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    The Atomic Punk

    “Wow” fantastic.



    I shall second that Wow



    Thirded. Cool design.


    Mad Jack

    Either I’m the new Hulk or I’m turning green with envy – wish I had your skills…



    Thanks guys. I wasn’t sure if that stepping pose just looked awkward or not. But I’m glad you like her.

    I have to admit, making new items like that top has become my favourite thing to do on Heromachine.



    @madjack said:

    Either I’m the new Hulk or I’m turning green with envy – wish I had your skills…

    Hey I’ve seen your gallery, remember? You’ve got tons of skill.



    I started creating this guy last night and today I find out that the theme of this weeks character design contest is “transformations”.

    Either I’m psychic or JR is….Or it’s just a coincidence…Anyway, here’s the 3rd member or Shade and Surge’s team. Shadowfang.


    When Aaron was first assigned to work with the team, he was little more than tech support. He would aid the team from behind the scenes, using his genius level intelligence and computer skills but he had no powers of his own and was next to useless in a fight.

    But that all changed when the team encountered the “god-king” and would-be conqueror, Ku Tu the Eternal. Aaron found himself to be the only one standing between Ku Tu and his goal. Aaron proved braver than anyone had realized and attacked the god. It was a noble but misguided effort as it had little to no effect on Ku Tu.

    Rather than swat Aaron like a bug, Ku Tu attempted to transform him into one of his mindless servants, feral were-cats, as a distraction for his team to deal with while he absconded with the artefact he had come to steal. The spell he used for this transformation was interrupted by another spell from Shade though. The transformation was only half complete and Aaron now found himself able to transform between his human form and that of a massive black panther man. And from this point on, Aaron’s crush on Shade transformed into love.

    After this adventure ended, Aaron found himself afraid of the transformations, mostly because he lost much of his intelligence while doing so. But gradually he began to realize that life in his alternate form was exhilarating. He was stronger, faster and more agile than he had ever been. More importantly, he could now keep up with the rest of the team and even aid them in the field like he had always dreamed. He decided he wanted to be a hero just like them and took the name Shadowfang, half in homage to Shade.
    Surge jokingly refers to him as Salem because if the team already has a witch, it’s only fitting that she have her own big black pussy-cat. (Surge also once bought Shade a broomstick but he quickly regretted that)

    Aaron is a valued member of the team no matter what role he plays but some have begun to worry that he spends too much time in his cat form and wasting his intelligence. Some even worry that he is becoming slowly more feral. Only time will tell whether Aaron will become the mindless animal Ku Tu the Eternal planned him to be and whether Shade will ever return his affections.


    Shadowfang – “I wanted to use the name Shadowcat but apparently that’s already taken”
    Surge – “Well of course is is. Haven’t you ever heard of Kitty Pryde?”
    Shadowfang – “What’s that? Some kind of gay cat rally?”
    Surge – *smack*



    p.s.The slogan on Aaron’s shirt is kind of an in-joke and reference to Eros, who you may know as my avatar. :p



    This really has nothing to do with anything but I just wanted to clarify something that comes up quite a bit on the various interwebs I use. The topic of my username.

    It’s not “An Archangel” it’s an amalgam of the the words “Anarchy” and “Archangel”. So it’s pronounced “Anarch-Angel”.

    I suppose it doesn’t really matter what way you choose to pronounce it but people have asked me about it in the past and I noticed Nug call me “AnArchAngel” so I thought now was as good a time as any to lecture you all on crap that isn’t really important :D



    My bad, mate! I kinda figured that’s what you were going for, but i wasn’t sure. I appreciate you clarifying!


    Herr D

    I must say, I paused the first time I saw your screen name. It dawned on me that you likely wouldn’t say an archangel because their ‘pay grade’ is so high that they have gone beyond being what they do. They ARE their category. On top of that, anarchy probably has angels of government style AND angels of independent thought / action. As anarchy in it’s purest form has the neutrality of individual actions, an entire archangel to oversee it might not be enough. It’s an interesting oxymoron anyway–the idea there would be someone over anarchists . . . just a bit of Chaosophy!

    Humorous dialogue for Shadowfang. Smile



    More costume experimentation.


    Neutron was once a hero. Or at least he tried to be. He had all the hallmarks of a great hero. Strong, fast, courageous…but Neutron was also arrogant and brutal. He had little mercy for his opponents and wasn’t above pummelling them into the ground until they begged him to stop.

    Neutron’s fellow heroes were disgusted by his attitude. But the final straw came when the arrogant hero murdered an opponent in cold blood, deeming him too dangerous to be left alive. From that day onward, Neutron himself was branded a criminal. Neutron didn’t understand this one bit. In his increasingly twisted mind, he was the victim in a grand conspiracy. He still saw himself as a hero but now saw the other so called “heroes” as villains.

    Neutron has continued on a downward spiral of insanity and paranoia ever since.

    Recently, Neutron has taken an interest in the extra-terrestrial hero known as Comet and has even hinted at the fact that the two are somehow related. While the two certainly share a similar set of powers, most people claim that this relationship is little more than another one of Neutron’s delusions. Comet however knows nothing of where he comes from or even what he really is. Can Neutron provide him with answers?


    Ricochet (on Neutron) – “He wasn’t always like this you know. He used to be one of us…He used to be a hero.”


    Magnus Maximus




    I think your costume experimentation is working for you because he turned out really cool, love the design.


    Alexander of Limbo

    loving these, looking forward to more Laugh

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