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    Dante Brosshollow/Dust Devil: A former member of a drug cartel and the Nightlighter people are most surprised to find out is a Nightlighter. He’s like the peyote hallucination trip from Beavis and Butthead do America given a human form. He’s like Eren Yeager turned loose on the open road after 20 years without killing any Titans.  He’s like Trevor Phillips on even more crack. He thinks men can get pregnant. Point is, he’s a screaming lunatic. But he’s also one of the most intelligent and observant superheroes Atlas has produced, and when the chips are down, he always pulls through for his buddies.

    Dante can generate a tornado around himself, the strength of which depends on his adrenaline; he relies on an air-based drug to increase his adrenaline, which in turn can create a cyclone that ranges from a mild swirl of wind to a F5 twister.


    Herr D

    Good stuff, man. Tell us a story.


    Will do! Sorry for late response.


    Tomahawk: The Nightlighters’ medic. The son of a tribal leader wandering the far north of Atlas, living in self-imposed exile. A harsh and stern man with a crippling lack of social skills, but has nothing but empathy for those who come under his care, and is secretly grateful to the Nightlighters for allowing him to practice his medical skills. Jody’s closest friend. His three “pit wolves” are named Flint, Wick and Steel.

    Tomahawk has no true powers of his own, but he is a dangerously adept fighter armed with the weapon that’s his namesake and vast skill with medicine.


    Okay, all Nightlighters have been uploaded! Here’s some misc. work featuring them:

    Kota and Emmie being a couple:




    For Fig and Vivian, when they fall in love, they end up leaving the Nightlighters for personal reasons and working as an independent hero duo. Seven months later, they return with new outfits:



    …and Fig.


    Speaking of Fig and Vivian, I’ve got a picture of the height difference between them:

    The story behind them: After several months-worth of humiliations, screw-ups, and personal traumas that include his house burning down, being outcast from the other Nightlighters, and finding out how his “friends” REALLY see him, Fig calls it quits. Vivian, meanwhile, is dealing with loneliness, everyone believing her crazy, and relentless harassment from a fellow teammate and his girlfriend. But she has become fond of Fig because of his attempts to reach out to her (despite her terrifying reputation), and has come to recognize she has a lot in common with him and worries for his safety. She finds him about to kill himself and manages to stop him, comforting and soothing him while he breaks down sobbing in her arms. They ultimately decide to stick together, helping each other emotionally heal and rebuilding their relationships (or at least trying to) with the rest of the team. Slowly but surely, the Crow Woman and the Boy With the Most Useless Superpower start to fall in love…



    Emmeranne in her princess garb:


    And I made THIS to celebrate my 100th post on DeviantArt. The title was done in Photoshop.

    Music: Mr. Blue Sky



    With the Nightlighters done, I’m gonna move on to a new hero team.

    These guys are the Seafarers; they’re a band of ocean-based heroes who go around saving the survivors of sinking ships and protecting coastal towns… and plundering loot and treasure from pirates… which sort of makes them pirates themselves. Because the Seafarers make up a 200+ man crew on a very large ship, I’m gonna focus on a select few, and maybe make more in the future.

    Sullivan Wilkinson/Davy Jones: A hodgepodge of sea life and the captain of the Seafarers’ base of operations, the Silent Sunrise. He is a decorated military man and veteran with possibly a few screws loose, absolutely brimming with stories about his past exploits; he absolutely loves using those tales to offer advice to the sailors under his command. Though it’s widely accepted their captain has a few screws loose, the Seafarers look up to him as a father figure and a source of guidance.

    Davy Jones is one of the most powerful Paradigms on Atlas and has a significantly jumbled powerset; he is capable of generating tidal waves, turning his body to water, quickly adapting to a variety of aquatic environments, superhuman durability/strength/senses/agility, the ability to communicate with marine animals, and controlling the weather. He also possesses a psychic link to his own ship, causing the Silent Sunrise to become an extension of himself; he can telepathically command the ship to sail at extraordinarily high speeds, submerge and resubmerge like a submarine, and use the rigging, boards, and cannons as weaponry during combat, giving the impression the ship itself is alive. He is also armed with a magical trident that allows him to commune with the spirits of those lost at sea.

    Each Seafarer emulates a specifically dangerous aspect of the ocean; Davy Jones represents sailors who have died at sea.


    Ethan Maguire/Depth Charge: The second-in-command of the Seafarers, Depth Charge is defined by his devotion to his buddies, his love for pranks, and tendency to resort to unorthodox methods in dealing with pirates and villains. And he’s known for his hair. Or more like his love for it; unless you want to be punched into the stratosphere, don’t mess with his hair. There’s nothing in the world he loves more than his hair and he will do everything he can to maintain it even if it kills him; losing a strand of it pisses him off, getting it messed up in the water is a near-fatal embarrassment. On the very rare times his hair is messed up to the point he has to grow it back out, he goes into a months-long inconsolable depression.

    Depth Charge is capable of causing explosions through his fists, and can decide how powerful they are going to be; they can range from a small bang that collapses a pier, to a devastating conflagration that shatters the hull of an aircraft carrier. Depth Charge must be fully submerged in water for his ability to work, and his suit is equipped with a pair of turbines that propel him through the water like a torpedo.

    Depth Charge emulates mines and torpedoes, in accordance to each Seafarer having a motif based on a particularly dangerous aspect of the sea.


    Brooke Feldstein/Kraken’s Widow: A sinfully sexy femme fatale who balances a double-life between a hero and world-famous singer. Despite her remarkable intelligence and her charisma, Brooke struggles with relating to others thanks to her celebrity life dulling her social skills; she thus comes off as vain, uncertain, and even a bit narcissistic in person. Thankfully, she still adheres to a strong set of morals and is finding her time with the Seafarers is allowing her a chance to discover herself; no matter how much their antics irritate her, Brooke is genuinely grateful for them offering her this opportunity and is slowly but surely mellowing out.

    Kraken’s Widow is a hybrid between woman and octopus with the proportional strength and characteristics of the animal she’s based on; she’s strong enough to drag a sailing vessel underwater, and she is highly flexible, able to stretch and thin out her body to fit through openings others can’t. Kraken’s Widow primarily uses seduction and her natural charm when dealing with opponents; once she has them leaning in for the kiss, she wraps them in tentacles and drags them underwater to deal with them. She can non-lethally incapacitate opponents with a kiss thanks to a chemical in her teeth, and as a last-ditch resort, she can spit a blast of superheated ink to cover her escape.

    Kraken’s Widow emulates the myth of giant squid/octopus attacking ships.



    Good stuff. Nice work.


    Thanks man

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