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The Atomic Punk

Character Contest #H08 “Atlantis Revealed”

My concept is that Atlantis is not a lost island of advanced humans. It is a failed alien invasion.


Atlantis was not an island but a colony ship. The Atlanteans had come to earth to establish a beachhead. These lobster-like aliens are an amphibious species. Earth’s atmosphere lacks key elements for respiration. Though they are able to survive crushing depths, Atlanteans need re-breathers in order to survive outside the mother ship.

Originally moored outside the Greek islands, Atlantis was almost destroyed when an enemy race nuked it. Humans mistook the massive explosion as a super-volcano erupting on the island of Santorini. The wounded ship attempted to escape only to crash in the Caribbean Sea.

For thousands of years since, the Atlanteans have been trying to repair their ship. Progress is impossibly slow as they cannot allow humans to know of their presence and materiel is in short supply. All construction is done underwater. To ward off intruders and claim salvage, the Atlanteans use a powerful generator that draws ships and planes beneath the waves. This area is known to humans as “the Bermuda Triangle.”