Kaldath’s Corner: Batgirl Movie Announced!

Yesterday the news dropped on twitter and various comic book related youtube channels, that Direct Joss Whedon will be writing, producing and directing a new standalone Batgirl Movie!! Apparently things are still in the negotiation phase and no contracts have been signed yet but here hoping it all goes through!

You can Read the Story on Variety.com HERE


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One Response to Kaldath’s Corner: Batgirl Movie Announced!

  1. The Atomic Punk says:

    It’s way too early for any speculation. However, I’m a little more excited that Batgirl will be a stand-alone than Joss Whedon taking the reigns. Batgirl should stay as far away from Suicide Squad as possible. Wonder Woman stands the best chance to save the DCEU. Frankly, the DCEU should just stop at the Justice League then consider a new direction, a revamp, or even a reboot.

    I was hoping for a relaunch of Birds of Prey in the Arrowverse. I don’t know whether Gotham will continue long enough to grow into the Bat Family. (Kudos to The Flash for getting right on Team Flash and the Hall of Justice teaser.) Supergirl is doing her own thing. Her crossover chemistry with The Flash works well.

    Barbara Gordon could fit into any of the DC lineups. However, I think that the decision to bring her to the big screen and under the umbrella of the Whedonverse is a solid choice. The next trend in superhero movies is female leads (Wonder Woman, Captain Marvel). The time is right.

    (Speaking of female leads, I have been re-visiting my “Tell My Story” for “Firebird.” That movie is burned inside my head. I just wish that I had the power of Whedon or a big fat lottery jackpot to make it happen.)