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The Drawing Contest For People Who Can’t Draw

This was hosted by special guest Ian Thomas Healy. Though I did not participate in this contest, there are some fabulous entries. Also, if you are not familiar with WordPress or self-publishing, Healy’s works are a great example. Being a Car Wars fan and recovering autoduellist myself, I like his auto-combat stories.

Character Design Challenge 97: Everyday Heroes

Design a “normal” or “real world” meta like those in the television shows Heroes and Alphas. To this day, I have problems with zypping. Haven’t given up. Celeste’s zypping could use some tweaking but I am overall happy with the result. At first, I wasn’t happy with her face. She seemed very cock-eyed and misshapen. Then again, she is going through the extremely awkward stages of being a teenager and a mutant!

Celeste is able to naturally generate and manipulate electricity. She is learning to control her powers. With concentration, she can light a bulb in her hand or jumpstart a car battery. It is harder for her to focus than fire a lightning bolt.

The clothes in her wardrobe are blue, white, or yellow. Though she cannot control the weather, she often sports a motif featuring a cloud with a silver lining.