a close father-daughter bond with fellow teammate Man-O-War and is surprisingly close friends with the crew’s resident rule-sticker Glaciation. The more she emerges more from her shell, the more the Seafarers realize the girl has one of the kindest and most empathetic hearts on the entire ship.

    Wanda Bryant/Rockweed is capable of manipulating seaweed, kelp, and various other marine plants; when in an area with a large amount of sea plants, she becomes a force of nature who can ensnare, trap, and drag down opponents with thick chains of seaweed. She is also known to create large “rafts” of seaweed when the Seafarers aid a wrecked ship. Finally, Rockweed is able to breath underwater for a short period of time, allowing her to remain somewhat out of reach during battle.

    Rockweed emulates the feeling of a piece of seaweed wrapping around one’s foot when in the water, in accordance with each Seafarer representing an aspect of the ocean.


    Arthur Stokes/Man-O-War: A former mercenary and bounty hunter now working as the Silent Sunrise’s primary lookout. Still an outlaw at heart, Arthur Stokes lives by the philosophy that rules are made to be broken. If there are laws, he’ll go out of his way to break them. If something isn’t tied down, he’s taking it. His ideology has earned him a reputation as a wild card among his team, and the people on said team itself have lost track of the times they’ve had to drag him out of a situation of his own making; it leaves them annoyed at best, and at worse the captain screaming at him. But all of them understand Stokes genuinely doesn’t mean harm; he just finds laws stifling. It helps that he’s a genuinely welcoming Seafarer who will gladly take the younger generation under his wing and promise them adventures and rewards of treasure that he follows through on, and his jolly, devil-may-care attitude ensures it’s hard to stay mad at him for too long.

    Arthur Stokes/Man-O-War is a human-jellyfish hybrid who can generate massive amounts of electricity from his own body and manipulate for both offense and defense. He is well known to stick his hands in the water and electrocute any pirates wading their way to shore, and he is capable of choosing how much voltage he releases; it can range from a mild static shock to searing flesh clean off the bone. He is capable of staying underwater for an infinite amount of time and no longer needs to sleep or eat, making him an ideal candidate for the ship’s crow’s nest. Man-O-War has two primary weaknesses; he can only manipulate electricity he himself creates, and is a notoriously slow swimmer.

    Man-O-War represents an unconventional aspect of the sea; he emulates the Stingsilk, a jellyfish-like creature that lurks off the coast and preys on anyone who gets too far out to sea, and is capable of devouring great white sharks and even orcas.


    Torah Lindholm/Glaciation: The Silent Sunrise’s boatswain and battle strategist, the tallest woman on board the ship, and proof that sometimes, OCD doesn’t mix well with the superhero career. A calm and collected woman dedicated to organized logic, her uptight personality and dedication to order and cleanliness has rubbed many of her teammates the wrong way. She’s also not too fond of the unexpected and sudden; it can cause her a full-on freakout if it’s unexpected enough. It doesn’t help that Siren, who is disorder given a physical body, has set up shop in the cabin right next to hers; being next-door neighbors with the unhinged mermaid pisses Torah off to no end.

    In spite of this, Torah does recognize the state her relationships with her teammates are in, and when off-duty, she makes an effort to try and relate to them on a personal level. It may usually end with her getting caught in the middle of a fight between Leviathan and Maelstrom, but she’s trying.

    Torah Lindholm/Glaciation can freeze large amounts of seawater and manipulate the resulting ice for a variety of uses; one popular use is to create several melee weapons or even ammunition for the ship’s cannons. She is powerful enough to form colossal icebergs and telekinetically use them to crush enemy ships between walls of ice. She is unable to manipulate pre-existing icebergs beyond melting them, which comes in handy when the Seafarers arrive to rescue ships trapped in ice.

    Glaciation’s motif is the idea of ships getting frozen in arctic seas, in accordance with the Seafarers representing an aspect of the sea.


    All Seafarers have been uploaded! Please enjoy this group shot of them:



    Alright, NightLighters and Seafarers are done. I’m gonna start uploading villains now, this is where I started improving on my posing.

    Wilbert Hiller/Sgt. Hardshell: A former soldier who came home shell-shocked by the things he saw and did overseas. After receiving treatment for his trauma, he settled into a job as a schoolteacher, thinking he had moved on from his experiences… only to accidentally kill one of his students during a PTSD attack. With his marriage dissolved and nothing left, he agreed to become a guinea pig for a mysterious organization’s experiments in hopes it would save him financially. The treatment transformed him into a hulking, turtle-like beast, the mutations iron-maidening him within his own body and leaving him slowly going insane from the pain. Driven by hunger and hate and rage against the world, he now wanders the sewers and slums of Midnight City in search of food (mostly people) and leaves bloodshed wherever he goes; the best way to tell when he’s nearby is the soft clinking of his chains, and the rambling mutterings of soldier protocol and his dead student’s name, repeated over and over again…

    Sgt. Hardshell has all the characteristics of the animal he’s based on; he can pull his head and limbs into his shell for defense, and the shell itself is virtually impenetrable against firepower from guns, cannons, and turrets alike. He is capable of staying underwater for days at a time and is an incredibly adept swimmer despite his size, and he has enough raw physical strength to lift over 600,000 tons of solid material.

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